Examples of possible harm resulting from conduct of America's leaders.


Credibility index.


History of "Internal terrorism" upon individual Americans.


Decades of brutalities inflicted upon people of other nations by the actions of U.S. politicians.


U.S. secretly providing funds, arms, and chemical weapons to Iraq.


The Israeli-American killing machine: catalyst for initial series of terrorist attacks upon Americans.


Israeli-U.S. atrocities on Palestinians, including hundreds of children.


Direct consequences of Israeli and U.S. atrocities upon Palestinians.


U.S. politicians pouring fuel upon the fire they created: murderous attacks on innocent Afghans and Iraqis.


U.S. killing culture


History of harm directly inflicted upon individual Americans by the same group and culture.


Other U.S. provocations for still more resulting self-enabled tragedies.


Expected response from American public.


Books based on professionals in major U.S. operations, revealing 50-year progression of corruption, cover-ups, and resulting tragedies.