Hello Mr. Paul Sonne
% Wall Street Journal
September 30, 2010       Email to paul.sonne@wsj.com
The purpose of this email is to address the continued cover-up by the Wall Street Journal of the massive evidence relating to the Lockerbie bombing. Your article in today's September 30, 2010, Wall Street Journal focuses on the suspicious release of the so-called Lockerbie "bomber," al Megrahi, which appears to be an extension of the charge in the U.S. that his release was based upon pressure by British Petroleum.
The release was offered to the so-called Libyan bomber on condition, that he drops the appeal that was about to be heard, that would have revealed the sordid corruption engineered within the U.S. government that shifted attention from the known guilty parties to two innocents: Libya and the Libyan. If that hadn't been done, and the contents of the appeal publicized, the culture of corruption, hard-core criminal acts, involving the United States, Scotland and Britain would have been exposed. The humanitarian hoax was fabricated to force dropping of the appeal. If the cover-up was not intended, Megrahi could have been released on humanitarian grounds and the appeal gone forward. The Scottish concern was primarily to protect the corrupt acts of Scottish prosecutors, fronting for the FBI-DOJ, and thee complicity by Scottish judges.
Since you and the Wall Street Journal are in the business of gathering the news, for years both of you had to know of the evidence available on the internet from such sources as:
And that prima facie evidence from those sources includes such horrific U.S.-engineered corruption as, for instance, the following:
  • FBI-DOJ personnel planted bogus evidence at the crash scene to shift blame from the actual murderers to falsely charge Libya. That planted evidence was a half-thumbnail-size timer fragment found in a muddy field miles from the main wreckage, months after the bombing event. (That “evidence” was acquired from a former employee of the manufacturer.)

·   FBI-DOJ personnel paid $3 million to a small Malta shopkeeper and his brother to falsely testify about the identity of the purchaser of children's clothes allegedly found in the suitcase containing the alleged bomb, which was allegedly ignited by the planted timer fragment. 

·   FBI-DOJ personnel paid a discredited CIA informant over $1 million to provide false testimony about the identity of two Libyans that allegedly put an unaccompanied bomb-carrying suitcase on a flight departing Malta, which was allegedly transferred to another aircraft at Frankfurt, and then transferred to Pan Am Flight 103 at London’s Heathrow Airport. That scenario required that the unaccompanied suitcase pass undetected through five security check points. 

·   FBI-DOJ personnel offered $4 million to the owner of the company that produced the timer mechanism to provide perjured testimony—who refused to become implicated in the criminal scheme. 

·   FBI-DOJ personnel falsely charged two Libyans with the murder of 270 people, while covering up for the Syrian-based group that committed the murders under contract with Iran to avenge the U.S. Navy shooting down of an Iranian airliner that killed 290 people.

·   The sworn affidavit by the former employee for the Swiss company stating that he gave the half-thumbnail-size timer mechanism to FBI agents, months after the bombing, which was then planted in a muddy field miles from the main wreckage, miraculously discovered and retrieved, and then represented as the triggering mechanism for the bomb. That sequence was then used to falsely charge Libya with the murder of 270 people, claiming that the timer was sold by a Swiss company to Libya.

·   The FBI forensic expert who testified about the timer fragment was later fired for producing false forensic reports.

·   The sworn affidavit by the co-owner of the Swiss company that produced the timer, stating that (a) the timer presented during the Lockerbie trial was not the type of timer sold to Libya; (b) that he had been offered $4 million by FBI agents to falsely testify that the timer shown to him was sold to Libya. (That occurred before he learned that a former employee had given a timer fragment to FBI agents).

·   Despite the fact that the timer fragment was the only evidence used to link Libya to the bombing, during the trial, the Lockerbie judges blocked the co-owner of the small Swiss Company from providing testimony that the timer was not one sold to Libya. That obstruction of justice tactic was repeated numerous times by the Scottish trial and appellate judges.

·   Small-town Scottish police, prosecutors, and judges, under guidance by FBI-DOJ personnel, then continued the criminal obstruction of justice by carrying out the scheme orchestrated by FBI-DOJ personnel. After the trial, Scottish investigators reported planting of evidence and other tactics to support the original scheme concocted by FBI-DOJ personnel.

·   The dozens of reports by Professor Hans Koechler, the representative appointed by the United Nations Security Council to monitor the Lockerbie bombing trial and appeal procedures, that detailed the gross irregularities, absence of evidence, and other misconduct.

·   The reports by Professor Robert Black, Edinburgh University, the architect of the Lockerbie trial at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands, that reported the gross irregularities during the investigation, prosecution, trial, and appeal proceedings.

·   The hundreds of British and Scottish media reports providing details of the massive misconduct and obstruction of justice.

·   The report in a multi-page Department of Defense document accurately identifying the Syrian-based PFLP group and Iran as the perpetrators of the Lockerbie bombing.


The sole evidence used by FBI-DOJ personnel to charge Libya with the bombing was that planted half-thumbnail-size timer “miraculously” found in a muddy field miles from the crash scene. Neither you, nor any of the Lockerbie family members who were made into multi-millionaires—are so naïve not to recognize the enormity of this series of criminal acts by personnel in government offices of the United States. I also provided you details of the continuation of this culture that enabled to occur a series of catastrophic terrorist success. Obviously, your cover-up of these matters will lead to more deadly ripple effects, as I have been documenting for the past 50 years.


And if that isn't enough, the series of subsequent catastrophic events enabled to occur by the same FBI-DOJ culture, aided and abetted by the standard media cover-ups.

More evidence at www.defraudingamerica.com/lockerbie_index.html.
I will post this notification to you and the Wall Street Journal on the above site, and your response if you care to make it.
Rodney Stich
His books include
Lockerbie to 9/11: Massive Frauds and Catastrophic Consequences
History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11
Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, Mafia, and al Qaeda
America's Housing & Financial Frauds


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