New York Times Cover-Ups of High-Level
Corruption and Deadly Consequences

Rarely have so many national tragedies been capable of being traced to prior misconduct of people in different areas of the U.S. government. Nor the cover-ups of such cause and effect matters by people in positions of trust in the U.S. media. The following is one of many examples. And the following example also shows is probably  the worse consequences from such prior misconduct, and cover-ups, in the nation's history.

Most Recent: New York Times Ombudsman Margaret Sullivan

December 22, 2013 email from corruption fighting whistleblower Rodney Stich to New York Times ombudsman Margaret Sullivan:

Being covered up by the New York Times, among other media, is the corrupt scheme by DOJ personnel that deep-sixed advance information of the first series of catastrophic attacks on U.S. targets, enabling the greatest serious of terrorist acts to occur in the nation’s history. I learned about this partly through the mole in a primary al Qaeda cell who became one of my many confidants; a former FBI agent; and my own background exposing FBI-DOJ corruption that started in the 1960s, while I was trying to carry out an official life-and-death assignment in the days when airline disasters were a common occurrence. I was an FAA airline safety inspector, former airline captain, and former Naval Aviator. The deadly  corruption  I address here is only the tip of what I and my dozens of former professionals in covert operations and law enforcement discovered during the last 40 years. I kept the New York Times informed of our discoveries, and the newspaper continually covered up, especially after their cover-ups of the  corruption made possible additional national tragedies.
I once sued the New York Times for their cover-ups of the corruption that made possible many of the national tragedies that I have written about, many  of them made possible by media and other cover-ups.
Prior cover-ups enabled DOJ personnel to continue their corrupt actions—including the deep-sixing of advance information of the planned terrorist attacks. While New York Times editors have been covering up for these tragedy-enabled corrupt acts, I have been fighting the perpetrators. The  details, my credibility, the enormous nation harm, from what I and m group of former professionals in covert operations and law enforcement can be found  at, and my efforts starting with an official life-and-death assignment, The unprecedented personal letter to me helps to show the many  tentacles to these matter.
I expect you to continue the culture of cover-ups when the gravity reaches this level.  
Rodney Stich, Walnut Creek, CA, Phone 925-944-1930; and email is
Rodney Stich
His books include
Terrorism and Deadliest Scandals of 21st Century
America's Corrupt War on Drugs: and the People
History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11
Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, Mafia, and al Qaeda


Concerned response from Margaret Sullivan, January 2, 2014:

Sent: Thursday, January 02, 2014 11:49 AM
Subject: Re: To the Public Editor, Margaret Sullivan
Dear Mr. Stich:
Thank you for writing. I will make sure the appropriate person sees your email. We take your concern seriously.
Meghan Gourley
Assistant to the Public Editor
The New York Times


Stich's response:

Hello Meghan Gourley,
Thank you for your reply. IF the New York Times really wants to address this matter, here are a sampling of other sites that help to show the seriousness of the problems that have now included top people in the three groups of the federal government. However,  I think this matter will be blocked before it gets very far. But,  just in case:
There are hundreds of more files to address the corruption that I and my several dozen of former professionals in covert and law enforcement operations discovered, the related harm, deaths, and catastrophic events, the attacks by Department of Justice personnel and federal judges, etc. Like a Stage IV cancer-riddled body, that is the state of the United States today—made possible by cover-ups that I have well documented since 1965.
I expect a cover-up as this has been the media position since 1965. However, I applaud you for your willingness to try.
Rodney Stich
His books include
Terrorism and Deadliest Scandals of 21st Century
America's Corrupt War on Drugs: and the People
History of Aviation Disasters: 1950 to 9/11
Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, Mafia, and al Qaeda


No further response from top levels of the New York Times. Prior notices also received the third-rail treatment.


One of American's Deadliest Documented Scandals

The following are some a sampling of the consequences if the New York Times reported on this one area of misconduct—the deep-sixing of advance information of the planned al Qaeda attacks:

  • Reveal the corrupt acts by Department of Justice personnel, the deep-sixing of the advance information being received over a period of time, provided by a New York City lawyer and his client that was acting as a mole in a key al Qaeda cell, getting advance information directly from al Qaeda's most active bomber, Ramzi Yousef—the mastermind behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.
  • Even as the first al Qaeda attack occurred, DOJ personnel then were confronted with responding to the subsequent advance information and revealing their enabling role in the prior attacks—or continue the deep-sixing of the advance information and protect themselves from being exposed. The other easily preventable and forewarned al Qaeda attacks then occurred, including the bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, and the hijackings of  four U.S. airliners.
  • Some of the same DOJ personnel responsible for the deep-sixing were then planted into the 9/11 Commission to cover up for the deep-sixing scheme that enabled the easily preventable terrorist acts to occur. They succeeded in keeping the information secret.
  • The deep-sixing corrupt acts that made the 9/11 hijackings possible then led to the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, two nations that had no blame in the 9/11 hijackings—while the U.S. enablers were protected; thousands of U.S. military personnel killed, maimed, or wounded; trillions of dollars in additional costs; explosive expansion of terrorist activities; and destabilization of the entire region.
  • More consequences suffered by the people are shown at

More pictures of catastrophic events resulting from corruption of key  people in U.S. government and further enabled by cover-ups will be posted as they occur, as was done since the 1960s by the corruption fighting whistleblower. For his efforts, starting with his acceptance of the official life-and-death-assignment the corrupt personnel in the three branches of government inflicted years of great harm upon him seeking to halt his foolish efforts!

The Above is Just the Beginning Of
Corruption-Enabled American Tragedies

Long before these tragedies, there were 30 years of harm resulting from corrupt acts of personnel in government, observed by Stich and his group of former professionals in covert and law enforcement operations, all of which were covered up by members of Congress and America's lapdog protective media. Also, made known to the American  people through books written by former professionals in covert and law enforcement operations, and other serious investigative authors.

Sampling of related links:

It is recognized that presenting this documented information is an exercise in futility—as the providing of information on criminal misconduct in the three branches of the federal government and the resulting harm has been for the preceding 30 years.