Government's aviation safety department responsible for investigating safety issues and aviation mishaps.


Continuing series of aviation disasters—starting in the 1950s.


Complicity of Civil Aeronautics Board members.


CAB Bureau of Aviation Safety cover-up of major safety violations.


Forcing hearing and acting as independent prosecutor.


Government safety inspector forcing unprecedented hearing to halt series of major airline disasters.


Notifying members of Congress.


Congress abolished CAB Bureau of Aviation Safety—and the Federal Aviation Agency.


NTSB falsified aviation crash reports.


Petition to the NTSB to receive evidence of primary enabling cause of the cause of the world's worst aviation disasters at that time.


Lawsuit filed against the NTSB to provide evidence being blocked by NTSB Board members.


Continuing history of NTSB Board members cover ups.


Petitions to NTSB Board  to reopen investigation of TWA Flight 800.


Credibility of granddaddy of corruption exposing whistleblower.


Books by famous corruption-exposing activists providing insider details about decades of intrigue in covert and overt operations.