Background on Captain Rodney Stich


The following provides information on the unusual background and credibility of Captain Rodney Stich:

  • Naval Aviator in World War II, instructor in PBY Catalina aircraft and then a prestigious Patrol Plane Commander in 4-engine Privateer Patrol-Bomber aircraft, the youngest PPC in World War II.

  • International airline captain after the  end of World War II, including occasional unusual activities as:

    • Captain for Japan Airlines (before the Japanese peace treaty took effect), and sharing the cockpit with former Japanese wartime navy pilots.

    • Flying throughout the Middle East, taking Muslim pilgrims on the Hajj to the holy  cities of Mecca and Medina.

    • While in Abadan, Iran, the CIA started a revolution that toppled the democratically-elected Iranian government headed by Mossadegh. That CIA corruption eventually brought about an Islamic form of government.

    • International airline captain after the war with numerous interesting experiences, type rated in DC-3, DC-4, Martin 202; Convair 340; C-46; Lockheed Constellation; Boeing Stratocruiser; DC-8; Convair 880-990.

    Several decades of aviation related pictures, starting in 1941 in U.S. Navy aircraft.

Decades of Commendations and Credibility

  • Letter list reporting corruption to members of Congress, the details of which are specific, and too serious to ignore—unless the level of corruption and catastrophic events involves so many key people in government that they must be ignored and kept from the people. No one ever denied the charges—except aviation-ignorant federal judges that had blocked every attempt to report the corrupt and criminal actions that Captain Stich sought to report under the federal crime reporting statute, Title 18 U.S.C. § 4, since the 1970s.

  • Google search using the name, Rodney Stich, brings up thousands of links.

  • Successful real estate entrepreneur, starting with $500 investment in 1951, pyramiding it to $10 million when it was corruptly seized in the 1980s in a scheme showing evidence of control by personnel at the highest level of the U.S. Department of Justice (the value of which increased to about $20 million in 2007).

  • Admissions by Federal District and Appellate Judges at San Francisco stating That Charges were Serious.

    • Admissions by a federal district court judge at San Francisco and an appellate judge during oral hearings at San Francisco, admitting the seriousness of the charges made by Stich in a court filing.

    "Mr. Stich, these are serious charges, but they are for Congress to investigate."

    Stich responded: "Congress refuses to investigate. But I am not asking you to investigate. I'm here to report the federal crimes to a federal judge as specifically required by Title 18 U.S.C. § 4. In that way I make a record, and when a federal judge performs his or her duty and receives it, that judicial record would required Department of Justice personnel to investigate."

  • Written statement by famous aviation litigation lawyers that Stich's charges were serious.

    • Letter by Lee Kreindler, the head of a top aviation litigation firm, responded to Stich's request for help to expose and halt the corruption within the government's agency responsible for aviation safety:

      • Since we do share ... a common interest in aviation safety and in view of your qualifications in this area, I would like to extend an invitation to you to visit our offices and talk further with us in this area should you ever have occasion to be in New York.

  • Stuart M. Speiser wrote:

    • I certainly appreciate the gravity of the situation described in your letter.

  • In a subsequent letter, Speiser wrote:

    • We found from looking over the material that you sent to us that the matter is so serious and complicated it would be physically impossible for us to do justice to your positions.

  • Another attorney, in Denver, wrote:

    • I wish to warn you once again that you are biting off an awful big piece when you take on United Airlines and the people entrenched  in the FAA. As you point out, this thing is getting bigger and bigger all the time ... There are many ramifications that might arise.

      •  [That attorney was referring to the evidence that Stich had that certain people at United Airlines had engaged in criminal acts and that these actions played major roles in several major aviation disasters, including the world's worst at that time. His reference to the matter getting bigger all the time and that many ramifications would arise was true. For instance, major aviation disasters, enabled by the corruption, became worse; and as Stich's exposure actions increased, a powerful source in the federal government (Department of Justice) put into play multiple parallel schemes to silence and harm former federal agent and whistleblower Rodney Stich.]

  • Assistant U.S. Attorney George Stoll in San Francisco, calling by phone and stating that he was asking Washington to support Stich's lawsuit against the National Transportation Safety Board. (Information in the book, History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11.)

