Tools for People of Integrity and Courage

Here are some of the things that good men and women can do to attack the cancerous group of corruption in all segments of government:

Years of documented evidence is available to expose patterns of corruption that played key roles in the deaths occurring on September 11, 2001, many prior air tragedies, and the successful terrorist attacks that have yet to occur with the continued cover-up.

The evidence, referred to in this in various books provides considerable information and evidence to tackle the escalating widespread corruption in government offices that is spreading throughout U.S. society.

Understand the Gravity and Deadly Consequences of the Corruption

The  documented evidence reveals the involvement of federal judges, Justice Department lawyers, and members of Congress who have repeatedly blocked the reporting of the criminal and even subversive activities. For those few courageous and outraged people who care to fight this spreading cancer, first discover and understand the documented facts. Then provide whatever help is within your mental, physical, or financial capabilities. These include:

Help the courageous insiders who came forward, and continue to do so, to reveal and document crimes against men, women and families in the United States. The information is here, but it will be all for nothing if it is not made known to enough people who care. This requires a continuing series of hard-hitting display ads in mainstream newspapers and magazines. These ads cost $2000 to $3000 each. Book sales do not provide sufficient income to pay these costs. IF you really want to help, send money marked solely for display advertising to Diablo Western Press. This company was formed for the sole purpose of informing the public about corrupt government officials and their corrupt activities, in an effort to help protect the public.

Veterans--your help is needed now! Your prior efforts in helping defend the United States are being subverted from within. Veterans are being corruptly charged and imprisoned by people in control of key government offices. The United States itself is being subverted by the same people. Your prior sacrifices on behalf of the country are being undone. If you are not "over the hill" mentally and physically, and have the courage, and concern for your country, for your fellow veterans, and those being victimized, it's time for you to help!

If you have information about government corruption, send details to the author at POB 5, Alamo, CA 94507, being as specific as possible, sending any documentation that you may have, and how you know about these matters.

Notify your members of Congress of these matters, remind them of their responsibilities, expect them to cover up, but keep a record so that in the future, if any of these criminal matters ever surface, you have a record that the person had been notified and did nothing about it. This will be an effort in futility, as 50 years of insiders notifying members of Congress of corruption has not resulted in a single meaningful response.

Having said this, years of in denial, indifference, cowardice, or even support the those engaged in criminal activities by the public, doesn't indicate there will be any change. Therefore, the information at this site, and in the books, will serve to show the utter unwillingness of the public to protect themselves.

With a majority of the public having initially supported the invasion of Iraq on lies, or an arrogant desire to change their government, there is little hope that there will be any changes. The public, therefore, has brought about what it made possible--just as in the past.

A famous saying applies to America today:

"All that is necessary for the forces of evil to triumph is that enough good men do nothing."

America's Pontius Pilates

Many Americans protest much-needed construction projects that endanger various species of the cockroach and other insects, the working conditions of foreign laborers who covet their jobs, demands for favored treatments, and other ludicrous matters. But virtually unknown are the protests against documented hard-core corruption by judges and other government personnel that inflict human tragedies almost beyond understanding--but seldom made known to Americans.

With similarities to Pontius Pilate and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, most Americans  wash their hands of the tragic consequences of their inactions in the face of evidence of unprecedented misconduct, corruption and even criminal activities by judges and other government personnel.

They remain silent as thousands of innocent men and women are imprisoned on sham charges, exaggerated charges, or prison sentences far beyond the nature of the offenses (legislated by members of Congress who are in most cases guilty of far worse offenses with national implications).

They remain silent as paramilitary forces break down doors in the middle of the night and terrorize families, and sometimes kill the occupants, often on the fraudulent claim of government informants, and often on totally innocent people.

Like Pontius Pilate, they wash their hands of the human tragedies, the corruption of government offices, by remaining ignorant of the evidence, by refusing to recognize the evidence, and engaging in cowardice, indifference, and actually supportive of the corruption.

Americans, including the Christians and the church leaders, claim their righteousness, their idealism, when in fact they aid and abet those who commit these human rights atrocities upon countless numbers of human beings. They go to  church, they pray, they give money to the church and to charities, while supporting the people and the conduct that gives credence to the Ugly American title.

Sampling of Deadly Consequences, and Documented
Complicity, Provides Unprecedented Tools
For Fighting Corruption

All forms of human tragedies have been inflicted upon the people of the United States from the corruption discovered by the people behind this site−and made possible by enablers in and out of government. The below pictures are only a sampling of the consequences from the documented corruption that are able to be portrayed graphically. The tragedies in other areas resulting from the corruption, cover-ups, and public indifference, are not shown here.

United Airlines crash into New York City, the world's worst at that time. Withheld from the Amererica public were the reports by federal safety inspectors-investigators showing a continuing pattern of corruption, fraud, criminal alteration of major government required records−and the standard abuse of those few inspectors attempting to require the airline management to comply with industry standards and clear requirements of federal aviation safety requirements−and FAA management to require compliance. None of the guilty, the enablers, to these and the continuing fraud-related crashes ever were held accountable for the hundreds of deaths that they enabled to occur.




These few examples of the horrors associated with airline disasters enabled to occur by documented corruption withheld from the American people. The standard culture of cover-ups in the United States enabled the corruption, cover-ups, to mutate into different areas. In the aviation area, although the continuing series of airline disasters eventually came to a halt for other reasons, the culture continued, and enabled to occur a number of easily preventable airline disasters. The inbred culture created the conditions that enabled four groups of terrorists to easily hijack four airliners within a few hours of each other and kill nearly 3,000 people.

In criminal law, people are accomplices, and guilty, if they know of a criminal act and fail to report it to proper authorities and also to take efforts within their capability to halt their continuation. And there are endless numbers of accomplices that are complicit in these crimes and enablers of the consequences.

Forewarned downing of TWA Flight 800 (and U.S. Embassies in Africa, as detailed in the book, Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, and the Mafia).


Forewarned bombings of U.S. Embassies in Africa:

Among the "Least" Guilty of the Enablers

Euphoric Blissful Ignorance−Enablers of Great American Tragedies

Email address for the author and activist against corruption in government:

For more information relating to the author and his activities put "Rodney Stich" into a search engine such as Google or The links run into many tens of thousands.

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