FBI-DOJ murders, corruption, resulting national tragedies, and retaliation against FBI whistleblower and highly decorated Vietnam helicopter pilot who saved many lives.


Same politicians later "protecting" national security!


Sampling of consequences from corrupt culture of Taus' multiple attackers using government power.


Highly decorated war hero and victim of standard FBI-DOJ cover-up.


Murders involving Taus's FBI supervisor, and cover-ups, that made series of major terrorist acts possible.


Personal side to Richard Taus, the war hero who saved many lives in Vietnam.


What you can door should do.


Is this standard reaction by the American public to again occur?


Series of catastrophic events with links to sham prosecution of FBI special agent Richard Taus and others.


List of non-profit documentary books on endemic corruption, endemic cover-ups and endless series of resulting catastrophic events.


Information for serious people.