Letters from Palestine

The following are a sampling of letters from Palestine that were sent to Captain Rodney Stich, revealing from the actual victims in Palestine what U.S. media covers up. The letters help to explain why Americans are hated so much, and why al Qaeda launched the first series of attacks against the United States. The letters help explain why the American people have suffered so greatly from the arrogance and brutality of Israeli leaders, and made possible by pandering U.S. politicians.

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Communications by Mazin Qumsiyeh (imazin@qumsiyeh.org) to Captain Rodney Stich,

Concerning Brutalities Upon Invaded People in Palestine

Pressure on Members of Congress is the Most Important and
Most Neglected Relief for the Brutalized People

Pressure on U.S. politicians would force Israel to evacuate the occupied territory to the 1967 border.


Sampling of Israeli Atrocities on the
Occupied and Annexed Territory

Compliments of the arrogant and brutal Israeli government leaders and
aided and abetted by subservient U. S. politicians.

Al Qaeda showed more concern for these victims than most of the United States!


Sampling of victims of Israeli massacres, July 2014.


Think of this poor child, who would be alive today were it not for Israel and its U.S. shills in Congress, as your daughter!

Americans can expect more justifiable outrage throughout the world for the role of its U.S. politicians in such matters, and today's children of today's generation have a horrible legacy given to them!

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Those who do nothing become enablers/