Disavow: A CIA Saga of Betrayal


1.         Deadly Prelude      


2.         Cover In Place-Hawaii Polo Club      


3.         Winterdog Is Born       


4.         Developing Years        


5.         Back To the Company     


6.         Life Of A Spy    


7.         Nugan Hand Operation   


8.         Chilean Junta    


9.         In the Midst Of War     


10.       Mr. Vice President      


11.       Living the Cover    


12.       Week Of the Sultan    


13.       Dark Days of Winterdog  


14.       CIA Cover is Blown     


15.        Plausible Denial     


16.       Death In the Family     


17.       A Change Of Mind    


18.        Assassin      


19.       Prosecuting CIA Fall-Guy    


20.       Classified Documents      


21.       Kangaroo Court     




            Cast of Primary People     


            Intelligence Acronyms, Titles and Definitions     


Disavow describes the plight of the titular head of a major CIA operation based in Honolulu and the corrupt misuse of the CIA, DOJ by his CIA handlers. This secret operation was uncovered by a Honolulu television reporter, followed by worldwide reporting of the covert operation.


The main theme is the formation of the covert CIA operation based in Honolulu, with offices in the Middle East and Europe. Among the issue in the book:

An excellent further description of the operation is found in two other books: Explosive Secrets of Covert CIA Operations, and Defrauding America, written by former federal agent Rodney Stich, available at amazon.com.

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