Internal U.S. Incompetence and Corruption Enabled
Series of Successful Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Targets

Each of these prior terrorist acts were enabled by, or associated with, misconduct that has been kept from the American people. Until enough people learn about these continuing areas of misconduct and show some courage and outrage, the constant series of successful terrorist attacks will continue. The following sources of information provides the insider information to understand why America has suffered these tragedies.

A number of successful terrorist attacks occurred after employees of the U.S. Department of Justice received advance notice that they would occur. In all but the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, that information was given to FBI agents by a mole inside a key al Qaeda cell. If that relationship was understood by the public, it would be one of the greatest and most deadly scandals of this century.

Al Qaeda's 1993 World Trade Center Bombing
After Prior Warnings Given to FBI Agents

As detailed in several books written by former federal agent Rodney Stich and his coalition of former intelligence and law enforcement personnel, the bombing by al Qaeda master bomber, Ramzi Yousef, occurred despite the fact that FBI officials had advance information provided by a female FBI agent and her Middle East sources:

More details in the book, Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, Mafia, and al Qaeda, and  at another link.

Downing of TWA Flight 800 In Effort To
Declare Mistrial for al Qaeda Master Bomber

TWA Flight 800 was downed shortly after taking off from a New York City airport.

  • Shortly before the downing of TWA Flight 800, al Qaeda's primary bomber, Ramzi Yousef, confided to a former Mafiosi, Gregory Scarpa, Jr., that his group would cause the downing of an airliner departing a local New York City airport in an attempt to cause a mistrial in the criminal trial that Yousef was then involved. That information was passed on to local FBI agents, whom did not act on the information.

  • There was overwhelming evidence that a missile took down TWA Flight 800, and that the evidence was far more reliable then the NTSB political board used to support the cause of other airline disasters. Details of this evidence is in the book, History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11.

  • Reliable witnesses, including one who was a missile expert, were not allowed to testify and no meaningful reference to them was made in the official NTSB accident report.

  • NTSB blamed the downing on a spark in the center fuel tank of TWA Flight 800, with no evidence to support it. The lack of any required corrective actions for the next ten years further supported the fact that the alleged spark was not involved in the disaster. The manufacturer of the aircraft, Boeing, issued a statement that there was no problem with the fuel tanks and that an external corruption brought down the aircraft.

  • FBI-DOJ personnel had a key reason for the terrorist act to be debunked. As stated earlier, high-level FBI-DOJ personnel had advance knowledge of the planned downing of a U.S. airliner (along with other major terrorist attacks), and this information was withheld from other government entities so as to deny credibility to the person providing the advance terrorist-attack information. (Details in the book, Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, Mafia, and al Qaeda.)

Another serious side to the downing of TWA Flight 800: Based upon information obtained from the head of a former covert CIA operation based in Honolulu, former federal agent Rodney Stich discovered that 100 surface-to-air missiles were being made available to Middle East terrorists about one year before the downing of TWA Flight 800; that FBI-CIA personnel refused to block the transfer when the opportunity was provided to it. Stich sent letters to members of Congress seeking to prevent the transfer of the missiles. None responded.

  • October 20, 1995, letter sent to members of Congress by former federal agent Rodney Stich, prior to the downing of TWA Flight 800, describing the impending sale of missiles to terrorists after FBI and CIA personnel refused the offer of releasing the missiles to them. By refusing the missiles, they were then sold to terrorists−shortly before the downing of TWA Flight 800. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

  • master letter list provides a sampling of notices given to non-responding members of Congress.

Bombings of U.S. Embassies After
FBI Agents Received Advance Warnings

FBI-DOJ personnel were given advance notice of the bombing of two U.S. embassies in Africa by a mole inside the al Qaeda cell headed by Ramzi Yousef. One was in Kenya and another in Tanzania.




Hijackings of Four Airliners on 9/11—
After FBI Agents Received Prior Warnings


As detailed in two books, History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11, and Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, Mafia, and al Qaeda, former federal agent Rodney Stich describes how a Mafia soldier, acting as a mole inside the al Qaeda cell headed by Ramzi Yousef, was told about a series of al Qaeda terrorist attacks that were planned.

