Events Related to U.S. Engineered Lockerbie Frauds

December 21, 1988. The Lockerbie bombing occurred on December 21, 1988, when President Ronald Reagan was in office. (President Ronald Reagan left office prior to the Lockerbie bombing.) Bush was president from 1989 to 1993.

Investigation Controlled-Manipulated by U.S. Department of Justice Employees

Gulf War Requires Political Alteration of "Investigation"

Planting Evidence, Bribing Witnesses, Protecting Actual Murderers

Parallel Obstruction of Justice to Protect FBI Supervisor
Involved in Serial murdersThereby Sacrificing 4,000 Lives

Additional Information on Lockerbie

Taking Political Advantage of the BP Gulf Oil Spill and Anger at BP

Using the LockerbieBritish PetroleumBomber-release matter for political points, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated  in a letter to Scotland and Britain to review the decision last summer to release the Libyan convicted in the Lockerbie airliner bombing. (July 2010):

"That al-Megrahi is living out his remaining days outside of Scottish custody is an affront to the victims' families, the memories of those killed in the Lockerbie bombing, and to all of those who worked tirelessly to ensure justice was served."

First, there was no possibility of Libya sending al-Megrahi, the alleged bomber that killed 270 people, back to Scotland. Therefore, demanding the return of al Megrahi was known to her as being a non-starter.

Second, the series of corrupt acts by U.S. government personnelprimarily Department of Justice employeesthat covered up for the actual bombers (the Palestinian group based in Syria), occurred shortly before Clinton became president of the United States (early 1993 to 2001). The briefings to him and his attorney general, Janet Reno, surely made them aware of the prior and ongoing corrupt acts by Department of Justice personnel and prior president Bush.

American Public's Continual Losing Hand

What is stated here is probably a system of scandals worse than ever perpetrated against the nation and the people. But these are only a few of many other scandals revealed by insiders, and unknown to the American public for various reasons.

Since most of the above documented acts of corruption have been known to members of Congress, who covered up, and became complicit in subsequent preventable catastrophic occurrences,  and much of the media, there is virtually no chance of change. You, and other Americans, have been dealt a "losing hand," and as long as this culture of corruption and cover-up exists, the continuing increase in national tragedies and catastrophic effects can only continue to worsen. Get used to it!!

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