Table of Contents

1. Start of Military Career and Vietnam Assignment
2. Adopting Vietnamese Orphan
3. Central America Operations
4. Back to Vietnam
5. Post-Vietnam Assignments
6. Transfer Within the System
7. Taus and the FBI Academy
8. Bank Robbery Squad
9. Transfer to Criminal Squad
10. Lufthansa Airlines Robbery
11. Pizza Connection Case
12. CIA Corrupt Activities
13. FBI Informants
14. Joint Narcotics Task Force
15. Other CIA Crimes
16. WedTech, Castle, and CIA
17. Joint CIA and Mafia Criminal Activities
18. Organized Crime Group Conference
19. K-Team, Iraq, and Grenada
20. CIA and Grenada Invasion
21. Enterprise Operation at Fort Lauderdale
22. The Hunt For Red October
23. Castle Securities and the CIA
24. Rivalries Between Intelligence Services
25. The United Nations Club
26. CIA Crimes in Freeport Soccer Club
27. BCCI and CIA
28. More on Iran-Contra Crimes
29. Sanctioned Dominican Drug-Trafficking
30. Presidential Crimes of Iran-Contra
31. FBI, the Mafia, and Complicity in Murders
32. The Eastern Block Businessman
33. Taus Pays Heavy Price for Defending National Interests
34. 911 and Pakistani Intelligence Officer
35. Assassination by FBI Agents
36. Deadly Blowback Effects Upon America
      FBI Terminology
      Index (Adobe PDF format)

This is the story of a highly decorated Army officer and Vietnam helicopter pilot, a FBI veteran, who discovered and sought to report criminal activities involving White House politicians, secret funding and arming of Iraq during the 1980s, and covert CIA companies engaging in criminal activities.

After his FBI superiors ordered him to cover up for the crimes against the United States, he reported the information to members of Congress, who covered up for the crimes. DOJ prosecutors than falsely charged him with a federal crime shortly before the 1985 presidential elections to quiet him, and with the help of New York prosecutors and New York judges, sentenced him to 80 years in federal prison.

Among the issues in the book that are detailed:

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