To Victims of Pan Am Flight 103 Group: [September 7, 2010]
I have written about the many people and groups that aided and abetted what is probably the most sordid series of corrupt acts that I have ever encountered, associated with the murder of 270 people in the Lockerbie disaster, and the continuing consequences of that corrupt culture. Hundreds of articles have appeared in the British media, and over a dozen reports by the United Nations Security Council representative, Professor Hans Koechler, and by Professor Robert Black (Edinburgh University--known as the architect of the Lockerbie trial), to where it is unrealistic to believe that any of the families of the Lockerbie victims did not know of them. The reports made obvious that the following crimes were perpetrated to shift blame from the actual murderers to two innocent parties, and included the following:

·   FBI-DOJ personnel planted bogus evidence in the form of a half-thumbnail-size timer fragment in a field miles from the main wreckage months months after the bombing of Pan America Flight 103 over Lockerbie. That timer fragment was acquired from Ulrich Lumpert, a former employee of the Swiss manufacturer, Mebo, about a year after the downing of Flight 103. The person providing the planted evidence was unaware, initially, of how it was to be used in a criminal manner to shift blame from the actual murderers to Libya. He provided a sworn affidavit of that fact.

·   FBI-DOJ personnel altered that timer several times, as discovered by the co-owner of the Mebo firm, Edwin Bollier, in order to disguise the fact that it was not a timer that had been sold to Libya and had never been part of a circuit board or in any explosion.

·   FBI-DOJ personnel used a discredited CIA informant, Abdul Majid Giaka, to give perjured evidence during the trial, stating that he had seen two Libyans, Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi and Lamin Khalifah Fhimah, place an unaccompanied suitcase on a Malta Airlines KM-180 flight that was departing Malta’s Luqa Airport. Without any evidence, it was charged that the unaccompanied bag (a) passed undetected through outgoing security checks at Malta’s Luqa Airport; (b) passed undetected as an unaccompanied bag through security upon arrival at Frankfurt; (c) passed undetected as an unaccompanied bag through outgoing security at Frankfurt Airport; (d) passed undetected through arrival security at London’s Heathrow Airport; and (e)  miraculously passed undetected as an unaccompanied bag to be placed on Pan American Flight 103. Now, that was a series of miracles that no one had been able to explain, especially when the records showed that there were no unaccompanied bags at these various airports. And even more miraculous, the bomb that was allegedly in that bag placed a day earlier on the outgoing flight at Malta never exploded as the aircraft reached the same cruising altitude as did Pan American Flight 103 when it exploded.

·   No evidence was produced showing that any unaccompanied bag was on the flight departing Malta; or arrived and departed on another flight at Frankfurt, or arrived at London’s Heathrow Airport and again passed security to be loaded onto Flight 103 as an unaccompanied bag. Miracles never cease.

·   The “cooperating” judges at the trial stated of his testimony that it “was unreliable at best and untruthful at worst.” For that criminal perjury of the discredited CIA informant, FBI-DOJ personnel arranged for that perjurer to be paid over a million dollars, moved him and his wife to the United States, placed him in the witness protection program, and provided him a monthly income.

·   FBI-DOJ personnel paid $2 million to a small clothes merchant, Tony Gauci, to falsely testify that he sold, many years earlier, a common child’s garment, and be able to identify that particular customer from the hundreds that came into his store. Even more amazing—or was it another of the many “miracles” that were so profitable for the lawyers at Kreindler and Kreindler, the child’s clothes that allegedly had been wrapped around the powerful bomb (that was so powerful the huge 747 instantly broke apart into six main parts), and that should have totally vaporized from the blast and the heat, were easily recognizable by Gauci.

o   During 23 interviews, Gauci’s description of the purchaser spanned height, weight, age, and appearance of virtually everyone. However—another miracle—the $3 million offered to him enabled him to testify that Megrahi resembled the person that purchased the children’s garment that managed to—miraculously—survive the blast that would have totally incinerated such a garment.

o   The most that Tony Gauci could state during trial was that Megrahi resembled the person that purchased the clothes 12 years earlier.

o   To insure that the miraculous memory of Tony Gauci did not waver, his brother, Paul, was paid an additional $1 million.

o   The bribes were withheld from the defense during the trial, along with other withheld information, which had the cooperation of the Scottish judges.

