Table of Contents

1. Tort Terrorism
2. Deadly Culture in Government Aviation Safety Offices
3. Continuing Cover-Ups: National Tradition
4. Imposters Seeking to Halt Exposure Activities
5. Reporting Federal Crimes to Federal Judges
6. Fighting Aviation Safety Corruption as Private Citizen
7. Scheme by CIA-Front Law Firm to Block Reports
8. Extension of Scheme to Federal Courts
9. Report Criminal Activities: Go to Prison
10. Seeking Civil Rights Relief in Chapter 11 Courts
11. Suing Federal Judges and Accomplices
12. Complicity of Supreme Court Justices
13. Complicity of Media People
14. Lawsuits to Record Crimes of Congress, Judges and Media
15. Corrupt Culture of DOJ Lawyers
16. Classic Example of Legal-Judicial Sabotage
17. Blowback Consequences on 9/11 and Continuing Cover-Ups
18. Continuing Attacks from Legal Fraternity After 9/11
19. Bright Future for Continuing Corruption!

New Page 1 Details the culture and corruption among lawyers, law firms, and judges, and some of the tragic consequences from such conduct by people in the United States. Some of the issues include:







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