Brief Introduction Into Series Of
High-Level Corrupt Conduct and Consequences

Former federal agent Rodney Stich and his coalition of other former government agents and insiders had sought to report the corrupt activities in the government's aviation safety offices related to a series of specific airline disasters, and also criminal activities in other areas of overt and covert government activities. The authority for doing this was the federal crime reporting statute and the statute that permits any citizen to seek a court order requiring a federal official to perform a mandatory duty and halt unlawful conduct.


In response to these efforts, large numbers of federal judges, Department of Justice personnel, and over 50 lawyers and law firms embarked on multiple schemes to block the reports of the high-level corruption and silence the former federal agent acting as a whistleblower to expose misconduct resulting in major harm, many deaths, and a series of catastrophic events. Click here for more introductory information. In combination, they inflicted great harm through civil, constitutional, criminal, and human rights violations upon a former federal agent, and made possible the continuation of the prior consequences of corruption, cover-ups, and retaliations, some of which are shown below. The need to coordinate these many parallel efforts to block the reporting of very serious high-level corruption, and protect the participants, from 1982 to 2005 as they engaged in conspiracies involving massive and repeated civil, constitutional, and human rights violations, and criminal obstruction of justice and criminal retaliation against a former federal agent and witness, strongly suggests that a powerful group in the federal government was involved. The consequences of their enabling conduct is shown below.

List of Various Legal Files Involving Corruption In
Key Government Positions Enabling
Years of National Tragedies

Over a period covering from 1980 to 2005, numerous legal filings were made addressing the many forms of legal and judicial attacks against former federal agent Rodney Stich, the intent of which were to halt his exposure of high level corruption. The discovery of the corruption was initially related to a series of major preventable airline disasterswith ripple effects on several major successful terrorist attacks on U.S. airliners during the last decade.

After these initial discoveries, with the aid of a coalition of other former government agents and insiders, corruption in other areas of covert and overt government activities was discovered. This corruption either caused, or enabled to occur, serious harm to many people and to the viability of the United States as a nation.

Catastrophic aviation events, a series of financial crises, and much more, sprouted from an underlying culture of corruption, cover-ups, indifference, and cowardice. This culture exists more so today than decades ago when attempts were made to address the spreading cancer. This site provides some information on these matters, along with the not-for-profit books written by an insider with the help of dozens of others. These type of books are not found at major publishing houses or on the shelves of most book stores.

List of legal files related to 40 years of attempting to report high-level corruption, and the legal and judicial attacks seeking to cover up for the corruption responsible for years of American tragedies, including the past decade of easily preventable and forewarned terrorist attacks.

Another list related files.

Series of Legal Actions by Whistleblower Seeking To
Report and Halt Corruption-Enabling Tragedies

During the years from approximately 1950 to 1980, there were a continuing series of major deadly airline disasters in the United States. Most of them were preventable, made possible by a combination of incompetence, self-serving interests, and outright corruption, existing primarily within certain segments of the government's aviation safety offices of the Federal Aviation Administration. The brutality of these aviation disastersmade possible, repeatedlyby arrogance and corruption, motivated former federal agent into a quest that continued for half a century, and while under almost continuing attacks by powerful forces.

These efforts included filing federal lawsuits, publishing informational not-for-profit books, appearing on hundreds of radio and TV shows, and as speaker. The intent was to inform and motivate the public.

Lawsuit against Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) seeking to report the corruption activities that FAA inspector Rodney Stich discovered after he was given the responsibility to correct the conditions resulting in the greatest numbers of airline disasters in the nation's history. The lawsuit against the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) addressed the cover-ups by the political board members seeking to protect the FAA misconduct, which enabled to continue the corrupt culture and a long line of preventable aviation disastersincluding hijackings.

Sampling of legal filings.

Continuing Attempts to Silence Whistleblower in 1980s

By the late 1980s, Stich discovered other areas of corruption, some of the information obtained from the dozens of other former  government agents and insiders that provided him details of what they had discovered that were inflicting great harm upon major national interest. Since he experienced a continuing cover-up by Department of Justice personnel and members of Congress, he again attempted to report these federal crimes to a federal judge. Department of Justice personnel and federal judgesacting in unionresponded by:

Parallel Cover-Up Tacti for High-Level Corruption:
Criminal Contempt of Court Charge Against Former
Federal Agent Whistleblower

In addition to the cover-ups by members of Congress, Justice Department personnel and others, and blocking the federal actions seeking to report the corrupt and criminal activities. federal judges and Justice Department prosecutors that had been blocking the reports then charged the former federal agent with criminal contempt of court after Stich filed a federal lawsuit at Sacramento seeking to report the (a) criminal activities related to a series of airline disasters; (b) criminal activities involved in drug smuggling directly involving people associated with the CIA; and (c) for exercising federal defenses to halt the great and irreparable harm resulting from the actions of the CIA-front law firm and California judges.

