Table of Contents


1.     Nugan Hand: CIA Operation in Australia

2.     Major Pacific CIA Operation: BBRDW

3.     Fast Growth of CIA Operation

4.     Mission to Chile

5.     Vice President George Bush and Other Dignitaries

6.     Documents Showing BBRDW as CIA Operation

7.     Chinese Agents and IRS

8.     Precipitation of Crisis by Honolulu TV Reporter

9.     Typical CIA-DOJ Reaction to Exposure

10.   Standard Complicity by Federal Judges

11.   Rewald’s Affidavit vs. Perjured CIA Director’s Affidavit

12.   Airplane Accident, or Murder?

13.   CIA and DOJ Turning Against Another CIA Asset

14.   TV Reporter and Melvin Belli

15.   Kangaroo Court Proceedings

16.   Rewald’s Appearance As Expert Witness Against CIA

17.   Appeal Judges Covering Up for Criminal Activities

18.   Media Reports of CIA Connections to BBRDW

19.   CIA Assassination Contract

20.   Rewald, Missiles, and Downing of PAA Flight 103

21.   Victimized Rewald: Ten Years in Prison

22.   Anatomy of a CIA Proprietary Airline

23.   October Surprise and CIA’s Director William Casey

24.   Tricks Against America From Within

              List of Primary Characters

              Intelligence Acronyms, Titles, Definitions


This is the highly documented history of several covert CIA companies and the corrupt actions of CIA personnel operating under the companies' titular heads. The information for this book has been provided to the author, former federal agent Rodney Stich, by the former heads of these companies, along with a half dozen legal size boxes containing CIA documents and personal notes of the parties

One company was a covert operation based in Honolulu with offices worldwide, staffed with CIA personnel. After its cover was blown by a Honolulu TV reporter, CIA and Justice Department prosecutors sought to divert attention from the CIA operations by removing the funds and charging the titular with with embezzlement. Deprived of the right to present CIA documents and CIA witnesses, and denied the help of such competent legal counsel as San Francisco attorney Melvin Belli, replaced with a recently graduated law student, the victim was convicted and sentenced to 80 years in prison. Among the hundreds of classified documents turned over to the author were envelopes naming several key politicians as having secret bank accounts that were funded by the CIA operation. That company and its story is an enlargement on the book Disavow: A Saga of Betrayal.

Another CIA proprietary was an airline that was funded and operated by the CIA. Among the uses for the aircraft were transporting drugs into the United States, arms to the IRA, and other covert activities.

Another set of covert CIA companies were financial institutions that looted HUD and the savings and loans and engaged in other covert activities.

These are facts direct from the people who headed the operations.

The data in this book is factual, highly documented, and of a nature that it could be presented into legal proceedings or before a professional group. No bizarre conspiracy theories.

Among the documents and writings found in the boxes of evidence was a personal record by the head of one of the covert CIA operations (and a friend of the author) that lists the names of people for whom secret bank accounts were funded. Two of the best-known politicians with secret funding accounts were George Bush, Sr. and Richard Armitage, the latter being the head of the director of national intelligence.

As with every other area of Trojan horse type corruption in government offices, the public has been kept uninformed, combined with a state of denial, laziness, and cowardice.

Reference to CIA personnel includes those people attached to the CIA, and former CIA personnel who engage in clandestine activities, sometimes for and with the knowledge of CIA personnel, and sometimes on their own. Ted Shackley and Edwin Wilson would be two former CIA people who then acted in clandestine activities after leaving the CIA.

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