March 1, 2014, email by Mazin Qumsiyeh ( to Captain Rodney Stich:

A busy weeks comes to a close.  In addition to clinical, laboratory,
teaching, and museum work, other highlights follow.   Tuesday night we
listened to Amira Hass articulate how Israeli policies of ethnic cleansing
and domination continue unhindered (and we reflected on what we
Palestinians are doing and not doing to stop the onslaught).  Wednesday
daytime I worked with students (on snails, on geckos, on human spontaneous
abortions etc). Wednesday evening was a political discussion on the
possible future discourse for Palestine.  Thursday we drove to Birzeit
University and had to go around blocked roads where Zionist occupation
forces were operating. That evening we attended a book reading Yaffa Um
AlGhraib (Jaffa mother of the stranger) by Asma AbuAyish at Mahmoud Darwish
Museum in Ramallah. Friday, there were lots of injuries due to attacks by
occupation forces on demonstrators throughout the West Bank (including
Bilin for the 9th anniversary of their resistance, Bethlehem at the
checkpoint for the martyrdom of Mu'taz Alsheeh etc).  Friday I also took
some visitors in a tour around Bethlehem (I do that almost daily here).
Saturday, I talked to dozens of Norwegian young people and then went for
field work in Wadi Quf (observing many new species of spiders and beetles).
 Saturday evening was a wedding for a relative and then a presentation on
environmental issues in occupied Palestine. Israeli forces bombed Lebanon
and killed Palestinians and the charade of "negotiations" continue between
the quizlings and the occupiers.  And life goes on....

Needs: We need some Palestinian educators willing to be interviewed on
issues of education and development in Palestine.  We need volunteers for
the work in the Palestine Museum of Natural History. And we need all who
receive this and read the below to write to politicians and media and
demand that Israel be held accountable for human rights violations.
 Remember to expand BDS (boycotts, divestment, sanctions).

Amnesty International: 'Trigger-happy' Israeli army and police use reckless
force in the West Bank
And Israel responded to the report by use of anti-tank and Low missiles to
assassinate a young man in his own home in Birzeit, an area supposedly
under "Palestinian authority" jurisdiction for refusing to come out in the
middle of the night.

Discrimination against Palestinians in Israel

The Israel lobby in Washington is gathering next week to scheme yet again
how to get the USA into more conflict with Iran (after their disastrous
"success" on Iraq).  Satirical Video on the upcoming AIPAC conference

Donate: Associate Professor Jake Lynch, Director of Sydney University's
Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPACS), has been taken to the
Federal Court of Australia in a legal action brought by Shurat HaDin, the
Israel Law Centre, alleging racial discrimination due to his support of the
Palestinian call for academic boycott of Israel.

Christ at the Checkpoint Conference, Bethlehem Bible College 10-14 March
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