NTSB Board's culture of politically-motivated cover-ups and 50 years of deadly consequences.


First in endless series of CAB/NTSB cover-ups.


Initial discovery of CAB/NTSB cover-ups.


Unprecedented in nation's history, exposure of FAA corruption and resulting aviation disasters.


Congressional elimination of Federal Aviation Agency and CAB Bureau of Aviation Safety.


Petition to NTSB relating to the PSA disaster, the world's worst at that time.


Lawsuit against NTSB on basis of covering up crash-resulting FAA corruption.


Sampling of aviation disasters involving CAB/NTSB Board cover-ups.


Corruption  in political NTSB Board: precursor to numerous airline disasters.


Sampling of Aviation disasters made possible by corruption in key FAA positions.


Initial DOJ Support for lawsuit against NTSB—until DOJ politics intervened.


Petitions to reopen NTSB investigation of  TWA Flight 800.


Responsibility of the National Transportation  Safety Board.


Documentary books by inside professions revealing the real intrigue of  America's leaders.