  • Famous Honolulu newspaper columnist, Eddie Sherman, stated in two emails,

    • January 5, 2013: "I found your websites describing your fights against corruption and cover-ups. Your courage is awesome, and your spirit is inspirational!"
    • February 13, 2013: "You sir, are an American hero! Public corruptions ought to be exposed and dealt with."

    Eddie Sherman died on February 22, 2013.

    Sampling of letters sent  to members of Congress, U.S. Department of Justice, and federal judges. Never did any ever dispute the allegations made by Captain Stich.

    Sampling of letters from members of Congress and others, sent to Captain Stich by key people, such as Senator Robert Kennedy.

Unprecedented Life-and-Death Official Assignment


In 1963, while  a federal airline safety inspector (FAA) in the Los Angeles offices, during the days when airline disasters were a common event, sometimes occurring every few months, Stich was given the unprecedented official life-and-death-assignment to halt the world-record number of airline crashes at politically powerful United Airlines and the political elements within the FAA that kept inspectors from taking actions to halt the massive safety problems and actual corrupt and criminal activities that were enabling the deadly crashes to continue. One of the record-setting aviation disasters was a United Airlines DC-8 crash into the Brooklyn section of New York City. (Ironically, and tragically, 40 years later, New York City was also the site of world-record aviation disasters. Both of those two widely separated aviation disasters were enabled by documented corruption. Stich would have a role in both occurrences.)

Quickly Discovery of World-Record Aviation Safety Corruption
And Enablers of World-Record Aviation Disasters

As Stich sought to carry out his official assignment, he quickly discovered and reported the aviation safety problems and corruption in the section at United Airlines responsible for providing the training and competency checks for the cockpit flight personnel. He came under attack by the United Airlines personnel engaging in the tragedy-enabling misconduct, but far worse than from the more powerful  political elements in the Federal Aviation Agency, and involving the FAA Administrator. These attacks blocked Stich from carrying out his important official assignment.

Three Deadly Aviation Disasters While Under Attack—
And Enabled by the Attackers

Several United Airline crashes and deaths occurred while Stich was under attack, each one due to the same safety problems that Stich had reported in writing and sought to correct. There were also numerous near-crashes and one other crash that did not result in any deaths. One of those three airline disasters included  a United Airlines crash at Salt Lake City where 43 people were cremated alive. That crash—and those deaths—were a perfect textbook example of the relationship between reported corrupt conduct and a resulting horrific crash.

"You can't fight the system," Other Inspectors Said

As FAA inspector Stich fought on, other FAA inspectors tried to stop him. "You can't  fight the system," was the standard commend. Aviation disasters are usually horrific events for the occupants. The arrogance and corruption making these human tragedies possible caused Stich to "fight the system."

Using the law as it had never been used before, or thereafter,

The subsequent retaliation caused Stich to leave government service. After the hearing cover-up, those most guilty for the deaths in the FAA received outstanding performance reports, promotions, and cash awards. The guilty at United Airlines remained in the money-saving positions.

The political National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) members did their usual cover-up of the behind-the-scene enabling causes, and Department of Justice personnel did their usual cover-up, as they had done when the first world-record crash occurred into New York City. Media corporations cooperated in the cover-ups.

Continuing Corruption,
Aviation Disasters
And Deaths


Fighter against Corruption-enabling personal and national tragedies. After the  cover-ups in the FAA and subsequent retaliation against Stich, he left the FAA. The corruption and resulting aviation tragedies continued  for years (before other changes compensated for the internal FAA problems and the frequency of airline disasters greatly decreased, but occasionally occurred).

  • Captain Rodney Stich filed a federal lawsuit against FAA under the federal crime reporting statute, Title 18 U.S.C. § 4. The purpose was to report the ongoing federal offense that were resulting in a continuing series of aviation disasters. Federal judges have a mandatory duty to receive such reports, as clearly stated in the statute. That lawsuit was filed in the federal courts at San Francisco.

  • At  a later date, Stich filed a federal lawsuit against NTSB to force that cover-up body to receive critical information on the enabling cause of a PSA airline disaster in San Diego, that was the world's worse at that time, taking the record from the United Airlines crash into New York City. Another world record aviation disaster in which Stich uncovered evidence being covered up. San Francisco Assistant U.S. Attorney George Stoll was supporting that filing until Washington ordered a cover-up.

  • In response to another FAA scandal involving the DC-10 aircraft, Stich filed legal papers as amicus curiae in a lawsuit relating to the corrupt conduct of FAA personnel in certifying  the DC-10. Books had been written about the DC-10 scandal. (One engineer' report was that in the life of every DC-10, an explosive cargo door opening would occur and the aircraft would explode in flight.)

