Would 3,000 People Still Be Alive
IF Any of the Following Did Not Exist?

All of the above played an enabling role in the deaths of 9/11, those tragedies that preceded 9/11, and those that will continue to occur.

Give some thought to the following:

People With Primary Responsibility
For Preventing the 9/11 Hijackings

The people with the primary blame for the conditions that made it literally a "cake walk" for 19 terrorists were the same people that had repeatedly blocked the reporting and correction of known safety problems, safety violations, and in some cases, criminal violations, making possible a continuation series of preventable aviation disasters. That would be certain people and groups within the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

In symbiotic relationship with the documented corruption of key people in the FAA were key people at United Airlines. People at United Airlines either took advantage of the culture of corruption in the FAA, or helped bred and continue it. It is ironical that people at United Airlines that Stich had repeatedly reported as engaging in corrupt safety activities made possible the culture that resulted in two of United Airlines jets being hijacked on 9/11. Very ironic!

Catastrophic Events Will Continue
What Else Could be Expected!

The number of people and groups that repeatedly cover-ups for these areas of corruption is system wide, insuring if for no other reason that to prevent the public from learning of their complicity, acts to continue the cover-ups. For that reason, the multiple aviation disasters on 9/11 were only the latest in a continuing list, and will continue to occur.

These matters are detailed and documented in the book written by former federal air safety inspector Rodney Stich: Unfriendly Skies: 20th & 21st Centuries.

People Having Secondary Blame
Through Cover-Ups

The many years of aviation safety corruption and deaths−including the 9/11 hijackings−could not have continued without the deliberate cover-ups by many people and many groups. The following sampling of those whose cover-ups−or even worse criminal conduct−have been documented during the past 40 years by former federal agent Rodney Stich.

The following list is in the approximate order of complicity as documented by Rodney Stich:

People and Groups With an Even
Greater Enabling Role

There were people and groups who knew the history of catastrophic consequences that were made possible by the corruption that former federal agent Rodney Stich sought to expose, and eventually halt the deadly consequences. Instead of merely committing the obstruction of justice crimes by covering up for these crimes, they committed even worse federal crimes, by engaging in ma series of parallel corrupt actions to prevent the public from learning of these matters by seeking to halt Stich's exposure activities.

Highlights of this pattern, or conspiracy, that met the legal definition of a racketeering enterprise, follows:

Resulting Consequences on 9/11
Were Not Isolated Events

The level of corruption that made 9/11 possible did not occur in a vacuum. If the corruption was not embedded in the entire system of government, the many checks and balances in government, in the media, and elsewhere, would have quickly halted it decades earlier when many insiders and investigative reporters made the corruption known. The easy hijacking of four airliners on 9/11, and the deaths of nearly 3,000 people, were only small segments of a multi-faceted deep-rooted corruption that is virtually unknown by the mostly unread, unconcerned, and naive American public.

Among other areas that suffered the consequences of this endemic corruption includes the following:

Complicity of 9/11 Commission Members

In standard fashion, the members of the 9/11 Commission withheld information on multiple areas of blame, every area stated here, plus their own involvement in events making possible the success of the 9/11 terrorists. As described in the books, Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, and the Mafia, and Unfriendly Skies: 20th & 21st Centuries, several key members of the 9/11 Commission held key positions in the U.S. Department of Justice that covered up the fact that they had advance notice of the planned terrorist attacks and withheld this information so as to prevent exposing murders perpetrated by a key FBI supervisor and the cover-up of those murders by other FBI-DOJ personnel.

Among the links relating to these matters:

Therefore, expect to suffer the increasingly more catastrophic events that have been occurring for years. At least you've been told.

Examples of Probable Escalating Harm
Enabled by the Same Enablers of Past Tragedies

As can be expected, the unrecognized and unreported systemic corruption and systemic cover-ups will continue to have tragic ripple effects that continue the past half century of direct  or enabling ripple effects. The following are merely samples of possible or probable continuation of the status quo:

9/11, 3,000 Immediate Deaths, Two Deadly Wars,
Explosion of People Wanting to Kill Americans:
What IF?

Something like a giant tree growing from a little acorn, the American people have repeatedly suffered catastrophic events that were ripple effects from similar minor and remote conduct by individuals or groups. All of the events associated with the 9/11 airline hijackings, and subsequent related events, would NOT have happened if any one group had acted instead of engaging in corrupt conduct. One example is shown here. And those are only one example among many others for which evidence is provided covering the last 50 years by a coalition of former government agents and other insiders.

Sampling of Prior Consequences
Known to All Enablers






Most of the above catastrophic events occurred on the program for which FAA air carrier operations inspector Rodney Stich had been given the assignment to correct the conditions responsible for the worst series of airline disasters in the nation's history. Pictures of many other crashes are not shown.

Subsequent Events
Made Possible by Enablers

TWA Flight 800, departing a New York City airport was downed, shortly thereafter. Strong Suspicion of Terrorist Act. See the book, Unfriendly Skies: 20th & 21st Centuries. This link provides information on 100 surface-to-air missiles being made available to Middle East terrorists about one year before the downing of TWA Flight 800; the rejection of the missiles by FBI-CIA personnel, and the letters written by former federal agent Rodney Stich to members of Congress seeking to prevent the transfer of the missiles. No response−followed by the missile downing of TWA Flight 800. Followed by the need for the standard cover-up to protect high-level government personnel.




Sampling of links relating to the endemic corruption, cover-ups  retaliation, and effects upon the American people and national security:

  • 9/11 index.

  • Information provided by a mole inside the al Qaeda cell headed by infamous Ramzi Yousef on the planned terrorist attack, information that was then "deep-sixth" by high-level FBI-DOJ personnel. Absence of preventative measures resulted in nearly 4,000 deaths.

  • Comparative blame for 9/11 between Afghanistan, Iraq, and the documented conduct of enablers in the United States.

  • 9/11 enablers.

American Airlines Flight 587
(Strong indications of Terrorist Action)

Consequences Not Limited to Aviation

Corruption of the Type Described at this site does not occur in a vacuum. High-level corruption in one area is simply one tentacle of a widespread culture of corruption. And the consequences of that corruption−and the endemic cover-ups−have consequences in other areas. The culture of corruption affects the people and the nation in many other ways, That includes the latest series of financial frauds that has occurred in the housing and financial sectors. Also, the effect of the endemic corruption and endemic cover-ups−major parts of the culture in the United States−that enablers successful terrorist attacks upon U.S. interests.

Forewarned Bombings of U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania

List of Documentary Books
On Endemic Corruption in the United States







More information about these books by clicking here.

Victims and Enablers

Blissfully Uninformed Victims

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