Boeing Aircraft Company Explanation for Downing of TWA Flight 800

In accordance with the evidence, the position of the  builder of the the 747 aircraft, TWA Flight 800, a Free Republic Article, referring to a Seattle Times article (December 9, 1999) stated:

Boeing attorneys still saying missile may have downed TWA Flight 800 [Free Republic]
Source: The Seattle Times
Published: Dec. 9, 1999 1 1:17 p.m. Author: James V. Grimaldi Posted on 12/09/1999 15:22:21 PST by HAL9000

WASHINGTONThe Boeing Co. said this week that the lack of evidence as to what sparked the blast that downed TWA Flight 800 three years ago points to an "external source," such as a bomb or missile. Boeing's statement in court documents Tuesday is the strongest to date revealing an aggressive legal defense that blames the 747 crash on a bomb or missilewhich the FBI and National Transportation Safety Board long ago ruled out.

That the NTSB in over three years of exhaustive investigation has been unable to identify any potential ignition source aboard the aircraft suggests that an external source caused the explosion," Boeing said. "Unless and until such time as a cause is determined, ignition sources external to the aircraftof any typecannot be ruled out."
Boeing, the nation's second-largest defense contractor, acknowledged in the documents that "Boeing has no direct evidence that Flight 800 was brought down by a missile fired by the United States military or any other United States government entity."

Years later, the government's primary aviation safety agency, the Federal Aviation Administration, had not issued any requirement for a change in the present fuel system, providing additional support for the many people that say a missile streaking toward the flight before it exploded.

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