Yousef was the mastermind behind the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and had plans to simultaneously bomb 11 U.S. airliners departing Far East locations. The advance warnings were disregarded by high FBI-DOJ personnel who sacrificed the lives that would be lost so as to protect personnel in the Department of Justice. Very sensitive information, that would also play a role in ignoring the warnings of planned terrorist attacks on other U.S. targets. That cover-up enabled to occur approximately 4,000 deaths as the forewarned terrorist attacks occurred.


In addition to the problems within FBI-DOJ offices that enabled the hijackings of four airliners on September 11, 2011, there were the internal FAA problems that blocked for years the easy measures that would have blocked the hijackers on 9/11. Again, as usual, these problems were covered up--making repeated events possible.

Details about the FBI-DOJ cover-ups and the contacts between the al Qaeda operative and Gregory Scarpa Jr. can be found in the book, Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, Mafia, and al Qaeda, available in print and e-book formats from (and in Kimble) and other sources. The decades of preventable airline disasters and their enablers are described and documented in the book, History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11.

One of initial 3,000 Victims Whose Death
Was Made Possible by Trojan Horse Corruption

More information on the enablers to those catastrophic events:

  • History of corrupt culture in government's aviation safety offices that enabled to occur a 50 year history of easily preventable and forewarned airline disasters.

  • Members of Congress who, for 50 years, covered up for every attempt to report the corruption in the FAA and the other criminal activities that Stich and his coalition reported to them. The victims, including those jumping to their deaths from the World Trade Center, didn't have the bribing capability to feed the culture of bribes in Congress.

  • Federal judges that not only criminally cover-up for the ongoing crimes against the United States, but also misused their judicial positions and the courts to inflict great harm upon former federal agent Rodney Stich. Their conduct met the legal definition of a conspiracy and the courts as a criminal racketeering enterprise (RICO). They repeatedly, as a conspiracy, violated numerous criminal statutes under the obstruction of justice statutes.

  • The hoard of over 50 lawyers and law firms that repeatedly, from 1982 to 2005, filed sham lawsuits knowing that they were blocking the reports of high-level corruption, knowing that there was no money to obtain, and knowing that the prior deaths and other tragedies from the corruption would continue to occur with their help. Aiding them were the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court/

  • Media people and media corporations, that for years covered up for the various corruption-related aviation disasters and other criminal activities. Many of them had been on the secret payroll of the CIA and other government departments for years.

  • The powerful area high in government that orchestrated these corrupt and criminal acts, prevented every government group that had a responsibility to halt this misuse of government power, and protected the guilty. That source would be high in the U.S. Department of Justice, controlled by the group responsible for preventing these very same criminal activities.

    And then, there is the American public, who had known of many of these corrupt and criminal activities from the  any books that insiders had written, including those of Rodney Stich, and his 3,000 radio and televisions shows since 1978. Obsessed with trivia, they couldn't be bothered!

Evidence of Terrorism on American Airlines Flight 587


Shortly after the 9/11 hijackings, another airliner departing New York City suddenly plunged to the ground. Repeating the tactics used with the downing of TWA Flight 800, government personnel shifted the blame for the downing of American Airlines Flight 587 from a terrorist act to a structural failure of the rudder assembly. The blame was on slight turbulence that may have existed. That excuse was recognized as fabrication by any pilot with years of experience with extreme turbulence. Also, by knowledge of aircraft that due to combat or other severe encounter lost their rudder assembly and were flyable.


More information on American Airlines Flight 587 downing.


Afghanistan, Iraq, or U.S. Enablers:
Who Was the Enabler of the Easy 9/11 Hijackings?

This page is based on documented facts and compounds the litany of blunders, corruption, and cover-ups that made the hijackings of four airliners on September 11, 2001, a "cake walk" for the terrorists, and opened the door for embroiling the American people in two unlawful, arrogant and unwinnable wars, and responsible for an estimated over one million deaths to this date.

A reasonable person might be interested in which of the three groups had the greatest blame for the conditions that enabled four groups of terrorists to so easily hijack four airliners, kill nearly 3,000 people, and set in motion even more catastrophic events for the American people to endure. Also, which group had no meaningful blame. The answer is not what you have been led to believe.


  • What blame did U.S. politicians use to start a war against Afghanistan to lay even more of Afghanistan to waste and kill by carpet bombing and air strikes thousands of its people?

