History of aviation accident investigations in U.S.


Procedure when aviation accident occurs.


Qualifications of NTSB personnel.


Petitions to NTSB to provide evidence relating to accidents or safety problems.


FAA inspector reporting aviation safety misconduct to Civil Aeronautics Board.


Unexplained congressional termination of CAB and Federal Aviation Agency.


Circumventing NTSB Board cover-up in PSA San Diego crash, the world's worst airline disaster at that time.


Initial support for legal filing by Assistant U.S. attorney in San Francisco office.


Details of the legal filings.


Corruption in political NTSB Board: precursor to numerous airline disasters.


Credibility of granddaddy of corruption-exposing whistleblower.


Fifty years of aviation disasters made possible by pockets of corruption and total cover-ups.


Pictorial sampling of consequences of FAA corruption and CAB/NTSB Board cover-ups.


Books by inside professionals revealing the intrigue in U.S. government affecting the American people.


Aviation pictures.