Quick overview of blame for the worst terrorist attacks in the nation's history.

Related to aviation disasters in the United States.

Overt and covert government activities of past 50 years.

Corrupt war on drugs and upon the American people.

Years of judicial cover-ups of high-level corruption.

Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court and years of cover-up complicity.

Corrupt culture of FBI-DOJ Employees and related American tragedies.

Repeated attempts to report and halt the high-level corruption.

Corrupt use of government power to silence patriots seeking to report and halt high-level corruption.

Criminal nature of the retaliatory actions against those seeking to report high-level corruption.

Resulting great American tragedies.

Sampling of letters reporting high-level corruption.

Sampling of harm resulting from the corruption, cover-ups, and retaliation.

America's real heroes.

People and groups responsible for major national tragedies.

Decades of congressional cover-up complicity.

Decades of media complicity.

American public: victims−and enablers.

Blocks to exposing and halting high-level corruption.

Tools to defend U.S. against Trojan horse corruption.

Tools to defend against Trojan horse corruption.

Israel: friend or adversary of the United States.

Foreign victims of U.S. corruption.

Miscellaneous issues on matters of government intrigue.

Legal definition of conduct considered criminal acts.

Picture list.

List of non-profit documentary books by former government agents and other insiders on a half century of government intrigue.

Sampling of events made possible by enablers.

Blog site for matters of current national and international interest.

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