Table of Contents

1. Early History of Aviation Terrorism
2. Blowback from U.S. Covert Activities
3. Training, Funding, and Arming Terrorists
4. Justice Department: Great Threat to the People
5. Rewarding Iranian Terrorists: October Surprise
6. Bombing Pan Am Flight 103 Over Lockerbie
7. Making Possible 1993 Bombing of WTC
8. Breeding Worldwide Terrorism Against United States
9. Terrorist Acts Against Overseas U.S. Interests
10. Missile Downing of TWA Flight 800
11. Déjà vu Aviation Disasters of September 11, 2001
12. Post September 11 Cover-Ups
13. Sequence of Complicity by Federal Judges
14. American Airlines Flight 587: A Terrorist Act?
15. Deadly Consequences of Prior Cover-Ups
16. Deadly Outlook

The book, Terrorism Against America, is an exposé by a group of government whistleblowers, exposing years of Trojan horse corruption against America and its people by “leaders” in the three branches of government, and the cover-ups, all of which defrauds the American people. It is a chronology of great harm that continues to affect the people, almost all of whom are unaware of the source of harm.

This book is filled with facts and documentation, and no filler. The sole purpose for its publication is to inform the public of literal Trojan horse corruption by people in positions of trust in the U.S. government, who are destroying America and the lives of many of its people.

Terrorism Against America is one of the most explosive books on the market. It reveals the alarming lying and corruption throughout government offices that is secretly destroying the foundation upon which the United States needs to survive. The book provides insight into how efforts can be taken to reduce the threat of government misconduct upon your business, your family, yourself, and the United States.

A coalition of government agents and deep-cover operatives  (FBI, CIA, DEA, ONI and others) reveals government corruption that they discovered during their official duties, or in which they were ordered to participate. No other book by dozens of insiders revealing inner secrets is known to exist.

The book is authored by Rodney Stich, who has written other exposé books: Unfriendly Skies, Defrauding America, Drugging America, Disavow, and is finishing work on Lawyers and Judges, America’s Trojan Horses.

The author first discovered the serious misconduct while he was a federal inspector and investigator with the Federal Aviation Administration, responsible for air safety at the world’s largest airline. Aggressive investigations over a 30-year period revealed hardcore corruption in other areas of government that has inflicted grave harm on tens of thousands of America’s people. The book is a classic. 

Terrorism Against America--Internal and External details the "terrorism" affecting the American people from Trojan horse corruption in government offices, and that occurring  from outside the United States, including why the United States is the primary target of terrorist activities worldwide.

Among the subjects detailed in the book are:

Terrorism Against America is a must-read to understand past, present, and future harm suffered by Americans, caused by or made possible by key people in the three branches of government and the standard pattern of cover-up. The purpose of this book is to inform and motivate that small percentage of Americans who honestly care, and have the courage, to express outrage.


Editor of Unclassified, David McMichael, magazine of the Association of National Security Alumni: “This extraordinary book ... is required reading for anyone concerned with national security system abuses ... a moving book by a man of integrity deeply affected by the injustice, criminality, and suffering he has seen and personally experienced over the past two decades. ... it is a hell of a good read.”







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