Corruption-exposing and corruption-fighting whistleblower attacking


Fighting to halt the corruption-resulting tragedies: 1965 through today.


Decades of congressional blocks (i.e., obstruction of justice.)


Informing the public via not-for-profit books and hundreds of radio and TV appearances.


Continuing his fight through the federal courts: expanding the corruption and tragedy enablers.


Documented Complicity of Justices of U.S. Supreme Court.


Key insiders providing evidence of major corruption elsewhere in covert political activities.


History of domestic and and international brutality of U.S. leaders—and their shills.


Revealing books of secret activities by a despotic group in control of U.S. government, by corruption-exposing whistleblowers.


Similarities between Germans under Adolf Hitler and today's Americans under their corrupt leadership.


The attacks and great and irreparable harm resulting from efforts to halt the continuing tragedies.


Partial list of those attacking the  corruption-exposing whistleblower.


Guilty by their silence or cover-ups.


Aviation-related pictures by Rodney Stich.