Justice Department personnel and federal judges directly involved in that tactic included:

Description of criminal contempt of court in retaliation for attempting to report major and deadly criminal activities.

Last Attempt Prior to 9/11 Consequences

Last attempt−prior to the 9/11 hijackings−to report the corruption to federal judge at Reno, Nevada. (MS Word) (Adobe pdf). The 9/11 hijackings occurred while the lawsuit was pending. Every group whose conduct played a key role in the 9/11 wholesale slaughter was named as defendants in that Reno lawsuit, along with the specific corrupt acts that they perpetrated.

Post-9/11 Lawsuit Filed in New York City
Federal Courts: Judge Mukasey Block

Seeking to force attention on the misconduct that continues to inflict great harm upon American interestsand to reveal the primary blame for the success of four groups of hijackers on 9/11, former federal aviation safety agent Rodney Stich filed a lawsuit in the U.S. district court in New York City where most of the 9/11 lawsuits had been filed.

That lawsuit sought to report the documented criminal activities in the government's aviation safety and intelligence offices, the cover-ups by federal judges and lawyers, and also sought relief from the parallel actions taken to silence that former government agent.

Despite the mandatory requirement by the federal crime reporting statute to receive information on federal crimes, and despite the due process legal requirement to file that lawsuit upon receipt, Chief Judge Michael B. Mukasey blocked it from being filed. It wasn't until Stich sent letters to every Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, notifying them of the latest obstruction of justice by federal judges over whom they had supervisory responsibilities, that Mukasey then allowed the lawsuit to be filed13 months after it was received.

Then, with the obvious knowledge of the Supreme Court Justices, Mukasey unlawfully entered an order that same day, dismissing it. That dismissal violated, of course, the federal crime reporting statute and also the due process right to a hearing and applying of federal law before dismissing a lawsuit.

By that time, an additional 3,000 people had perished due to the corruption, made possible by dozens of earlier judges whose obstruction of justice tactics had made them enablers to the great catastrophic events of that day, it became necessary to protect the corruption so a to protect the involved judges. That, of course, continued the corruption and the continuing catastrophic events that preceded that decision.

Another Post-9/11 Lawsuit Filed In
Federal Courts at Washington, DC.

Another attempt to report the corrupt activities related to 9/11 was made by filing a similar lawsuit in the U.S. district court for the District of Columbia. Again, it was blocked. U.S. district judge Henry H. Kennedy, Jr. dismissed the lawsuit shortly after it was filed, without notice, violating numerous criminal and civil due process statutes and rules of court. A notice of appeal was then filed, and Stich prepared a draft of issues to raise in his appeal brief.

Again, three judges in the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, Douglas H. Ginsburg, David B. Sentelle, and R. Raymond Randolph, refused to allow an appeal brief to be filed. They issued an order terminating the appeal process on the basis of an unlawful and unconstitutional order issued in 1991 by  judge Stanley Sporkin that permanently barred Stich from access to the federal courts.

Legal Authority for Filing Actions
Reporting Major Federal Crimes

Former federal agent Rodney Stich and his coalition of other government agents and insiders had discovered areas of corruption in the government's aviation safety offices and criminal activities elsewhere. Encountering the standard universal cover-up in attempt to report and halt the ongoing tragedies resulting from the corruption, they exercised the responsibilities and citizens' rights under federal law, filing legal papers in the federal courts to report the criminal activities. These statutes included:

Title 18 U.S.C. § 4. Misprision of felony. Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Title 28 U.S.C. § 1361. Action to compel an officer of the United States to perform his duty. The district courts shall have original jurisdiction of any action in the nature of mandamus to compel an officer or employee of the United States or any agency thereof to perform a duty owed to the plaintiff.

By law, federal judges must receive the reports of federal crimes as part of their mandatory administrative duties. Instead of receiving the reports, federal judges and Department of Justice employees repeatedly blocked the reports. Those documented actions were felonies.

Hoard of Lawyers Joining Conspiracy Consisting Of
Federal Judges and Department of Justice Personnel

From 1982 to 2005, a hoard of over 50 lawyers and law firms filed sham legal actions against former federal agent Rodney Stich. the actions knowingly halted his efforts to expose the corruption in key government positions that were responsible for conditions that enabled a continuation of the aviation-related disasters and other areas of harm upon the people and the nation.