    • The al Qaeda group that orchestrated the 9/11 attacks had settled in remote mountainous area of Afghanistan. But no evidence exists that Afghanistan knew about the hijacking or other plans by the al Qaeda group. To carpet bomb Afghanistan, killing thousands of totally innocent people, is something like carpet bombing all of Philadelphia because criminals reside in the city limits.

    • The Afghanistan Taliban government is undoubtedly one of the most fanatical religious and brutal groups known, but they had only a remote association with the al Qaeda group.


    What blame did U.S. politicians use to justify starting a war with Iraq that had destroyed much of the country and resulted in an estimated over one million dead Iraqis.

    • The reason given by U.S. politicians was that Iraq was involved in the 9/11 attacks. That was a blatant lie comparable to the other lies used by U.S. politicians to invade Iraq.

Ironic contradiction. The nation's politicians debated for weeks the torture issues in 2009, focusing on whether unlawful torture of detainees was producing meaningful and truthful information. Totally ignored was the evidence withheld from the public that high-level FBI-DOJ personnel had advance knowledge of each of the major al Qaeda attacks on major U.S. targets, and "deep-sixth" the information to protect the criminal activities of a key FBI supervisor and the cover-up of those crimes.

The information on planned terrorist attacks and other valuable information on smuggling bombs onto airliners was obtained by a Mafia soldier that had obtained the confidence of Ramzi Yousef, the notorious al Qaeda operative that mastermind the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and the planned simultaneous bombings of 11 U.S. airliners departing Far East locations. (Note, the role of FBI-DOJ personnel in enabling the 1993 World Trade Center bombing is described in the book, Drugging America: a Trojan Horse, by Rodney Stich.)

FAA Incompetence, Revolving Door Syndrome, & Corruption:
Primary Blame For Enabling 9/11 Hijackings

The culture of corruption in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was the primary blame for the conditions that made it easy for 19 terrorists to so easily hijack four airliners when the known preventative measures were so easy to implement. The links between that documented FAA corruption and 9/11 is similar to the links between the FAA culture and a history of many prior airline disasters.

When FAA air safety inspector discovered and documented the corruption in the local FAA office at Denver and in the Western Regional office located at Los Angeles, he made the FAA administrator and the FAA legal department aware of the serious matters. Evidence of the deep-seated culture reaching the very top of the FAA was the reaction. Among the measures used to inform them of the deadly corruption in their areas of responsibilities were the following:

  • Acting similar to an independent prosecutor, and conducting court-like hearings with a court reporter for several months. During that hearing, three more major airline disasters occurred, each one resulting from the safety problems, safety violations, and the criminal falsification of records that Stich had repeatedly reported, and for which he was subjected to several months of obscene and juvenile harassment.

  • Included in the court records was the portion of the closing brief that warned of the consequences of further cover-ups.

  • At the urging of the FAA person in charge of the Sky Marshal program, Stich sent a cover letter to the FAA administrator along with an affidavit listing the corrupt activities and the resulting crashes. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

  • The three major airline disasters occurring during the hearing caused by the same safety problems and corruption that Stich repeatedly reported in writing and referred to during the proceedings.

  • The former federal agent filed lawsuits against the FAA and NTSB in the federal courts at San Francisco, seeking to report the ongoing corruption related to an ongoing series of airline disasters.

  • Lawsuits filed in the federal courts at New York City several years prior to 9/11, providing the judges and Department of Justice with years of advance warnings of the ongoing problems.

  • Final attempt prior to 9/11 to report to a federal court at Reno, Nevada, the areas of corruption that would, during the action, be the primary enablers for the 9/11 terrorist acts and what followed.

  • List of lawsuits reporting ongoing criminal activities in key government positions that were crimes against the United States, and were resulting in continuing harm, deaths, and catastrophic events.

  • Lasts attempt after 9/11 to report these matters to a federal court in New York City; and at Washington, D.C.

Aiding and abetting the corruption in the FAA was the political National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), who was repeatedly informed of the existing conditions and the continuing fraud-related airline disasters.

Credibility of charges.

