Last Aerial Battles of the Pacific

The exciting aerial battles of the four-engine Privateers of Navy VPB-108 are described in battle reports found by Naval Aviator Rodney Stich as he arrived at Tinian to replace patrol plane commanders shot down or sent back to the United States.

VPB-108 Replacement Patrol Plane Commander Rodney Stich


Arrival of  Patrol Plane Commander Rodney Stich to VPB-108.

When the war in the Pacific first started with the Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941), Stich arrived within days in a PBY squadron at Kaneohe Naval Air Station, which had been bombed before Pearl Harbor. He spent time flying patrol from Midway toward the Japanese-held Wake Island, prior to the major naval battle at Midway. Years later, he returned, as a replacement patrol plane commander and crew in the VPB-108 squadron at Tinian. Navy orders for Stich and his crew.

Sampling of pictures taken by Stich
During his VPB-108 assignment

The following was the replacement of a Patrol Plane Commander by Patrol Plane Commander Rodney Stich and his crew:

His crew at Kaneohe Naval Air Station on the island of Oahu.

Offshore from Oahu.

Offshore from Oahu.

Kaneohe Naval Air Station

Stich at the site of a downed Japanese plane at Tinian.

Ships offshore Tinian Island

Stich in cockpit of Privateer over the Pacific in  1945

Approaching Marcus Island for landing.

Approaching the Japanese naval base at Truk.

Strange Change of Circumstances

Curious cockpit crew consisting of two former enemies:


Several months after the end of fighting in the Pacific, Stich left the U.S. navy for civilian life. Eventually, Stich started flying as an international airline captain, primarily for Transocean Airlines, based at Oakland, California. One of many pilot assignments arose from the airline's contract to start Japan Airlines. Stich periodically flew for JAL in Japan domestic routes. The contract called for Transocean Airlines to initially provide the aircraft (Martin 202) and the captains, and Japan provided the copilots, many of whom were former wartime pilots. This contract started before the peace treaty took effect in 1952. Stich found himself flying with Japanese wartime pilots acting as copilots, before the peace treaty took effect.


Discovering a Continuing
Tragedy-Related Trojan Horse Enemy
Within the United States


In later life, as descried in the 1000-plus pages of this site, and in his not-for-profit books, Stich found a far greater Trojan horse enemy affecting him and the nation: key people in control of key government positions. A combination of conduct enabled the corruption to continue expanding, along with  the worsening catastrophic consequences: The endemic cover-ups by media personnel, political pundits, members of Congress, everyone; the dumbing down of the American people by media personnel, with sports and other trivia; obsession with trivia by the American public; indifference, and more. Today, the world hates Americans, from years of wars started by American politicians that killed millions, interference and undermining foreign governments, and much more.


Facts mostly withheld from the American public at and detailed and documented in the dozen-plus books revealing a half century of corruption of key people in the three branches of government and the resulting tragedies, deaths, and catastrophic events.