Internal Problems with Mexican Border Security

Considerable attention has been paid to Mexican border security by members of Congress, while covering up for corrupt government officials that have been subverting U.S. interests. Numerous government insiders, including former dedicated U.S. Customs agents, have reported to members of Congress that higher Customs officials have repeatedly blocked suspected drug shipments in vehicles and railway cars from being inspected, and blocked investigations of suspected aliens.

Among the most vocal agents and former agents of U.S. Customs were John Carman and Darlene Fitzgerald, both of whom left government service, refusing to work under the corrupt conditions that existed.

Darlene Fitzgerald testified to members of Congress about the corrupt conditions, and as many other government agents had discovered in the past, members of Congress then covered up.

John Carman set up a web site,, with information about the corruption and requesting anyone with information to contact him. The same DOJ officials who had been covering up for the corruption in border security retaliated against Carman: they used a Mexican posing as a Mexican police officer to lure Carman into a situation, where, by the use of false statements, criminal charges were made against former Customs agent John Carman.

To reduce his chance to defend himself, the San Diego U.S. attorney that had replaced U.S. Attorney Carol Lam then argued to the U.S. magistrate, Battaglia, that Carman was a flight risk and should be denied bail. The accommodating magistrate then issued an order denying bail to Carman.

Arranging for Carman’s Murder While in Prison Waiting Trial

In one letter to Rodney Stich (June 12, 2007), Carman stated that he feared for his life. Department of Justice prison officials put Carman into a cell with a Mexican drug trafficker, that was next to a cell containing the brutal Mexican drug kingpin, Francisco Javier Arellano Felix, the leader of the Tijuana Drug Cartel, noted for their brutal assassinations. Carman wrote:

“I have been threatened and assaulted by MCC personnel and fear I will be set up for physical harm. I am housed next to Francisco Javier Arellano Felix and with some of his Mexican cartel followers. I am housed with drug addicts and Mexican illegals and mental patients who are smugglers.

Please help me and tell everyone and radio talkshow hosts to write letters and call the House Judiciary Committee (202) 225-3951.

 Reflecting the fear of being in prison on sham charges, Carman wrote:

You have no idea how happy I was to get your letter. I trust in your judgment and authorize you to copy my website and do whatever updates you can to spread the word. I need your help in more ways than one.”

 John Carman is hoping that enough of the public will help expose his plight, which closely related to the holes in Mexican border security. The “holes” being the corruption in Customs offices that permit railroad cars containing drugs to enter the United States. (And this is only part of the problem, as described in the books, Defrauding America and Drugging America.)

As for expecting the public to help, former federal agent Rodney Stich appeared on numerous radio shows prior to being incarcerated, seeking help. Stich had filed a federal action seeking to report the criminal activities that he discovered, initially in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that enabled to occur a series of fatal airline disasters. DOJ prosecutors and federal judges responded, to silence him, by charging him with criminal contempt of court, sought to deny him bail while waiting trial, and sentenced Stich to six months in federal prison.

Ironically, or tragically, the very same corrupt practices that Stich sought to report, that had already been involved in numerous airline disasters (described in the book, Unfriendly Skies: 20th and 21st Centuries), would later make possible the hijackings of four airliners on 9/11.

The thousands of people who heard of Stich’s plight, and did nothing, made possible the hijackings of four airliners and the 3,000 immediate deaths, as well as the catastrophic consequences that following the hijackings.

Until the American public starts to show a little more responsibility, if ever, this scenario will continue, as it has for the past 40 years.    

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