Lockerbie-Related Criminal Conduct at Highest Levels

This page provides additional evidence to what is first described at the lockerbie_index page, revealing a culture that has for years been the greatest threat and enabler of multiple areas of harm suffered by the American people, and inflicted upon people in other countries.

Day of Reckoning: Great Danger a Great Worse Aviation
Disaster and Criminal Cover-Ups Would Be Exposed

Thanks to courageous people such as United Nations representative Hans Koechler, Dr. Jim Swire, the witnesses that came forward, and the British media, Scottish judges were forced to allow another appeal to be heard, at which time massive evidence would be revealed to the public about thee massive frauds that were engineered by U.S. personnel and carried out by Scottish police, prosecutors, and Scottish judges.

The Solution

Contrary to established protocol, a high Scottish official visited Megrahi in prison, without knowledge of Megrahi's attorney, shortly before his appeal would be heard. The Scottish official offered Megrahi his freedom on condition that he drops the appeal. The excuse would then be given the public that his release from prison was based upon humanitarian grounds as a result of his terminal cancer.


If the true reason was really humanitarian—rather than cover up for the world's greatest obstruction of justice—Megrahi could have been released and the appeal proceed. The Scottish judges had a duty to have the appeal evidence revealed. Instead, they used the sham excuse, humanitarian release predicated on dropping the appeal, to prevent exposure of the enormous crime in which they were willing participants.

Major Relief in High U.S. Places,
 Combined with Political Points


In the United States, many people could breath easily since the evidence that would have become known at trial was now hidden. However, in old-fashion American politics, the sudden release from trauma was used for political points. Scotland was crucified by U.S. politicians and U.S. media personnel for allowing a mass murderer to go free.

Sampling of U.S. "Leaders" Making
Political Points on U.S.-Generated World-Class Frauds

In 2009 and continuing in 2010, U.S. media personnel and U.S. politicians went into an endless frenzy over the release of alleged Libyan bomber:

While this massive amount of evidence is available to the American people, only the British, including the British families of those killed over Lockerbie, were demanding that the actual murderers of 270 people be addressed.

Knowledge of Massive Fraud Related to 270 Murders,
And the Cover-Ups and Protection of the Guilty

Letters were sent to many recipients following the shallow outrage with the release of the Lockerbie "bomber," making a record of people being notified of the massive evidence contradicting the hoax perpetrated upon the gullibleand receptiveAmerican public, especially where they profited financially go ignore the evidence. Another in-the-mirror look at the depths to which the Americans' morals have sunk!

Real Heroes Among this Sordid Drama

Among the people involved in this sordid scheme were some true heroes. One was United Nations representative Hans Koechler, who issued numerous reports on the ongoing corruption throughout the trial and appeal process.

His web site:

And the British doctor, Dr. Swire, who lost his daughter on Flight 103, and had more courage than the American families that went along with the scheme. With the most basic internet search the families of the American victims could haveand probably didknow that Libya and the two Libyans were totally innocent. But they would have lost millions of dollars extracted from Libya as the country was blackmailed to pay in order to halt the sanctions that were devastating the economy and threatening to bring fanatic Muslims into control of the government.

Megrahi Internet Site and Appeal Brief

Normally it could be expected that once an alleged criminal is released from prison, he would not be especially interested in proving his innocent. But Megrahi went to great length to do just that. He has a Internet site

Statement on behalf of Abdelbaset Ali Al-Megrahi

June 30th 2010

It has recently been wrongly reported, that Mr. Al-Megrahi refused to give his consent for the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission to release documents relating to him, referred to in the Commission’s Statement of Reasons on his case, and its appendices, that he and his lawyers provided, either directly or indirectly, to the Commission.

The true position is that Mr. Al Megrahi, through his Libyan Lawyer, made it clear to the Commission in a meeting on April 12th 2010, that he was happy for the documents to be released, providing all the official bodies that provided documents to the Commission agreed to the release of all of those documents. These bodies include the police, the Crown Office, the Foreign Office, and the intelligence service, or services, which provided the secret documents referred to in Chapter 25 sources of the Statement of Reasons.

Mr. Al Megrahi’s position has always been, and remains, that all information relating to the case should be made public.

Al Megrahi, the victim of criminal attacks by people in the highest law enforcement agency of the United States, aided and abetted by White House presidents, U.S. politicians making political points, and by U.S. media, and suffering from the effects of incurable cancer and the treatment side effects.

In the United States, rather than show sympathy for the enormous harm done to him by the corruption involving personnel of three government, the abuse continued.







Contempt for the 270 Murdered Victims

If any of the 270 murdered victims on Pan Am Flight 103 could speak, they would be outraged at the series of criminal acts that protected their murderers; that corruptly charged with their murders two innocent sources that were also victims of the Lockerbie fraud schemes. And they wouldn't be pleased with some of their families profiting from the scheme that shifted blame from the actual murderers to two innocent parties. 

Check this page for a sampling of those who knew the truthor should have known the truthbut profited from knowingly or unknowingly joining the conspiracy to shift blame to another source.

Why these High-Level Crimes will Never be Acted Upon

Two Primary Not-For-Profit Books Related
To Lockerbie and Other Terrorist Successes


Table of contents for Lockerbie to 9/11.

Index for Lockerbie to 9/11

Information on the books by former government agent Rodney Stich

Sampling of early books reviews

Sampling of complimentary letters/faxes to author/activist Rodney Stich.


Ordering link for Lockerbie to 9/11 print book from

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For European Customers:

Ordering link for Lockerbie to 9/11in print book format from Britain's source.

Ordering link for Lockerbie to 9/11 in Kindle download format.

For all other books by former federal agent Rodney Stich, from either U.S. amazon source or UK amazon sources, go to books and then place in the search box, "Rodney Stich."



Futility of Providing Information On High-Level
Corruption to Most Trivia-Obsessed Americans

Any attempt to explain to most Americans that the Libyan charged with the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 is near impossible and the response is an immediate refusal to believe. The American public has been for decades deprived of information on high-level corruption that goes beyond a certain point of gravity, and have been dumbed down by the U.S. media, that anything beyond such subjects that obsess most Americans, such as Tiger Woods, Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson, are beyond their interest.

For decades, the American public had been presented with evidence of high-level corruption and repeatedly refused to become more informed, or show any interest, despite the price paid.

Among Reasons for U.S. Media Cover-Ups

Among the reasons why U.S. media personnel and corporations withholds the truth about high-level corruption are the following:

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