Life or death medical plan decisions and consequences
Tragic story of two former pilots, their cancers, and their tragic battles with medical personnel (coming soon)
Fee-for-services medical treatment.
HMO medical plans.
Pros and Cons of HMOs
The good, the bad, the ugly, at Kaiser medical facilities.
HMO physicians incentives for denying life-affecting treatment.
Criminal aspects of withholding universally recognized prepaid medical plan care.
Elimination of safeguards.
Repeated death decrees by rogue physicians with impunity.
Sham nature of appeal to Medicare for denial of standard universally recognized cancer treatment care.
Kaiser HMO physicians profit from denial of costly medical treatment.
Google search for medical horror stories at Kaiser Permanente health plan.
Army of lawyers and law firms fueled by Kaiser's victims of medical misconduct.
Sampling of cancer treatment sites relating to kidney cancer.

Cancer Victim


Stage IV Lung Cancer





Esophagus Cancer

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