Pictures of General Aviation Activities from 1948 to 2000
Taken by Captain Rodney Stich

These are pictures of small private aircraft and activities, taken by and involving Captain Rodney Stich. They include his progression of aircraft, including Luscombe 65, Navion, Navio Rangemaster, a series of Beech Twin Bonanzas from the C-59 to D-50D. Many other pictures of general aviation aircraft are in other locations at this Internet site, such as those at the following sites: Grand Canyon; Lake Powell, Canada; Bryce and Zion national parks; California. These are simply miscellaneous pictures in addition to those others.

Dallas Red Bird Airport in 1950, before Dallas engulfed the airport with developments.

Rodney Stich, an instrument and ATR and ground school instructor, in the late 1940s, at Red Bird Airport, after leaving and U.S. Navy and before becoming an airline pilot.

Dallas, Texas in 1950

Another view of Dallas in 1950

Runway at Death Valley Airport, California

Fueling at Bishop, California

Airport courtesy cars for arriving pilots at many small airports in the 1950s.

View during California to Dallas trip after passing the Rockies.

Stich's Beech D50C parked at Concord Buchanon Airport, California

Stich's passengers during the monthly California Flying Realtors flights.

Ford Trimotor at Reno Harrah's museum in 1972

Ford Trimotor at Livermore, California airport

Stich's German Shepherd, Hercules, before boarding the aircraft.

Hercules bringing firewood for campfire at Georgetown Airport.

Inspecting Beech C-50, the first of several Twin Bonanzas

Instrument panel of Beech D50C.

Stich's toys

Navion Rangemaster at Georgetown Airport

Stich's daughter, Linda Stich, from Texas, at Georgetown Airport

Pregnant Guppy, being built from Boeing Stratocruiser,
 plane the FAA wanted Stich to be an inspector on, after the conversion was completed,
since Stich had flown Captain on that airport. Stich was less than ecstatic at the idea.

Navion Rangemaster at the famous Nut Tree in Vacaville, California

Final approach to Reno International Airport, 1972.

Stich preparing flight in Navion Rangemaster.

Wingtip fuel tanks that gave Rangemaster long range.

Over Texas, a DC-3 in the distance slowly passing the Rangemaster.

Grant Tetons

Commuting from Los Angeles International Airport to Concord, California,
while preparing the flight operating procedures
for Flying Tigers stretched DC-8 aircraft the airline had on order.

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