·   FBI-DOJ agents offered Edwin Bollier, the part owner of the Mebo Company that made timers, $4  million if he would sign a statement that the timer fragment shown to him via a Polaroid picture was one that was sold  to Libya. When he refused to lie, prosecutors threatened to charge him with conspiracy in the death of 270 people killed in the Lockerbie bombing.

Complicity of Scottish Trial and Appellate Judges

      Professor Hans Koechler, the United Nations Security Council representative during the Lockerbie trial, repeatedly pointed out in his numerous reports that misconduct by the Scottish trial and appellate judges indicated they were assisting the scheme to shift the blame from the actual murderers to Libya and two Libyans. Even a second year law student would have recognized the series of unprecedented errors and shortcomings perpetrated by those judges—and your lawyers surely recognized them—and the probable reason for the judicial conduct.

      Law professor Robert Black,[1] known as the architect of the Lockerbie trial held at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands, made numerous reports about the glaring judicial errors, as did many other legal scholars, as reported in the British media and censored by U.S. media. Your firm’s lawyers surely recognized the scheme going on, but chose to ignore the facts to avoid losing the expected financial windfall, which reportedly came to close to one-third of a billion dollars. It appears everyone was well paid that enabled the criminal conduct to continue.

      A sampling of the corrupt activities by the Scottish trial and appellate judges:

·   The judges withheld critical evidence from the defense lawyers during the trial.

·   The half-thumbnail-size timer fragment found a year later in a muddy field miles from the main wreckage that constituted the primary and only evidence used to blame Libya for orchestrating the bombing.

o   The judges blocked the Mebo co-owner, Edwin Bollier, from explaining on the witness stand that the timer fragment being shown was not one that his company sold to Libya, and that it had been altered. At that time, Bollier was unaware that one of his former employees had given that timer fragment to FBI-DOJ personnel to be planted as newly-discovered evidence. The judges knew that the timer fragment was the only piece of evidence that tied Libya to the murder of 270 people; yet, they blocked that critical piece of evidence to prevent unraveling of the entire prosecutorial hoax.

·   The miraculously-survived children’s clothes. The judges ruled that Abdul Giaka, who gave the evidence about allegedly seeing the two defendants place the suitcase on the Air Malta flight at Malta was “unreliable and at best, untruthful.” (i.e., a liar!) On that basis, they held one of the defendants, Khani, innocent, but Megrahi guilty, even though both of them reportedly acted together. Under these conditions, one person can’t be found guilty and another innocent when they participated together in the same act.

·   On the matter of how the alleged unaccompanied suitcase passed undetected through five different security screeners, the judges held that there was no explanation for that, but that it obviously did happen!

·   The judgment of the trial judges were so preposterous that it became the subject of hundreds of British media reports (U.S. media was more kind to the conspiracy and said virtually nothing!) You surely know of those reports. If you don’t, you can find links to some of that at, and also at my print or e-book (Kindle also) called Lockerbie to 9/11: Massive Fraud and Consequences.

·   Five-Judge Scottish appellate panel rubber stamped the record-setting judicial and prosecutorial misconduct.

One of Hundreds of Such British Media and Professional Reports

      “Lockerbie was an impossible verdict,” was the title to an article in London’s Guardian (June 19, 2001)

Evidence Made Known to Defense After the Kangaroo Trial

After the end of trial, there was so much outrage in Britain about the sham prosecution and judgment that evidence started becoming known. Among this evidence was included:

·   Threats against Mebo co-owner, Edwin Bollier, by FBI-DOJ and then Scottish prosecutors for refusing a $4 million bribe to sign a false statement that the timer fragment used during trial.

·   Offer of $4 million if he signed a statement.

·   The former employee that gave the timer fragment to FBI-DOJ personnel signed a sworn affidavit of that fact. Lumpert executed a sworn affidavit to this effect, which was to be heard at the second appeal hearing in Scotland. 

·   The $2 million dollars paid to Tony Gauci, the clothes merchant, for the false testimony about the children’s clothes and the purchaser.

·   The $1 million paid to Paul Gauci, the bother of Tony Gauci, to insure the continued cooperation as they joined the conspiracy.