  • Reported the serious problems to members of Congress from 1965 to the present date, now 2015.

Reluctantly Writing Not-for-Profit Books

In an effort to circumvent the cover-ups, he published the first of a series of not-for-profit books. He also started appearing as guest and expert on hundreds of radio and TV shows. These matters were funded by the assets that Stich acquired after leaving the FAA. He invested $500 in a single California house and pyramided it into $10 million in real estate assets by the late 1980s.

Discovering Other Areas of Corruption
By Non-Elected Government Personnel


The publicity from these acts resulted in dozens of government and other key insiders providing information on other areas of corruption and  resulting harm. These insiders included, for instance, former heads of secret CIA airlines and secret CIA financial operations; FBI and DEA personnel; former drug smugglers working for CIA personnel; former Mafia insiders; and others.


In addition to what Stich had already discovered about the corruption in the FAA and the political board members in the NTSB, and the cover-ups by Department of Justice personnel and federal judges, he then started receiving evidence of corruption by CIA personnel, and eventually into corruption that was enabling a series of al Qaeda successes. Among the many CIA sources were the former heads of secret CIA airlines and secret CIA financial operations. A sampling of what he discovered:

  • Widespread drug smuggling by CIA personnel that worsened the crimes inside the United States; Iran-Contra; October Surprise operation that corrupted the presidential election; undermining foreign governments; and much more.

  • Involvement of FBI-DOJ personnel in drug smuggling (Miami FBI agent Terry Nelson widely reported in such conduct).

  • Involvement of FBI-DOJ personnel with brutal crime personnel in the murders in the New York City and Boston offices, with the approval of Department of Justice personnel in Washington.

  • High-level  Department of Justice personnel in Washington repeatedly deep-sixed advance information of planned al Qaeda attacks in order to prevent the American pubic from hearing about the murderous conduct occurring in the New York City offices. This advance information was provided to FBI personnel in the New York City offices by a mole in the al Qaeda cell headed by al Qaeda operative, Ramzi Yousef. This criminal cover-up conduct enabled the planned al Qaeda attacks to become successful. In one of those attacks, 3,000 people suffered horrific deaths, followed by tens of thousands of other deaths, destabilization of an entire Middle East, explosive growth of people angered by the actions ordered by U.S. politicians and determined to kill Americans, and die in the process; and much more.

Attacks Upon Corruption-Fighter by Powerful
Non-Elected People in Government

The most powerful people in government moved to silence the corruption-fighter in 1982.

The attack came in the form of a scheme engineered by Department of Justice personnel in the form of a bizarre lawsuit filed in the California courts by a CIA-front law firm in San Francisco: Friedman, Sloan and Ross. That scheme required the active complicity of:

Prison for Exposing Corruption Enabling
Deadly Aviation and Terrorist Events

  • DOJ personnel and federal judges misused their government power by charging Captain Stich with criminal contempt of court for having filed a federal action seeking to report and halt the corruption-enabled tragedies that were then spreading to terrorist successes. These corrupt actions were being covered up by DOJ personnel and federal judges! Stich was then subjected to a Kangaroo Court proceeding brought by, charged, tried, judged, and sentenced, by the same  groups heavily involved in conduct that had a history of protecting the perpetrators, and whose misconduct would enabled such terrorist successes as those that occurred on September 11, 2001.


    Nearly 70, Stich was then transferred from one prison after the other, in chains, under the most harsh conditions possible, including four weeks in solitary confinement. He was recovering from recent open-heart surgery at that time, with deadly consequences possible.


    Compounding these attacks by Department of Justice personnel, by law, they paid and entrusted to:

    • Prevent the civil rights violations that they were perpetrating in record-setting numbers.

    • Preventing and prosecuting the criminal acts that they were perpetrating.

    • Preventing the harm from the corruption that they were perpetrating and enabling.


    • Supreme Court Justices were fully informed of these subversive actions in letters and legal filings. Members of Congress and America's media corporations were repeatedly informed. No concern whatsoever was shown for the national consequences.

