Pictures from a General Aviation Aircraft of
Various Scenic Places in California.

These pictures taken by Captain Rodney Stich,
mostly from either his Navion Rangemaster or
Beech D-50C/D Twin Bonanza

(Early 1970s to 2000)

San Francisco


Treasure Island

Sausalito-Marin area

Twin Bonanza at famous, and former, Nut Tree Restaurant, Vacaville, CA

Approaching Georgetown Airport, Georgetown, CA

Final approach at Columbia Airport, California


Captain Stich at his planebefore corrupt federal judges seized it and all his assets in an attempt to halt his exposure of the corruption in government offices.

Northern California coastline

Santa Catalina Harbor

Approaching Lake Tahoe Airport

Near touchdown at Lake Tahoe Airport: another flight

Power Plant south of Santa Monica

Oil Spill at Santa Monica 1969

Mountain in the Sierras

Commuting to Flying Tigers job at Los Angeles: 1969-1969


Kings Canyon, California

Future NTSB Investigator

Him at the controls

Dallas Red Bird Airport in 1950


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