Sent from Bethlehem to Captain Rodney Stich, July 24, 2014.

Genocide in Gaza

My 82 year old mother can't take it anymore. She comes upstairs to tell me to ask me what she can do. She asked me to watch TV with her because she is too depressed to see it alone. We flip through the few channels that are not bought and paid for by racists. We watch as victims form the latest Israeli massacre in Gaza piled into one hospital. Hundreds of people are around the hospital grounds in shock at the scene. I ask her not to watch TV too much and I reassure her that we are doing things.

We donated, we had demonstrations here in Bethlehem, we speak out, we encourage boycotts, divestment, and sanctions. She said "but Israel continues its massacres and they have been doing it for decades". (My mother's friend in school in Jerusalem was murdered in Deir Yassin). I do not know what to tell her so I walk up her to ask you.

What will we collectively do? This latest is a massacre of civilians in a United Nations school. Over 60,000 Palestinians were driven from their homes by Israeli shelling and the UN opened its schools to shelter them. Those killed left their homes with nothing to seek safety.

In this instance 16 civilians (so far) were murdered and over 200 were injured (many severely). This despite the fact the UN gave all school shelter coordinates to the Israeli army days ago. Dozens of injured children laid on floors soaked with blood as their mothers and siblings wailed uncontrollably.

 After Israel shelled three hospitals and with over 6000 injured, there are no hospital space let alone beds. Doctors are collapsing as they have worked 24 hours a day and some for days without sleep and with limited available supplies that are now running out as Egyptian government still collaborates with Israel in this genocide.

And yes I call it genocide because it fits under the International Convention dealing with genocide. Genocide is never measured by its success rate but by intention. Israel intended since 1948 and before to destroy a whole group of people politically, culturally and physically.

Every day 50, 60, or 70 Palestinian civilians are massacred while the leaders of countries like Canada support this! Their citizens must stand-up and say enough is enough. Netanyahu and all his henchmen should be brought to the Hague immediately for crimes against humanity.

If you think I am too harsh in my judgment,  please read more below and watch tapes and interact via social media (e.g. you can find us on face book). Norwegian doctor Max Gilbert in Gaza speaks of what he sees in treating injured.

Must watch video: Woman thought her son was dead and now sees him, the reaction touched my heart in an indescribable way. Unfortunately more than 150 woman were not that lucky and many other mothers died with their children.

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