Criminally Misusing Government Power
To Covert Multimillionaire to State of Poverty

  • Insuring that Captain Stich would no longer have the assets that funded his expensive corruption-fighting activities, Department of Justice 0personnel and federal judges seized and liquidated his life assets, openly violating legal and constitutional protections. Judicial evidence showed a criminal conspiracy that included the Las Vegas attorney, Joshua Landish, that Stich paid to prevent what that attorney then did. Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court provided cover up protection. The power of the federal judges and  department of Justice personnel was further shown by their ability to control every attorney that Stich hired throughout the attacks that continued from 1982 to 1995. Another group in South Carolina and one group in Las Angeles then continued the attacks to seize the books describing these matters. Their actions further enabled the corruption-enabled al Qaeda attacks to worsen.

    • After Stich left the FAA in 1968, he became a successful real estate entrepreneur. With no income and little money, he invested $500 in the 1960s and ended up with $10 million in real estate in the 1980s. He (foolishly) used these assets to fund his attempts to halt the continuing tragedies enabled by the worsening corruption that he and his groups of insiders discovered.

  • Author of over 20 non-fiction books, most 500 to 700 pages, on widespread corruption in government and the resulting consequences.

  • Guest and expert appearances on hundred's of radio and TV shows starting in 1978.

Two Decades of Attacks to Silence Corruptioon-Fighter

Captain Stich was generating attention to the corruption via his hundreds of radio and TV appearances, his not-for-profit books, and his lawsuits under the federal crime reporting statute, Title 18 U.S.C. § 4. Those actions threatened Department of Justice officials and federal judges (and Supreme Court Justices). In 1982, Department of Justice personnel orchestrated a bizarre scheme that started with a sham lawsuits filed in the California courts by the San Francisco CIA-front law firm of Friedman, Sloan and Ross. That lawsuit was barred by dozens of California and federal statutes and controlling  decisional laws, landmark decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court, constitutional protections, and shown to be a sham by legally established facts.

Department of Justice Personnel's Criminal History

To succeed, and to protect the perpetrators and the behind-the-scene actions of the Department of Justice personnel criminally misusing their government offices and power, the cooperation was needed by California Superior Court judges; California appellate court judges; and California Supreme Court Justices. (Highly regarded California Supreme Court Justice Stanley Mosk initially refused to cooperate in the scheme).

When the scheme didn't go as planned, it became necessary for others to cooperate, and protect the parties involved in the California proceedings. These included U.S. district judges; U.S. appellate judges; and the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Small Sampling of Simultaneous Criminal Activities
By Department of Justice Personne

During these attacks upon Captain Stich:

Series of Corruption-Enabled al Qaeda Successes
And Additional Legal-Judicial Complicity

Corruption and Consequences
Unknown in Any Modern Nation

The heavily documented corruption, unprecedented in any modern nation, also enabled decades of harm, deaths, and catastrophic events, also unprecedented in any modern nation.

Decades of Cover-Ups by Every
Check and Balance

The record of cover-ups by every gove4rnmentr and non-government check and balance start4ed being recorded by Captain Stich in the 1960s. They included elected politicians, non-elected personnel in government, America's media corporations. Under federal law, it is a felony to cover up and fail to report knowledge of a federal crime.

Sampling of Corruption-Enabling Aviation Disasters
That Prompted the Life-and-Death Assignment

The following are a sampling of the airline disasters in programs for which Stich has hands-on airline safety responsibilities. 

Sampling of Early Corruption Consequences



Years-Later Continuation of Consequences


These few examples of the horrors associated with airline disasters enabled to occur by documented corruption withheld from the American people. The standard culture of cover-ups in the United States enabled the corruption, cover-ups, to mutate into different areas. In the aviation area, although the continuing series of airline disasters eventually came to a halt for other reasons, the culture continued, and enabled to occur a number of easily preventable airline disasters. The inbred culture created the conditions that enabled four groups of terrorists to easily hijack four airliners within a few hours of each other and kill nearly 3,000 people.

One of Over 200 Victims Choosing This Way to Die—
Made Possible by Many Enablers in United States

His Loyal and Constant Companion
Through Very Difficult Times

Throughout a great part of the traumatic attacks upon Stich, he had one very loyal companion, his only loyal companion. He was also physical protection when several of Stich's sources of information were killed or found dead under mysterious circumstances. That companion was Midas, his German Shepherd.