Continuing Corrupt Culture in FAA

As in p4rior decades of catastrophic consequ3ences, the enablers remained in position, made possible by public indifference, aided by congressional cover-ups, hundreds of people at a time reach the end of their lives through one of the most horrible ways to die possible. When media publicity focuses on the FAA misconduct in a particular crash, there is a sudden brief flurry of apparent concern by members of Congress, who utter a few words of encouragement, and things then continue as before.

Former FAA inspector Rodney Stich continued his communications with members of Congress with expectation, that the congressional cover-ups would continue as in the past.

Fax sent to Senator Charles Schumer, January 19, 2010. (Adobe PDF) The significance of this fax is obvious from reading the contents. Sent by a former federal agent, and including information personally obtained from two key sources, one being a mole in the most important at that time al Qaeda source, the letter referred, for instance, to:

  • Advance information provided to FBI agents in the New York City offices, during a 11-month period, further supported by recordings of al Qaeda contacts, of such successful terrorist attacks as the hijacking of four airliners on September 11, 2001.

  • The withholding of that information by high-level DOJ personnel so as to prevent the exposure of serial murders by a key FBI supervisor.

  • The sacrifice of an immediate 3,000 people (in only one of the forewarned terrorist attacks) so as to protect certain FBI-DOJ personnel from prison sentences.

  • And much more, including consequences not listed in that letter.

In June 2009, media attention was focused on the problems that Stich documented, the retaliation of those few inspectors that have the competency and integrity to report the problems. Two of many letters sent to members of Congress on this latest sign of FAA corruption related to the crash of a commuter aircraft approaching Albany receive the usual no-response.

  • Fax to Senator Byron Dorgan on May 17, 2009, offering to provide the testimony of several people that have inside information about documented corruption that enabled the 9/11 hijackings to occur, in different areas, and the continuing pattern of corruption of key people in the government's aviation safety offices. No response. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF). Dorgan and other members of Congress repeatedly covered up. During hearings into the FAA in June 2009, he continued the cover-ups that members of Congress had done for years in addressing the deadly problems in the government's aviation safety offices. Meaningless assurances, and conditions remained the same, the standard culture in the bribe-taking occupants in Congress!

  • And the June 4, 2009, fax to Senator Charles Schumer, in response to his public posturing on the FAA crash of a commuter plane in his home state, as it was approaching Albany. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

And a 40 year history of letters and faxes to members of Congress, enabling to be inflicted upon the American public and the nation great harm, many deaths, and some catastrophic events. For recent letters on matters of major national importance, click here.

However, lobbyists and special interest groups paying millions in bribes−yes, bribes, what else could you call it−to members of Congress, have no trouble getting access. Playing the public for saps, and the public continues to pay the consequences. Because of their documented history of cover-ups and the great tragedies their cover-ups enabled to occur, they will never allow this information to reach the public.

FBI-DOJ Corrupt Culture Surfaced In
Investigation and Prosecution Related To
PAA Flight 103 Bombing

The first great terrorist attack on U.S. airliners, the bombing of Pan American Flight 103 over Lockerbie,  was followed by lies, paid perjury, threats, cover-ups, by FBI-DOJ personnel. Their conduct covered up for the actual terrorists. This culture set the stage for a series of other successful terrorist attacks that will continue until this culture is exposed, the proper people punished, and there be a change in the culture.

Explosive information on PAA 103 Lockerbie bombing

Other than earlier terrorist attacks on U.S. airliners, the first in a series of "recent" and possibly connected terrorist attacks was the placement of a bomb on Pan Am Flight 103 at London, which caused the aircraft to blow apart over Lockerbie, Scotland. The U.S. involvement in that great aviation disaster reveals a deep-seated culture of employees in the U.S. Department of Justice that has been an enabler to some of the United States' many different forms of tragedies. Consider the following conduct by FBI agents, surely reflecting the culture of controlling U.S. politicians. Evidence reveals that FBI agents:

  • Placed bogus evidence, a thumb-size timer, miles from the crash scene, months after the disasters, after having bought the evidence from a paid witness.

  • Bribed several witnesses to give perjured testimony.

  • Threatened other witnesses to withhold testimony revealing the FBI agents' misconduct.

  • Protected the actual terrorists responsible for the bombing, for political reasons.

  • Falsely charged a Libyan for the bombing.

