Names of the Teenagers who in the 1980s
Testified Against FBI Special Agent Richard Taus

The teenagers who testified against Taus that they had inappropriate sexual contact with FBI Special Agent Richard Taus at the FBI-front athletic club on Staten Island lived in or near Freeport. It would be the honorable thing to do, in light of the information at this site and in related books, to recant their testimony if the testimony was not correct. Also, to provide information about possible threats that may have been made against their parents if they did not testify against Taus.

Or, if others know about these matters, contact in confidence Rodney Stich at, or send information to him: Rodney Stich, POB 5, Alamo, CA 94507.

Not only was a great injustice done to a war hero and a dedicated FBI agent, but great harm was enabled to be inflicted upon the United States by the corruption, the cover-ups, the corrupt retaliation against government insiders seek to defend the United States against the massive amount of Trojan horse type of corruption.

Taus Receiving On of Several Air Medals

Taus in Front of his Helicopter

Taus and His Mother in Happier Times

Taus and the Orphan Boy, David, That Taus Adopted While in Vietnam.

David is now taking care of Taus' elderly and sick mother.

Richard Taus welcomes letters:

Richard Taus,  91A1040 LH
Clinton C.F.
POB 2001
Dannemora, NY 12929-2001


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