·   Scottish police investigators reporting the planted evidence and other criminal acts.

·   The hundreds of British media reports of these matters, the reports by Professor Hans Koechler, the UN Security Council representative, and Law Professor Robert Black, the architect of the Camp Zeist trial, and the 800-page report by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission  (SCCRC) was following by ordering another appeal hearing.

·   During every stage of the process, FBI-DOJ personnel, and Scottish prosecutors, sought to block the presentation of evidence that would have shown that the actual murderers were the Syrian-based PFLP and that $11 million was paid by Iran to carry out the bombing; and that the bombing was in retaliation for the reckless shooting down by U.S.S. Navy personnel of Iranian airliner that had just departed Abadan on a scheduled flight over a major commercial airway.

Additional Scottish Misconduct Seeking to Block Exposure of the Scheme

The appeal was due to be heard around November of 2009, at which time the massive amount of evidence would be revealed showing the investigative, prosecutorial and judicial corruption that permeated through the trial and appellate proceedings.  The following improper tactics were then perpetrated:

·   Scotland’s Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Kenny McCaskill, made an unprecedented visit to Megrahi in prison, without the knowledge of Megrahi’s attorney—a major legal infraction. He reportedly told Megrahi, who was dying of terminal cancer and hadn’t seen his family in 17 years, that the dying man would be released from prison ONLY if he dropped the appeal.

o   That appeal would not only show Megrahi and Libya innocent; the massive investigative, prosecutorial and judicial misconduct, but also reveal the actual murderers that had been protected for political reasons.

·   The excuse that would be given for his release—for public consumption—was that his release was on humanitarian grounds.

·   But there was no need under Scottish law for dropping an appeal to release an inmate on humanitarian grounds.

·   The Scottish juridical process violated the United Nations conditions that required all trial and appeal proceedings to occur at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands. But to have done that would have enabled even more public exposure of the irregularities that were taking place.

·   Under British law, the criminal investigation should have taken place primarily in Britain where a number of the events took place that led to 270 murders, including the placement of the bomb; the break-in of Pan Am’s storage locker where the flight’s bags were stored, and other international agreements.

·   Despite the urgent need to legally identify the murderers of 270 people, British and Scottish personnel blocked every attempt, despite the many demands made by British citizens. As a matter of fact based on considerable evidence, the actual murderers were known.

            Catastrophic Ripple Effects from the Criminal Conduct and the Culture

Conduct of the type described here and the considerable others occurring during the investigation, prosecution, and judgment, could be expected to have ripple effects. And the ripple effects occurred, as described in several of my documentary books. (Lockerbie to 9/11; History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11; and Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, Mafia, and al Qaeda. The following are examples, without the supporting evidence that can be found in these books or at

·   The original people and group responsible for placing the bomb on Flight 103 were free to commit other terrorist acts against the United States. And there were many.

·   The same FBI-DOJ culture then played key enabling roles in:

o   World Trade Center.

o   Bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa.

o   Hijackings of four airliners on September 11, 2001.

Among the Principle Perpetrators

Most of the wrongful acts were perpetrated by personnel of the FBI and other Department of Justice offices, who then guided Scottish personnel to front for the criminal activities. Among the people involved would be:

·   FBI and other Department of Justice personnel, including attorneys general at different time periods, starting with the attorney general under President H.W. Bush (Sr.).

·   Scottish prosecutors.

·   Scottish trial and appellate judges.

·   And other politicians in the United States, Britain, and Scotland, as described in the Lockerbie to 9/11 book, that knew of the criminal acts—or who authorized them.

·   The criminal statutes that possibly were violated by the above conduct are shown at the end of this letter/fax.

People and Groups Aiding and Abetting the Record-Setting Series of  Blatant Corrupt Activities
People and groups who obviously knew of the record-setting series of corrupt actions included, for instance, the following:
U.S. Families of Lockerbie Victims
This e-mail seeks a response from the Victims of Pan Am Flight 103, seeking answers to such questions as:
Upon receiving your answer, I will post that on the Internet, following the posting of this letter.
                                                                                        Rodney Stich


[1] Robert Black, University of Edinburgh, the “architect” of Lockerbie trial setting at Camp Zeist.

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