Decades of overwhelming adversaries against American people.


Letters from Palestine on Israeli brutalities.


Brutalized Palestinians-Gazans ineffective defenses against enormous U.S.-military armament.


Communications from Bethlehem to corruption fighting activist, Captain Rodney Stich.


Israel's Proxies in U.S. Congress enable brutal occupation and murders of Palestinians and Gazans.


Sampling of Israeli atrocities in Gaza.


Inhumanities inflicted upon people in no other modern population.


Jews in Israel: the most hated group on the planet?


Even U.S. Navy personnel are expendable for Israel and its Proxies in the  U.S. Congress.


U.S. politicians blocking UN actions against Israel.


Dozens of United Nations resolutions concerning Israel's international crimes against Palestinians  and Gazans.


U.S. politicians as obvious shills for Israel make peace talks a sham.


America's pathetic generation to halt internally-generated tragedies.