Sent to remembrance group at Syracuse University, thinking that the victims on Flight 103 deserved more than a cover-up: Their web site: Their web site states:

The Remembrance Scholarships were established by Syracuse University to honor and remember the 35 students studying abroad with Syracuse University who were among the 270 men, women, and children killed in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21, 1988.

In the aftermath of the Pan Am 103 bombing, Syracuse University, as an institution, promised that we would not forget our students. We vowed to hold their memories in our hearts in the best way we knew howthrough learning and teaching so that tragedies like Pan Am 103 would not be repeated. As an institution of higher education, we examine the causes of terrorism. With the knowledge gained by this examination and research, we can work to prevent future terrorist acts. The University encourages our students to exchange ideas and to educate themselves and the entire campus community about the devastating effects of terrorism  The mission of the Remembrance Scholars is to educate the campus community about terrorism by relating Syracuse University’s Pam Am Flight 103 experience to more current events. Though education, we honor and remember all 270 lost in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, especially our 35 students. [Underlining added.]

Since they admit knowing the truth about that disaster that included their own people would help prevent further terrorist disasters, they could not possibly have found facts behind the Lockerbie matter more suitable for that goal. The question then arises, where were they when there exists via the Internet hundreds of British media reports, reports of legal scholars closely connected to the trial, United Nations Security Council representative's reports, and the facts about the blatant judicial misconduct during the trial that met the criteria to be called a Kangaroo Trial.

The brief e-mail sent on September 11, 20010:<>;

For the so-called Lockerbie victims "Remember" group, it is time to consider the people who died on Flight 103, and address the terrible hoax perpetrated upon them.

Hundreds of British media reports, over a dozen harsh reports by the United Nations Security Council representative at the Lockerbie trial, the reports of legal professors, and the sordid conduct by FBI-DOJ personnel directing the investigation and prosecution, provides the evidence of the hoax--and the ripple effects.
It doesn't honor the memory of those that died on Flight 103 by aiding and abetting the cruel hoax that protected the actual perpetrators and shifted the blame--for political purposesto two innocent parties. It is a sad commentary on how low morality and values have sunk in the United States.
An institution of learning surely knew of the hundreds of reports, sworn affidavits, criminal obstruction of justice, that a child could discover by placing such words as "Lockerbie united nations report" in a search engine.
I've made it easier to connect the dots at
Why not leave the herd, look at the facts, and speak out about this cruel hoax!
Rodney Stich
His books include
Lockerbie to 9/11: Massive Frauds and Catastrophic Consequences
History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11
Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, Mafia, and al Qaeda
America's Housing & Financial Frauds
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