Table of Contents of Defrauding America

The book, Defrauding America, is a classic. Dozens of former government agents engaging in covert activities have provided the author, himself a former government agent, details of numerous covert activities covering the last 50 years.

A coalition of government agents and deep-cover operatives  (FBI, CIA, DEA, ONI and others) reveal government corruption that they discovered during their official duties, or in which they were ordered to participate. The book is authored by former federal investigator Rodney Stich, who has written numerous other books since 1978.

This information is not only informative to understand the history of intrigue in the government of the United States, but also connects the dots and enables the reader to understand the truth of what is behind much of today's government activities, including that which is withheld from the public by the secrecy of government officials and most of the media.

Defrauding America is available in the hard cover, 3rd edition, and the fourth edition in soft cover and in Volume One and Volume Two. Because of the extensive amount of material covered, the fourth edition of Defrauding America is divided into Volume One and Volume Two.

This and other books written by former federal agent Rodney Stich have received excellent book reviews.

In addition, many of the readers had sent letters to the author explaining their views after reading the books.

Defrauding America
Third Edition Hard Cover
Table of Contents


1. Air Disasters and Government corruption.

2. Attacking the Whistleblower.

3. Complicity by Federal Judges.

4. Chapter 11 Retaliation.

5. Report Crimes Of Federal Officials– Go to Prison.

6. Exercising Federal Remedies.

7. HUD Fraud.

8. Savings and Loan Fraud.

9. October Surprise.

10. CIA Whistleblowers.

11. October Surprise Cover-up.

12. Iran-Contra.

13. CIA Review.

14. CIA's Nugan Hand Bank.

15. BBRDW.

16. Inslaw and Crimes At Justice.

17. BCCI, Bank of Crooks and Criminals.

18. Bank of Lavoro and Iraqgate.

19. CIA and DEA Drug Trafficking.

20. Silencing Whistleblowers.

21. Federal Government As A Criminal Enterprise.

22. Legal Fraternity As a Criminal Enterprise.

23. Israel, the Mossad, and America.

24. Other Corruption.

25. Supreme Court Complicity.

26. Crimes of Cover-up.

27. Anatomy of A CIA Proprietary.

28. Continuing Discoveries.

29. CIA-DEA Drug Role In PAA 103.

30. The Clinton Gang.

31. Evidence On Top of Evidence.

32. Implications and Action Required.

      Appendix "A"—The Law

Among the major activities described and documented
in the Defrauding America books are the following:

Defrauding America

Volume One

Table of Contents


Introduction to Corruption in Government Offices

2. Beginning Legal and Judicial Tactics to Obstruct Justice

3. Early Cover-Ups by Federal Judges

4. Judicial Corruption In Chapter 11 Courts

5. Continuing Tactics Obstructing Justice

6. Blatant Due Process Violations and Cover-Ups

7. Protected Insiders Looting HUD

8. Protected Insiders Looting Savings and Loans

9. October Surprise: Insiders Rewarding Terrorism

10. Gunther Russbacher: Early CIA Intelligence Source

11. October Surprise Cover-Ups

12. Iran-Contra and Drug Smuggling

13. CIA’s Sordid History Subverting America

14. CIA’s Nugan Hand Bank and Drug Smuggling

15. BBRDW, CIA, and Secret Bank Accounts

16. Inslaw and Crimes at Justice

17. BCCI, Bank of Crooks and Criminals

18. Drug Smuggling by CIA and Other Insiders

19. FBI and Other Whistleblowers

20. Anatomy of a CIA Proprietary Airline

21. Ramifications of Trojan Horse Corruption in Government

Defrauding America

Volume Two
Table of Contents


1. CIA-DEA Drug Role In Pan Am Flt 103 Bombing

2. President Clinton Saga

3. Reagan-Bush Funding Iraq’s Arms Buildup

4. September 11: Déjà vu Consequences

5. Bush II, Beginning of Catastrophic Consequences

6. Bush II, Lies and Iraq

7. U.S. Misconduct Breeding Worldwide Terrorism

8. Forms of Terrorism Against United States

9. Israel & America Misconduct: Catalyst for Terrorism

10. Justice Department: Greatest Direct Threat to Americans

11. FBI’s Use of Murderers as Informants

12. Similar FBI Culture in New York Area

13. Complicity by Legal Fraternity

14. Complicity by Supreme Court Justices

15. Complicity by Media Personnel

16. Retaliating against Those Who Speak Out

17. Implications and Public Action Required


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