Whistleblowers as America's Ombudsmen

In the absence of independent ombudsmen in the Constitution of the United States, corruption in the U.S. government  has become institutional, with the entire infrastructure affected. These are not meaningless statements. These statements are highly documented and openly available to those few people that have the courage and responsibility to become informed and react as needed.

All of the below information is heavily documented. And if true, if these conditions existed in Turkey or many other countries, there would be mass protests to remove the corruption in the government. (The corruption and guilt in those segments of the U.S. government is so widespread that its elimination will require courage and coalition among the people that it is almost unobtainable).  

First, the Nature of the Corrupt Culture in U.S. Government Oligarchy

Second, Sampling of the Consequences of the Widespread Corruption

The direct harm inflicted upon the people through misuse of government power includes personnel in control of the various offices in the U.S. Department of Justice and federal judges.

The indirect or blowback harm, including terrorist acts, inflicted upon the people from corrupt activities, include personnel in control of the Central Intelligence Agency, politicians, Department of Justice, and the cover-ups by people with a check and balance responsibility.

Massive Corruption by Judges in the Federal Courts

Massive Corruption of Personnel in Control
Of the U.S. Department of Justice

Massive Cover-Ups by U.S. Intelligence Agencies
Of Great National Security Threats

Complicity of Supreme Court Justices

Protecting All of the Above Corruption—U.S. Media
Enabling the
Continual American Tragedies

Captain Rodney Stich, the corruption-fighting-activist, had been making a record of his reports to media personnel and media corporations since the 1960s, after he was given the life-and-death-assignment to halt the corruption at a major and politically powerful airline that was resulting in repeated airline crashes and deaths. These alleged checks and balances, protecting the people and the nation against corruption in government were instead, aiding and abetting the corruption. Without their repeated cover-ups, many of American's great tragedies inflicted by, or enabled by the corruption being reported would never have happened. One of the most recent media cover-ups were by personnel in the New York Times when the New York times ombudsman Margaret Sullivan became aware of the massive amount of documented corruption presented to her by Captain Rodney Stich. She was unaware of the serious tragedy-enabling cover-ups by that newspaper.

The following are a sampling of related sites:

Seemingly Impossible Predicament for the American People

The American public, IF they took the time to understand these matters (which will probably never happen), would recognize the thoroughness of the corruption, in every branch of government and in the most powerful departments, especially the totally corrupt and dangerous U.S. Department of Justice personnel.

Possible actions that could be taken by the small group of Americans having the interest, sense of responsibility, and access to something other than a small handheld digital device that helps to dumb down the American public.

Previously, the public had to primarily rely on the same people who were involved in the corruption: members of Congress, the Justice Department, and media people. Now, there is the Internet, the blogs, the various personal sites for placing information. Use them, make reference to this Internet site and to the books written by government insiders.

Continue making reference to the information at this and related sites, something that has to be done indefinitely until enough serious people take notice.

Give speeches concerning the documented misconduct (and avoid at all cost sites and information by people with no personal knowledge and unsupported statements).

Try to arrange group protests, once enough people are informed and understand the issues.

Try to stimulate the courage and reaction of such people as those in Turkey and some other countries that made meaningful  protests for misconduct that was a fraction of this by people in control of all three branches of government, and none of which had resulted in the catastrophic consequences as in the United States.

Write letters to members of Congress to whom letters reporting criminal misconduct in government offices were reported, and demand to know why they did not respond or act. Then, post the letters on various Internet sites.

Call into radio talk shows and make reference to this site, the books, and the corruption. If enough people respond, maybe, finally, some corrective actions may be taken.

Also, consider sending funds to this site via a non-profit organization, to help pay for ad placements, such as the full page ad in a February 2014 Washington Times weekly edition.

Another site with similar information.

Understand That Virtually No Group Will Help

Virtually any group to which the people can seek help in attacking the corruption with either block, or divert, attention away from an exposure of these matters. Many people and groups profit from the ongoing activities. Many have a vested interest in maintaining and status quo, and wishing to avoid the societal distress that such exposures would bring about. 

Just the cover-ups that made many tragedies possible have been so widespread that no group is without some form of complicity in the corruption and the tragic consequences. This includes:

So, it's up to the people, and there is only a infinitesimal segment of the public where there is even a hope of a chance that they have the integrity and courage to assist.

Each of you who views this page can make a difference, circumvent the cover-ups and those political pundits whose goal is covering up for high level corruption. You could make a difference, and help to surgical remove much of the root element of corruption.

Important: absolutely avoid protesting wild unsupported statements, especially by people with no background or connections, but with fertile imaginations. The "ammunition" provided here is supported in numerous government documents and court filings, and often direct from the government personnel involved.

Different Types of Whistleblowers

How Americans' Lives Would Have Been Different

People today have no idea of how life in America once was, and  how it could have been, were it not for the people in government engaging in arrogant and corrupt conduct, and covered up by people in check and balance positions.

Credibility of This Information

The credibility of this startling information can be judged by the following:

  • The background and credibility reports of Captain Rodney Stich, and his years of corruption fighting efforts.

  • Confidence in him when a qualified aviation safety group in the Federal Aviation Agency gave him an unprecedented life-and-death-assignment to halt the corruption and related crashes and deaths at a major and politically powerful airline and at a lapdog FAA office protecting the corruption.

  • The unprecedented personal letter and even more unprecedented—and significant—apology by Supreme Court Justice Byron White, in response to the emergency petition sent to him by the corruption-fighting activist, reveal all of  the above areas of corruption.

Books by insiders Revealing How Corruption and
Cover-Ups Affected and Continues to Affect People's Lives






All of the books are available at amazon.com, in print and on digital formats, and at many other Internet sites. They bring together the various pieces of the puzzle to better understand the overall picture, and why the same conditions continue year after year. Information on the books by former government agent Rodney Stich.

Sampling of early books reviews.

Sampling of complimentary letters/faxes to author/activist Rodney Stich.