  • Created conditions conducive for more terrorist attacks on U.S. airliners.

Evidence of these corrupt acts were in the appeal papers scheduled to be released in November 2009. Allegedly on compassionate grounds, the Libyan charged with the murders was released a month earlier—but only on condition that he withdrew the appeal, thereby preventing this information becoming known.

If the Scottish authorities and the FBI were not covering up for these crimes, they would have insisted upon the information in the appeal papers be released and further investigation made. But the object was to keep the information from becoming known. The matter of the deaths of several hundred people from terrorist attacks was obviously a sufficient reason for making public the evidence that was hidden from public view.

Corrupt Culture in Department of Justice
As Harbingers
of Tragedies

Holding second place to the FAA for conduct that enabled the 9/11 hijackings, and who were enablers in other terrorist acts, was another group of aggressive enablers that engaged in ma pattern of documented criminal acts. (This is not hyperbole! Evidence is at this site and in the related books.) Their conduct were felonies:

The culture of the employees in the U.S. Department of Justice has been corrupt in many areas for many years. It is a highly political department where the power of prosecution is misused against people in a political party other than that of the President of the United States, and withholding prosecution of people in the same political party.

  • It is a culture in which FBI agents engaged in murders with organized crime figures and then the murders are covered up by high-level FBI-DOJ personnel. If this sound unreal, read about the murders by FBI agents in the Boston office with organized crime figure Whitey Bulger or the series of murders by an FBI agent in the New York City offices.

  • High-level FBI-DOJ personnel withholding information on several major terrorists attacks on U.S. targets so as to protect the crimes of key FBI personnel. The subsequent terrorist attacks−for which defensive measures were never deployed−resulted in almost 4,000 deaths.

  • FBI-DOJ personnel repeatedly blocking the reporting of evidence related to corruption in the government's aviation safety offices related to a series of ongoing airline disasters and blocking the reporting of information on other criminal activities being reported by a coalition of former government agents and other insiders. Anyone who blocks the reporting of a federal crime commits a felony under the obstruction of justice statutes.

  • DOJ prosecutors charging a former federal agent with criminal contempt of court in retaliation for attempting to report federal crimes to a federal court. Corrupt conduct that covered up for ongoing conditions despite the ongoing series of related airline disasters. Anyone who retaliates against a witness or former federal agent to keep that person from reporting a federal crime, or for having made such report, commits a felony under federal criminal statutes.

  • Federal trustees participated in schemes to corruptly seize the $10 million in assets that the former federal agent and his coalition used to fund their exposure activities.

  • Personnel in the highly political U.S. Department of Justice, who repeatedly blocked the reporting of the criminal activities, who feloniously retaliated against the former federal agent when he sought to report the crimes to a federal judge; some of whom were involved in murders and the cover-ups of such crimes; and the DOJ personnel who withheld information obtained from a mole inside the al Qaeda cell headed by Ramzi Yousef, enabling to occur four major terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people.

  • FBI agents involved in murders with organized crime groups. One of many scandals withheld from the American public relates to murder of American citizens by FBI agents in the Boston and New York City offices.

    • Multiple murders involving  FBI agents in the Boston and New York offices with organized crime and Mafia personnel, known and protected by high FBI-DOJ personnel for years. (Best detailed in the book, Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, and the Mafia.

    • Mafia soldier acting as a mole inside a key al Qaeda cell headed by Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind behind the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and the mastermind behind the planned bombings of 11 U.S. airliners departing Far East locations. That mole provided to local FBI agents in the New York City area accurate information of several major terrorist attacks upon U.S. targets.

    • High FBI-DOJ officials refused to pass on that information to government entities that could have taken steps to prevent the terrorist attacks. The reason for blocking this information was to prevent the Mafia mole from being recognized for providing creditable information. And the reason why the mole had to remain discredited was that he would bee testifying in murder trials concerning murders perpetrated by his father (Known as "The Killing Machine) with a key FBI supervisor in the New York offices.

    • The advance information that was given to the mole by the key al Qaeda operative included: The downing of a local U.S. airliner (stated shortly before the downing of TWA Flight 800, with heavy loss of life).

    • The bombings of U.S. Embassies in Africa (that did occur with hundreds of lives lost).