After over ten years of companionship, which provided considerable support to Stich during great personal and financial losses, Midas passed away on April 3, 1997. Unless one had that kind of relationship with a near-human-like four-legged creature, during such difficult times, that bond may be difficult to understand. At Midas' death, grief-stricken Stich wrote a short memorial for Midas:

Good bye, old pal, you've been my closest and most faithful companion for the past ten years, sticking with me through very difficult times. I will always remember my German Shepherd, Midas. Your loving friend, Rodney.

Most Loyal Friend, When Others Scattered

No one can imagine the personal and financial harm that was inflicted continuously, day after day, for many years, upon Stich in an attempt to keep him from exposing the corruption he and his many other insiders sought to report and correct. His friends scattered, afraid to be associated with him. But he had one loyal companion throughout this period, who recognized his feelings, his stress, and his tears:

A more personal description of Captain Rodney Stich's background.

Joined Later in Life by Another Loyal Companion

In 1994, Stich was joined by another loyal companion, Glenda, also a licensed pilot who received her pilot's license in Oklahoma at the age of 17 in 1951. For eight years they shared their love of flying by many flights throughout the Southwest, including their favorite flight over the length of the Grand Canyon. In February 2008, Glenda was diagnosed with Stage IV esophagus cancer. Glenda, with Stich as her caregiver, went through numerous near-death experiences as she fought the dreaded caner and COPD conditions. For years, she beat the odds and survived. What a gal!


In January 2012, Glenda was subjected to the unpublicized corruption in America's medical system, and within a few weeks, she was subjected to medical misconduct that led to her premature death. Glenda died on February 1, 2012.

Stich's life was forever changed by the great lady with whom he had such a long, loving, and interesting life. Details at, and which tragically ended on February 1, 2012, in a scandal involving America's medical industry. This scandal is added to his attempts to expose and halt the pockets of corruption in the medical industry.

Stich published a book about the medical corruption that took Glenda's life and the suicide of Bruce, one of Glenda's sons: Medical Industry's Death Panels: Greek Tragedy of a Lady Named Glenda.

Sampling of Minor but Interesting Experiences

  • Youngest Navy Catalina aircraft instructor in World War II.

  • Youngest Naval Aviator and Patrol Plane Commander (PPC) of four engine Privateers in World War II.

  • One of first pilots licensed by Japan, flying captain for Japan Airlines.

  • Stich, a former Naval Aviator in World War II, sharing the cockpit of Japan Airlines airliners with former Japanese navy pilots, shortly after the official end of the war.

  • As a pilot flying plane loads of Muslim pilgrims to Mecca and Medina on the hajj, caught in an Iranian revolution while residing in Abadan, Iran.

  • Shared the back seat of a car for 90 minutes with Dr. Edward Teller and his wife, Mitzie (while traveling from Alamo, CA to Fairfield and back, where Dr. Teller gave a speech).

  • Shared a dinner table of six with famed CIA agent Ted Shackley.

  • Caught in Iran the morning of the CIA-engineered revolution and overthrow of the democratically elected Mossadegh.

U.S. Navy Aviator

Youngest prestigious U.S. Navy Patrol Plane Commander (PPC) in World War II. (President George Bush (sr.) claims to be youngest Naval Aviator (getting his Navy wings at the same timebut he was a single-engine pilot). Stich joined the U.S. Navy  in 1940, a year before the Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor.

Patrol Plane Commander (PPC) Rodney Stich and Crew,
Navy Patrol Bombing Squadron 108, Tinian Island



PPC Rodney Stich, VPB 120, Whidbey Island



I nternational Airline Captain

International airline captain after the end of World War II, for an airline that three  articles in the Saturday Evening Post magazine called, "The Daring Young Men of Transocean Airlines." (Various flying included flying Captain for Japan Airlines  and having as copilots former wartime Japanese Navy Pilots; flying Muslim pilgrims to the holy city of Mecca and Medina; caught in a CIA-engineered revolution in Iran in 1953; and much more.


 Captain Rodney Stich, Japan Airlines


Federal Airline Safety Inspector

In 1961, as airline disasters were a common event, sometimes occurring every few months, he was hired by the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA). One of those airline disasters set a world record, and was a United Airlines DC-8 that crashed into the Brooklyn section of New York City. That horrific aviation disasters occurred on December 16, 1960. Corruption enabled that disaster to occur, and ironically, 40 years later, New York City experienced another world record experienced another and even more horrific world record aviation event: September 11, 2001. Those were also enabled by corruption.

