Supreme Court decisions on judicial orders that are void and can be raised at any time.


No opportunity to be heard.


Orders exceeding jurisdiction.


Void orders can be attacked at any time in any federal court.


Void orders on basis of obstruction of justice tactics.


Sampling of consequences in which orders seizing assets were the goal.


List of books written by insiders on corruption in government.




List of Previously Prepared Files Addressing Legal and Judicial Complicity


Lawsuit filed in New York City reporting federal crimes enabling easy success of 9/11 hijackings


Lawsuit filed in Washington, D.C. reporting federal crimes that enabled the success of 9/11.


Lawsuits to halt high-level corruption


Lawsuits reporting criminal activities


Lawsuits reporting corruption


Miscellaneous legal filings.


List of legal files.


List of legal files


Miscellaneous legal briefs.


Index of Legal schemes


Index of legal submissions to U.S. Supreme Court


List of sequence.


Sequence of obstruction of justice tactics by lawyers and judges.


Index to the sham legal schemes


 Friedman, Sloan and Ross,




Sequence of obstruction of justice tactics by lawyers and judges.


23 years of attacks by hoard of lawyers


Legal fraternity attacks upon a former federal agent


California judges involved in early stages.


Second phase of parallel legal attacks using possible wife murderer in, sham lawsuit by CIA-related South Carolina law  firm.


Third phase of legal attacks by Los Angeles area lawyers and law firms.


Singer, Bach & Associates joining scheme in 2010.


Index of lawyer activity.


Harm inflicted upon former federal agent Rodney Stich for exposing the endemic corruption.

Pattern of legal fraternity harm as part of scheme to halt efforts at exposing high-level and deadly corruption.


Contempt of court


Bankruptcy court corruption.


Corrupt seizure of assets.


Parallel attacks by federal judges and Department of Justice: contempt of court


Half century of harm inflicted upon Rodney Stich while a federal agent and thereafter.


Catastrophic Consequences of Blocking Reports of High-Level Crimes, Cover-ups and Retaliation Against "Messenger"

Enormity of the consequences


Aviation disasters in late 20th Century.


Aviation terrorist successes made possible by reported corruption, cover-ups, and retaliation.


FBI-DOJ corruption in Lockerbie bombing


World Trade Center bombing 1993


Embassy bombings enabled by FBI-DOJ personnel corruption

TWA 800 downing
9/11 index
American Airlines Flight 587
9/11 Ripple effects: invasion of Afghanistan and continuation of culture of lying and corruption
9/11 ripple effects: invasion of Iraq and continuation of culture of lying and corruption.
Continuation of harm to American public in other areas from the culture of corruption and cover-ups that could have been halted if earlier attempts to report the corruption had not been blocked by lawyers and judges, among others
Financial frauds devastating lives of American public, an extension of the culture of corruption and cover-ups.
Tragedy-riddled effects from corrupt culture in U.S. Department of Justice
FBI culture and harm to American public.
FBI murderous culture and catastrophic ripple effects.
Information from al Qaeda mole receiving advance notice of major terrorist attacks.
Letters sent concerning the deep-sixing of information that enabled several major terrorist successes to occur.
Decades of continuing harm to the American people.
Harm to all segments of the nation, including protection against people wanting to kill Americans, thanks to the conduct of U.S. politicians.
Harm to people of other countries.

Related Lawsuits

Lawsuits filed against member of Congress


Lawsuit against members of Congress filed in Reno


Lawsuit against media for cover-up of criminal activities


Lawsuit filed against Justices of U.S. Supreme Court


Lawsuits addressing obstruction of justice.


Lawyer corruption.


Lawyer index.


Lawyer sabotage


Lawyers index


Lawyers, Judges, Conspiracies, and tragedies


Lawyers and Judges corruption


Lawyers obstructing justice with catastrophic consequences


Legal files and briefs


Miscellaneous legal filings.


Legal fraternity harassment.


Index of legal schemes


U.S. Supreme Court Justices

Legal submissions to U.S. Supreme Court


Supreme Court against whistleblowers.


Implications of Supreme Court cover-ups


Supreme Court filings.


Supreme Court index


Supreme Court involvement


Supreme Court Justices


Complicity of Supreme Court Justice Kennedy


Submissions to U.S. Supreme Court Justices


Supervisory responsibilities of U.S. Supreme Court Justices


Judicial corruption culture


Judges implicated


Judges and lawyers implicated


Judicial contempt of court charges


Judges and lawyers implicated


Judicial corruption


Judicial retaliation.


Judicial contempt of court segment


Sequence of judicial involvement


Judicial tactics to obstruct justice


Judiciary committee cover-ups


Sampling of legal papers sent to the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court,


Years of complicity by Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.


Legal submissions to Supreme Court Justices


History of Violations by federal judges of constitutional and criminal statutes

Laws violated by federal judges


California and federal statutes,


Criminals statutes violated by perpetrators, by those involved in c over-ups, and those inflicted harm to halt exposure of high-level crimes.


Criminal obstruction of justice statutes


Criminal statutes relating to accomplices


Criminal statutes violated from obstruction of justice tactics


Criminal statutes violated by repeated violations of state and federal laws and constitutional protections by lawyers, California judges, and federal judges.


Criminal activities.


Enablers of These Crimes and Consequences

List of Enablers.


9/11 enablers.


Lawyers and Judges in Parallel Schemes  


Sampling of letters sent to lawyers


Sampling of letters sent to ACLU















Visit our blog site for tell-it-as-it-is comments on current matters of national interests affecting the American people.


Highlights of the sequence of discovery of the corruption, the cover-ups, and the retaliation.


Newspaper displays informing the American public of the continuing corruption and related tragedies.


Fallen heroes who sought to protect American interests, and paid the price.


History of the corrupt misuse of government power by FBI-DOJ personnel to silence insiders seeking to report major corruption associated with major national tragedies.


"College" education on government intrigue and tragic consequences.


Donations to continue investigative work and publishing of non-profit books, via Paypal using your credit card or your Paypal account.


How one of many schemes, charging a former federal agent with criminal contempt of court, played a major role in the deaths of 3,000 people on 9/11.


Master letter list providing sampling of warning letters to people having important positions, and who became enablers in various crimes and tragedies.


The role of the American people, as victims, and enablers.


Flying through the Grand Canyon, and many other breathtaking scenic pictures taken from airplanes by Rodney Stich:


Congressional corruption sequence.


Precise felonies arising from the corruption, the cover-ups, and the multiple schemes to silence whistleblowers.


Role of lawyers and law firms in years of sham attempts to prevent exposure of the deadly corruption being reported by one former federal agent.


Conspiracy by lawyers and judges to block reporting of high-level corruption.


Harm inflicted upon the United States by the Trojan-horse-like corruption and cover-ups.


Judicial sequence of repeated obstruction of justice, civil rights violations combined with felony retaliation, playing major roles in the harm inflicted upon the United States and its people.


Documented complicity by Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.


Laws repeatedly violated by California and federal judges, in addition to the criminal statutes, as part of the continuing scheme to prevent the public from learning about the endemic corruption in high places and the resulting great tragedies.


Sampling of lawsuits filed under the crime reporting statute seeking to report the ongoing tragedy-related corruption.


Sequence of the sham legal attacks to block the exposure of the corruption in high places. Highlights. Discovery.


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