More Details On Legal Obstruction of Justice Tactics
And Series of Deadly Consequences

The initial tactics involved the filing of a sham lawsuit against Stich by the CIA-front law firm of Friedman, Sloan and Ross in San Francisco. The claims made by their lawyers was a sham, factually and legally, and used so that an order could be promptly filed that separated Stich from the assets that funded his exposure actions.

That lawsuit was barred by over a dozen California statutes, numerous California Supreme Court decisions, and barred by federal statutes, U.S. Supreme Court decisions, and constitutional protections.

To succeed, the CIA-front law firm needed the corrupt participation of California judges, and eventually, the participation of federal judges when the massive violations of federally protected rights were brought to federal court under several federal statutes providing for mandatory jurisdiction mover the matters.

Sampling of the judicial tactics used to block the reporting and exposure of the tragedy-related corruption implicating people in key government positions

Earlier Complicity of California Judges
In the Tragedy Continuing Schemes

The sham lawsuit filed by the CIA-front law firm and lawyers could not have proceeded without repeated violations of dozens of state and federal laws. The role of these California judges made them complicit not only in the corrupt misuse of their judicial positions, but in the deaths and other events that were made possible by the block to exposing the federal crimes. Under federal case law, the California judges and California courts met the definition of a racketeering enterprise.

Laws violated by California judges acting in unison with CIA-front law firm and their lawyers.

Complicity of Hoard of Federal Judges

Prior to the start of the sham action by the CIA-front law firm and lawyers, federal judges and Justice Department prosecutors had in three instances blocked the reporting of the criminal activities that Stich sought to report sunder the federal crime reporting statute. After Stich exercised federal remedies seeking a halt to the massive violations of personal and property rights arising from the combination sham filing and the massive violations of law by California judges, Stich filed federal actions that required federal judges to provide a federal court forum and relief. Never before has any action been filed in federal court where so many basic and major civil and constitutional rights were violated.

As if the source of the sham action arose from inside the federal judiciary or the Department of Justice, federal judges and Justice Department prosecutors joined the complicity by violating the several federal remedies intended to halt the civil and constitutional violations that were involved.

Dozens of federal judges were involved in schemes that had tragic and deadly consequences.

Laws Repeatedly Violated by California and Federal Judges
In Multiple Schemes to Silence Whistleblower

Sampling of the many laws that were violated by lawyers, law firms, California judges, and federal judges, during the many years of blocking the reporting of the corrupt and criminal activities.

Sampling of the laws violated by California judges at every level as they supported the scheme by the CIA-front law firm and lawyers.

Sampling of the laws violated by federal judges at every level as they joined in the multiple schemes to silence the former federal agent.

Sampling of criminal obstruction of justice statutes that were repeatedly violated by lawyers and judges in the multiple and parallel schemes to silence the former federal agent.

Sampling of criminal statutes violated by federal judges as they retaliated and inflicted great harm upon Stich for attempting to report the federal crimes.

Other criminal statutes involved.

Sampling of criminal activities covered up by federal judges and DOJ lawyers, assisted by lawyers, law firms, and California judges.

Obstructing Justice Tactics

Tactics used to block the continuing exposure of high level corruption that were felonies under the obstruction of justice statutes.

Years of Complicity By
Supreme Court Justices

Partial list of papers submitted to the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, that made the Justices aware of:

Lawsuit Naming Supreme Court Justices As
Defendants, Based Upon Their Criminal Cover-Ups

Unprecedented, but justified on the basis of the documented facts, Stich filed a lawsuit against the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. He knew the court system was so corrupt that he could never prevail. However, the intent was to make a judicial record of the involvement of Supreme Court Justices, their response to the lawsuit, and the possibility that media people would give publicity to the lawsuit and in turn publicity to the corrupt and criminal activities Stich sought to expose.

The Justices responded, acknowledging they knew of Stich's charges, that they took no action, and that they were totally immune from lawsuits for their conduct.

Last Attempt Prior to 9/11 to Halt
Corruption Enabling the Hijackings to Occur

The ripple effects from the deep-seated culture of corruption in certain key areas of the FAA surfaced with a series of successful terrorist attacks on U.S. airliners, and especially the hijackings of four airliners on September 11, 2001.

Former federal airline safety inspector Rodney Stich tried one last time to report what he and his group of other government agents and insiders had discovered. Earlier lawsuits were repeatedly blocked.

The lawsuit had multiple federal causes of action, any single one requiring federal judge to receive the information and allow the legal proceedings to go forward. Among the causes of action were:

U.S. District Judge Reed:

Before the Reno judge dismissed the action, blocking Stich from reporting the criminal activities, blocking the exercise of federal defenses, and protecting the defendants, four groups of terrorists hijack four airliners and killed nearly 3,000 people. The hijackings were enabled to occur by the corrupt actions of management in the FAA that blocked from being implemented the known measures to prevent aircraft from being hijacked.

