May 15, 2014 email by Mazin Qumsiyeh ( to Captain Rodney Stich:

One 15 year old boy and one 17 year old boy where both assassinated  within
a few minutes of each other by an Israeli sniper today. Mohammad and Nader
were murdered as they participated in demonstrations marking the 66th
anniversary of the Nakba (the catastrophic and continuing ethnic cleansing
of Palestine to create the apartheid Jewish state of Israel on its ruins).
 Several other youth were also hit with live ammunition, some in critical
condition. Video can be seen here:

Excellent documentary on life in Palestine before the Nakba (before the
Palestinian holocaust) Arabic with English subtitles

UNRWA audiovisual archive of Palestinian refugees: half a million photos
and videos digitized

Video, the Ethnic Cleansing of Jerusalem

Denying the “Nakba”: ‘Not An Option, Israel’
Gum Films: The Lab An investigative documentary revealing how the Israeli
military occupation in Palestine has become a business rather than a burden.

This is just one of the reasons Israel does not want peace: 10 billion from
tested-n-Palestinians weapon sales. Other two are direct profit from
stealing Palestinian property, direct profit from a captive market under
occupation, direct profit from foreign aid extorted from US and other
tax-payers. It is also the financial reason why Israel does not want
refugees to return and reclaim their stolen property. A thief wants to get
away with theft, a murderer with murder. The absence of enforcement of
international law lets this travesty go on. That is why we need more push
on resistance, activism, and Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS)

While we are still awaiting the implementation of "reconciliation" between
Hamas and Fatah and the hope of reconstituting a democratic PLO, we must
continue to act vigorously and strongly. We owe it to our martyrs.

Mazin Qumsiyeh
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