1.       History of Invading and Subverting Foreign Countries

2.       Invading Iraq On Basis of Serial Lying

3.       History of U.S. Brutality in Invaded Countries

4.       CIA Assassination Group in Indochina

5.       October Surprise: Another Trick Upon the Natives

6.       U.S. War Machines Against Women and Children

7.       DOJ Culture: Greatest Threat and Harm to the People

8.       History of CIA Crimes Against America

9.       Deadly Culture in Government Aviation Safety Offices

10.   Corruption of House and Senate Members 

11.   Complicity of Media People

12.   Sampling of Other Areas of Corruption

13.   Misuse of Power Against Individuals & Corporations

14.   Report Criminal Activities: Go To Prison

15.   Complicity of Legal Fraternity

16.   Complicity of Supreme Court Justices

17.   The Role of America’s People

    Applicable Criminal Statutes


This book details the actions of those people, mostly in government offices, that have and continue to engage in conduct that results in great human tragedies throughout the world, including throughout the United States. Their conduct meets the criteria for being called the ugly Americans. This is no reflection upon the many good Americans, although if they had shown more interest in what was being done by people in key government offices (and elsewhere), the conduct and the resulting tragedies could have been prevented.








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