Insider's  documentation of  corruption-enabled great American catastrophic and personal tragedies
The next  stage: decades of airline disasters enabled by corruption,  incompetence, politics, and cover-ups.
Worsening consequences: Sampling of the terrorist successes enabled by the same endemic U.S. culture.
Department of Justice personnel falsified the 9/11 Commission report.
Destabilizing Afghanistan by destroying its government and murdering its people: Start of Calamitous consequences.
Destabilizing Iraq by destroying its government and murdering its people.
Resulting implosion of Middle East region from U.S.-Israeli conduct.
Additional role of Israeli-U.S. brutalities against Palestinians in Palestine and Gaza.
Individual Americans as victims of American political and bureaucratic elite.
What if?
Reasons for attacks on U.S. targets: The reaction by victims of American politicians.
Widespread cover-ups by U.S. politicians,
Other self-enabled tragedies.
List of books revealing 40 years of corrupt government personnel  and resulting tragedies.

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