Stich then filed a declaration with the court (January 21, 2002) that further showed the relationship between the wrongful conduct stated in the lawsuit and the hijackings of the four airliners. (MS Word) (Adobe PDF)

Despite this, U.S. District Judge Reed dismissed the lawsuit before it could proceed.

Continuing Legal Attacks by Lawyers Using
Possible Wife Murderer as Straw Man
In the Sham Lawsuit

In 2001, after stripping the former federal agent of all his assets, and finding that Stich continued to make known to the public the ongoing criminal activities, sham legal actions were again taken to seize the books, Defrauding America, Drugging America, and Unfriendly Skies. Over 50 lawyers and law firms, and the usual California and federal judge involvement, protected the South Carolina law firm that had connections to the CIA.

That legal scheme used a possible wife murderer as the straw man to file the sham action. The action was filed in a remote South Carolina court known for its judicial corruption, and far enough away to where Stich would not have the funds to prepare a defense, even though the defense would have been meaningless of light of the culture of corruption in the legal fraternity, especially in small town courts.

That action was filed shortly after Stich made a final attempt to report the corruption that would shortly be responsible for the conditions enabling four groups of terrorists to hijack four airliners on September 11, 2001.  

Index of legal papers involved in that recent scheme to obstruct justice.

Sampling of One-Day's Consequences of the High-Level
Corruption and Multiple Retaliatory Actions Against
The Former Federal Agent and Whistleblower


These few examples of the horrors associated with airline disasters enabled to occur by documented corruption withheld from the American people. The standard culture of cover-ups in the United States enabled the corruption, cover-ups, to mutate into different areas. In the aviation area, although the continuing series of airline disasters eventually came to a halt for other reasons, the culture continued, and enabled to occur a number of easily preventable airline disasters. The inbred culture created the conditions that enabled four groups of terrorists to easily hijack four airliners within a few hours of each other and kill nearly 3,000 people.

One of Over 200 Victims Choosing This Way to Die—
Made Possible by Many Enablers in United States

Post 9/11 Lawsuit Showing Links to
The Corruption and Cover-Up Tactics

The 3,000 deaths that were so easily preventable, and the signs of cover-ups by members of Congress and the 9/11 Commission, caused Stich to again file a federal action under the federal crime reporting statute, attempting once again to report the evidence of criminal activities that enabled terrorists to hijack the four airliners on September 11, 2001.

Again, federal judges blocked the action. The judge who died, Michael Mukasey, would receive the usual reward for being on "the team," cooperating with those in control of the system. After Mukasey retired, President George W. Bush appointed him to the top law enforcement position. United States Attorney General.

Mukasey blocked the lawsuit from being filed, despite the mandatory requirement to file complaints when they are received. It wasn't until 13 months later, after Stich wrote letters to each of the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, informing them of the latest obstruction of justice by judges over whom they had supervisory responsibilities that the lawsuit was filed.

Then, and with apparent approval by the Supreme Court Justices, Mukasey issued an order within minutes of the filing that dismissed the lawsuit. That dismissal violated his mandatory requirement under the federal crime reporting statute to receive the information of federal crimes, and violated dozens of statutes, rules of court, and constitutional protection barring such dismissal without a hearing.

The facts in the matter showed that the future attorney general of the United States was guilty of obstruction of justice and other criminal acts.

Complicity by District of Columbia Judges

By this time, it was obviously clear that despite the 3,000 deaths, federal judges were not going to allow these matters to see the light of day, especially with the involvement of probably over 100 federal judges during the past 30 years and the involvement of so many deaths that they made possible.

However, to make a record, showing the complicity of federal judges in the powerful District of Columbia federal courts, Stich submitted a lawsuit for filing, similar to what he filed in the New York courts. The federal courts refused to file the papers, stating that a prior order by U.S. District Judge Stanley Sporkin forever barred Stich from filing any papers in any federal courts. Sporkin was the former CIA legal counsel during the numerous corrupt activities of CIA personnel during the 1980s, including the massive drug smuggling.

Books for Serious People by Serious Professionals:
Unprecedented Insight Into America's Government Culture







All of the books are available at, in print and on the Kindle, and at many other Internet sites. They bring together the various pieces of the puzzle to better understand the overall picture, and why the same conditions continue year after year. Information on the books by former government agent Rodney Stich

Sampling of early books reviews

Sampling of complimentary letters/faxes to author/activist Rodney Stich.

More information about these books by clicking here.






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