FAA Inspector Rodney Stich, center


Related Personal Pictures

See also:

Food For Thought

It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat." Theodore Roosevelt. "Citizenship in a Republic," Speech at the Sorbonne, Paris, April 23, 1910.

A poem written by Martin Niemoller, relating to how Germans tolerate Adolf Hitler is especially suitable to most Americans today:

    First they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for the Communists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a     Communist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me.


                  Pastor Martin Niemöller


Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) first supported the rise of Adolf Hitler, and then upon learning the truth, and objecting, he was imprisoned. He wrote a poem about the state of denial of Germans about what Hitler was doing. Probably no better example could be shown than what has been done to the American people, in their name, while they ignored the outrages.

Series of Books on 40 Years of Shameful American Secrets


Books for serious people by serious professionals revealing decades of corrupt activities by America's leaders, undermining national interests, written by Captain Rodney Stich with the assistance of several dozen former professionals in covert and law enforcement operations.

All of the books are available at, in print and on digital formats, and at many other Internet sites. They bring together the various pieces of the puzzle to better understand the overall picture, and why the same conditions continue year after year. Information on the books by former government agent Rodney Stich

Sampling of early books reviews

Sampling of complimentary letters/faxes to author/activist Rodney Stich.

Credibility of charges.

Stich's commendations.

Stich's credibility.

Credibility index.

Additional information on his background:

Wasted Lifetime Enduring Great Harm
Among Trivia-Obsessed American Public

It was in 1963 that Stich's life changed.  After leaving the U.S. Navy at the end of World War II, where he served as a Navy Aviator, and, later as an international airline captain, he because one of the most experienced airline safety inspectors for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This was during a 30-year time period when airline crashes were seemingly occurring every few months, with many occurring at United Airlines. One management group in the FAA asked Stich to accept the assignment to correct the problems at United Airlines responsible for the many crashes.

The problems, already known throughout the FAA, were quickly discovered. In attempting to correct the deadly problem, he encountered the misfeasance, the incompetency, the self-serving people covering up, and the retaliation. Single-handedly he fought the system, and the system inflicted a continuing series of great personal and financial harm upon he that would affect him into the grave. In the years that followed, his efforts were assisted by a coalition of other insiders, all of whom also paid a steep price for their efforts.

The corruption that he and his coalition brought to the public's attention that was ignored—continues to inflict—and enables to inflict, great harm upon the American people, upon national security, and upon people of other countries. Now nearing the age of 90, he fights the corruption of people prostituting the healthcare field, and again, finds himself alone, fighting a new group of enablers.

Harry Truman once said:

“When even one American – who has done nothing wrong – is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth, then all Americans are in peril.”

Nearing the End of His Twilight Years: Taps!

While caring for Glenda, problems escalated. Stich, at the age of 88, was diagnosed in May 2011 with advance Stage III kidney cancer. Unfortunately for him, he was a member of a for-profit HMO health plan physician group with the Kaiser Permanente Corporation at Walnut Creek, California. It was with the discovery of the cancer—by an out-of-plan physician, that Stich found himself embroiled in still another area of corruption. This one would bring about an expected premature death from withholding of contractual care by the for-profit capitated physician group. And as usual, the regulatory oversight personnel did their usual cowardly self-serving misfeasance (doing nothing!).

And the future of the United States, the elected  and non-elected government personnel using the American public as a feeding trough, and the millennium generation illiterate about the past misconduct, unwilling to become intelligently informed about the current misconduct in the three branches of government; America media corporations continuing to protect the corruption in government, and a greatly reduced media staff, the culture and consequences can be expected to worsen.

His Final Request

At his funeral, Stich would like to have played, The Impossible Dream from the movie, Man of La Mancha:

To dream the impossible dream, to fight the unbeatable foe, to bear with unbearable sorrow,

To run where the brave dare not go, to right the unrightable wrong, to love pure and chaste from afar, to try when your arms are too weary, to reach the unreachable star,

This is my quest, to follow that star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far, to fight for the right, without question or pause, to be willing to march into Hell, for a heavenly cause,

And I know if I'll only be true, to this glorious quest, that my heart will lie peaceful and calm, when I'm laid to my rest, and the world will be better for this, that one man, scorned and covered with scars, still strove with his last ounce of courage, to reach the unreachable star.

Corny, maybe, but that is how he wants to believe that life can be.






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