NSA terrorist-enabling-conduct cited by former NSA professionals in report to President Obama.


Internal enablers and perpetrators carefully hidden from public.


knowledge of planned al Qaeda attacks unknown? or deliberate. America's most catastrophic scandal.


DOJ officials corrupting the 9/11 Commission, furthering terrorist enablers.


History of massive surveillance failures as the people and national security are harmed by internal enemies.


National surveillance's failure to focus on internal security threats.


History of never-ending national tragedies from internal corruption and internal cover-ups in government establishment.


Decades of personal and national tragedies avoidable if DOJ personnel had not routinely prosecuted corruption-exposing whistleblowers.


Federal judges repeatedly blocked reports of corruption-enabling national tragedies.


Decades of attacks by DOJ personnel on  whistleblowers made possible great American tragedies.


Department of Justice personnel: the great threat, source, and enablers of American tragedies.


Tragedy-enabled congressional and media cover-ups.


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Credibility test for this  information.


Cancer-like Stage IV corruption requires responsible response.


Cover Ups, incompetence, or secrecy by NSA, DIA, CIA, in face of massive evidence of corruption-enabling national tragedies.


Evidence of government anarchy.


American public: resign yourself to the 40 years of prior worsening corruption, cover-ups, and worsening consequences.


Not-for-profit books with evidence of corruption unknown by the people.


Similarities between Germans under Adolf Hitler and Today's Americans under their government Establishment.


Why these subversive acts of the controlling establishment will never be corrected.


Aviation picture from 1940 to 2000, taken by Rodney Stich.