Brief sampling of years of attacks on corruption-exposing whistleblower, starting with life-and-death assignment.


Attacked while in official life-and-death assignment.


Attacked again later, as corruption-fighting activist.


Crimes and resulting tragedies beyond the aviation field.


Combination Department of Justice and judicial attacks,  to  halt efforts to expose and halt tragedy-enabling corruption.


Denying a jury trial to insure success of the obstruction of justice scheme.


Six months in prior for attempting to halt the ongoing tragedy-enabling corruption.


Converted from multi-millionaire to state of poverty.


Federal judge charging him with contempt of court for filing legal objection to corrupt seized of life assets.


Repeating prison charge as tragedies from corruption continued.


Harm from recognition of hopelessness of relief.


Unprecedented Response and never-before apology by a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.
Indications of experience to have discovered the never-before-revealed corruptionand his history of credibility.

Enlargement of details about ongoing corruption by  America's leaders—rivaling the worse of despotic world rulers.


Alarming indication of a powerful force alien and repugnant to any law-abiding nation.


Given life-and-death assignment—and then prosecuted for decades.


Great tragedies that would not have happened if corruption throughout the U.S. government, cover-ups throughout government, and their attacks on whistleblowers did not exist.


Sampling of related personal and other sites.


Books revealing decades of corruption in government operations—and the resulting tragedies.


Time for American people to discover and take actions to make major changes in America's despotic ruling oligarchy—in every branch of government!


Pictures of aviation related matters.