Lockerbie to 9/11:

Massive Fraud and Consequences




Chapters            Pages


1.   FAA: The Tombstone Agency  1                                

2.   History of Aviation Terrorism  12                               

3.   Lockerbie: Most Fraud-Riddled Great Terrorist Attack 21

4.   Fabricating Evidence to Shift Blame for 270 Murders  37

5.  Prosecutorial and Judicial Frauds: Department of Justice-Scottish Style  48

6.   Facts Indicate Pattern of Judicial Misconduct  77

7.   Outrage in U.S. That Libyan “Bomber” was Released  154

8.   Misusing DOJ Power to Protect DOJ Corruption  188

9.   Ripple Effect of FBI-DOJ Culture: 1993 WTC Bombing  201

10. Al Qaeda's Advance Notice: Downing of TWA Flight 800  214

11. More Ripple Effects: U.S. Embassy Bombings  247

12. Granddaddy of Ripple Effects: 9/11 Hijackings  251

13. American Airlines Flight 587: Another Terrorist Attack?  266

14. DOJ-Controlled 9/11 Commission: Standard Cover-Up   275

15. History of Ripple Effects from FBI-DOJ Culture  279

16. Continuing Lockerbie Fraud and Effects    334

      Index                                                      346

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