Background on Captain Rodney Stich.


Decades of commendations.


Unprecedented life-and-death official assignment.


Continuing corruption, aviation disasters, and deaths.


Discovering other areas of corruption by non-elected government personnel.


Attacks upon corruption-fighter by powerful non-elected people in government.


Prison for exposing corruption enabling deadly aviation and terrorist events.


Criminally misusing government power to convert multimillionaire to state of poverty.


Two decades of attacks to silence the corruption-fighter.


Corruption and consequences unknown in any modern nation.


Decades of cover-ups by every  check and balance.


Sampling of corruption enabling aviation disasters that prompted the life-and-death  assignment.


His loyal and constant companion through very difficult  times.


Joined later in life by another loyal companion.


Sampling of minor but interesting experiences.


Related personal pictures.


Food for thought.


Series of books on 40 years of shameful American secrets.


Wasted lifetime enduing great harm among trivia-obsessed American public.


Nearing the end of the twilight years. Taps!


His final request.