    • The hijackings of U.S. airliners (that did occur on September 11, 2001). But there are many more secrets associated with the corrupt activities that made those easily preventable disasters possible. More details in the book, Unfriendly Skies: 20th & 21st Centuries. Nearly 4,000 lives were lost from protecting the corrupt acts of key FBI-DOJ personnel, plus the enormous loss of life and other harm that resulted from the 9/11 hijackings.

DOJ Hierarchy Protecting Murderer In Their Midst
In Exchange for 4,000 Subsequent Lives!


Never in recent history−if ever−had the United States obtained in confidence from one of the top al Qaeda operatives the plans for several terrorist attacks on major U.S. targets. making it even worse, the success of the terrorist hijackings resulted in U.S. politicians starting wars with Afghanistan and Iraq, which has already resulted in over one million deaths, injuries and maiming, with no end in sight.


These forewarned terrorist attacks so easily succeeded for many reasons−each of which are related to conduct that is criminal. An explanation follows:

  • High-level FBI-DOJ personnel needed to discredit the mole, Gregory Scarpa, Jr. in the al Qaeda cell providing the immensely important information on the planned terrorist information. If his information had been passed on to other government departments  that would have taken steps to prevent the terrorist attacks, that former Mafioso acting as a mole in the key al Qaeda cell would have been highly praised and his credibility established.

  • Scarpa, the mole in the al Qaeda cell, was due to testify in several murder trials about the series of murders committed by his Mafia father known as "The Killing Machine" with a key FBI supervisor in the New York FBI offices. That testimony would expose the culture in the FBI and other Department of Justice offices, the murders by a key FBI supervisor, and the years of cover-ups by high-level FBI-DOJ personnel. Further complicating the sordid affair was the criminal trials in Boston that revealed  multiple murders involving FBI agents in that office.

  • Therefore, nearly 4,000 lives were brutally ended in those terrorist attacks which then resulted in the United States becoming embroiled in wars against Iraq and Afghanistan with their catastrophic consequences that will continue for years.

Consequences of Systemic Corruption And
Cover-Ups Not Limited to Aviation

Corruption of the type described at this site does not occur in a vacuum. High-level corruption in one area is simply one tentacle of a widespread culture of corruption. And the consequences of that corruption−and the endemic cover-ups−have consequences in other areas. The culture of corruption affects the people and the nation in many other ways, That includes the latest series of financial frauds that has occurred in the housing and financial sectors. Also, the effect of the endemic corruption and endemic cover-ups−major parts of the culture in the United States−that enablers successful terrorist attacks upon U.S. interests.

Sampling of Other Pages On U.S.
Corruption, Cover-Ups, and Tragic Consequences

A World That Most
U.S. Adults Don't Know Exists

Vast areas of corruption in covert and overt activities have been discovered by the group of insiders that have contributed to this site and the related books. This information had been provided to a central clearing point headed by former federal agent Rodney Stich. The information is factual and accurate, based upon the findings of professionals, combined with considerable documentation. There are none of the wild conspiracy theories promoted by people lacking background or competency to make such statements.

IF the information at this site, and in the related books is understood, the extent of the gravity of the corruption reveals cultures that have and continue to cause great personal and financial harm upon countless numbers of people−including many deaths−and continues to subvert, in Trojan Horse fashion−the United States itself.

Blog Site for Information Affecting The
American People on Domestic and International Issues

A blog exists for placement of comments on various items related to serious matters affecting the United States and the American people. Contribute your thoughts.

This site is harshly critical of certain elements in the United States whose hardcore misconduct has made possible, or directly caused, great harm to many people in the United States and elsewhere. In the interest of the United States, its people, and people elsewhere, this misconduct is being made known in an attempt to get other people to realize the harm being done and help fight this blight upon the nation.

Books Providing a "College Course" on Misconduct In
Key Government Offices and the Effects Upon Individual Americans







All of the books are available at, in print and on the Kindle, and at many other Internet sites. They bring together the various pieces of the puzzle to better understand the overall picture, and why the same conditions continue year after year. Information on the books by former government agent Rodney Stich

Sampling of early books reviews

Sampling of complimentary letters/faxes to author/activist Rodney Stich.

More information about these books by clicking here.






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