Amateur terrorist attack on Northwest Airlines Flight 253


Evidence of amateur status of U.S. political anti-terrorism appointees


The Nigerian bomber.


Na´vetÚ of Homeland Security Department hear: "The system worked."


President Barack Obama's Lambasting of U.S. intelligence personnel.


U.S. unwillingness to recognize why Americans are hated so strongly throughout the world, especially in the Middle East and Africa.


Numerous prior FAA and FBI-DOJ personnel problems enabled long series of major terrorist acts to succeed.


Flight 253 failures were minor compared to far more serious problems.


Long history of corruption-enabled catastrophic events.


Documentary books providing insider evidence showing corruption and related harmful consequences. ordering links.


Make your own blog or internet site: easy and inexpensive.




Sequence of discovering and documenting areas of corruption related to many of America's tragedies.


Another version of how the patterns of corruption were discovered.


Pages relating to the history of airline disasters and the corruption that made them possible: including 9/11.


Pattern of corrupt and criminal activities involving people in government, and the cover-ups that enabled the American public to suffer great harm.


FBI agents involved in murders; Mafia soldier acting as mole inside key al Qaeda cell providing advance notice of several major terrorist attacks, and 4,000 preventable deaths.


The pattern of cover-up activities that continues to keep Americans from learning about the tragedy-related corruption affecting their lives.


Latest attempt, Feb 2009,  to seize the assets that fund attempts to inform the people of vast areas of corruption subverting the people and the country.


Sample list of corrupt activities resulting in great harm to Americans and national security. Another page.


Harm inflicted upon national security and other major national interests by the corruption, cover-ups, and attacks upon those people exposing these matters.


People and groups complicit in a serious of corrupt activities and their related great tragedies.


Information about the greatest financial frauds ever inflicted upon the American people: an extension of the culture of frauds made known to the American people for years.


American public's role as victims and enablers in history of corruption and tragedies.


Visit our blog site for tell-it-as-it-is comments on current matters of national interests affecting the American people.


Issues, activities, and reader benefits, detailed and documented in explosive books written by insiders!


The sham war on drugs that is forgotten by all except the innocent victims, and which continues to inflict great harm upon millions of innocent people


Newspaper displays informing the American public of the continuing corruption and related tragedies.


Patriots among culture of greed, corruption, cover-ups, and public denial.


Change in focus: aviation pictures taken in the Grand Canyon and other scenic locations.


Donations to continue investigative work and publishing of non-profit books, via Paypal using your credit card or your Paypal account.


List of various blog sites.


Help publicize this information; make an IRS 501 (c)(3) tax deductible donation at




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