List of Files on Little-Known Matters
Affecting Lives and National Security

A coalition of former government agents and insiders have discovered a vast amount of information relating to misconduct in covert and overt government operations that have often had a tragic effect upon the lives and deaths of many people, and upon adverse and sometimes catastrophic effects upon the United States. Much of this information can be found in the 1,000-plus files at this site. Seeking to make such information more readily available to serious viewers, these files have been placed into folders on various issues affecting the people and the nation. Because of the enormity of information and files, there are duplications.

Categories: Aviation Safety, Disasters, Terrorism

Terrorism Against U.S. Targets

The series of successful terrorist attacks upon U.S. targets didn't just happen because, as President George W. Bush said, "Because they hate us for being so good."  The hatred was generated by the conduct of U.S. politicians and CIA personnel throughout the world. The repeated success of terrorist attacks are also partly due to the culture of corruption that has spread like cancer throughout government and in much of society.

Sampling of History of Corruption in the United States

50 Years of Reporting Corruption To
Members of Congress and Others,
Followed by Cover-Ups, And
Resulting Catastrophic Events

If, starting in the mid-1960s when government safety agent Rodney Stich reported the corruption to members of Congress, they had met their moral and legal responsibilities, the culture and the corruption responsible for the many airline disasters could have been prevented, and the thousands of people who died in these needless disasters would not have been killed. Stich was only one of many that sought to report the corruption, encountering cover-ups, and often, retaliation.

Sampling of letters sent to recipients for half a century, followed by the standard cover-up culture in the United States.

Government Agents and Other Insiders
Providing Insider Information

From approximately 1988, as agents of the FBI, CIA, DEA, ONI, Customs, started providing Stich information on corruption in other government offices, Stich reported these matters to members of Congress. That information was discovered by Stich and his group of other former government agents as part of their official and professional duties.

See also the sample coalition of contributors.

Culture in FBI and Other DOJ Offices

Index to corruption among employees of FBI and other U.S. Department of Justice divisions.

Ripple Effects of Corruption,
Cover-Ups, and Retaliatory Actions

The ripple effects that are recorded at this site and by the former government agents providing information at this site are described in a series of not-for-profit books. Some of the ripple effects of most recent and publicized events are related to a series of terrorist successes, which will continue to escalate as long as the enablers are still in position and in control.  

Lawyers and Judges in Parallel Schemes
To Halt Exposure of High-Level Corruption

List relating to lawyers, sham lawsuits, cover-ups, and catastrophic consequences for the American people.

Criminal Aspects of
Obstruction-of-Justice Tactics

The greatest danger and source of actual harm for Americans comes from the culture of employees in the U.S. Department of Justice, for which there are volumes of supporting evidence. Evidence that remains unread by most Americans.

Bankruptcy Court Corruption
Another Tentacle of Endemic Corruption

A little-known area of corruption, involving federal judges, Department of Justice trustees, and layers, are the federal bankruptcy courts. (Details in the book, Defrauding America, by Rodney Stich.)

CIA Secrets

Since the legislation of the Central Intelligence Agency in the late 1940s, the covert activities of CIA assets have inflicted enormous harm to people of other countries, and to the United States. With the benefit of years of contacts with CIA assets, former federal agent Rodney Stich had reported inner secrets of the CIA in two of his books: Defrauding America and Drugging America.

Complicity of Government and Related
Personnel Criminal Involvement in Drugs

Corruption related to the war-on-drugs:  

Harm Resulting From Corruption,
Cover-Ups, and Retaliation

Selective files relating to the many tentacles of corruption involving people in key positions of the federal government, and some of the enablers.

Harm resulting from the corruption, the cover-ups, and public inaction.

Letters Reporting the Corruption−
Followed by Total Silence

By examining the contents of letters sent to key people having a legal responsibility to confirm the charges made in the letters, and their cover-ups, reveals not only some of the enablers to major American tragedies, but the enormous numbers of people and group that became complicit through cover-ups in the events made possible by the misconduct stated in the letters.

(Note: a considerable amount of anxiety could be raised by people writing to the recipients of the following elected officials, asking them specifically what they did in response to the receipt of the registered letters or faxes.) Also, some of the letters or faxes to a member of a certain group may be listed elsewhere.

Master list reporting 40 years of corruption and great American tragedies made possible by the cover-ups of the recipients.

Notice of criminal activities sent to members of Congress. Letters sent to members of congress reporting corruption relating to fraud-related airline disasters and other areas, from 1964 to the present date. By covering up the earlier corruption that enabled several major disasters to occur, they were then obligated to continue their cover-ups, which includes the successful series of terrorist attacks that their earlier cover-ups made possible. They are now in a Catch-22 situation: report the corruption that they enabled to continue−and be identified as enablers to prior catastrophic events. Or, continue the cover-ups and be enablers to subsequent catastrophic events made possible by their cover-ups.

Notice of criminal activities sent to Department of Justice personnel.

Notice of criminal activities sent to media personnel.

Notice of criminal activities sent to White House officials.

Notice of criminal activities sent to lawyers, including the ACLU.

Letters relating to terrorist hijackings of September 11, 2001.

Letter to 9/11 Commission (most of the controlling members being Department of Justice officials that had much to hide). These letters reported areas of corruption responsible for the conditions enabling terrorists to hijack four airliners on 9/11, and were sent before discovering that that the commission was controlled by members from the Department of Justice, that had advance information of several terrorist attacks, including 9/11, and withheld the information so as to protect a key FBI supervisor involved in serial murders with a Mafia capo known as "The Killing Machine." Details and evidence in the book, Crimes of the FBI-DOJ, Mafia, and al Qaeda, and also, Unfriendly Skies: 20th & 21st Centuries.

Letters relating to al Qaeda.

Letters relating to matters aiding terrorism.

Letters relating to TWA Flight 800. These letters related to surface-to-air missiles and the downing of TWA Flight 800, and were sent before discovering the withholding of advance information that FBI-DOJ personnel had, but withheld so as to protect the FBI supervisor.  

Complicity by Media People
And Media Corporations

Files relating to history of cover-ups by media people and media corporations of high-level corruption that enabled numerous tragedies−including 9/11−to happen.

Supreme Court Justices' Complicity

History of misconduct by Supreme Court Justices--documented--that repeatedly covered up for major federal crimes and their enablers. IF they had not engaged in the felony cover-ups many of the long history of catastrophic events−made possible by the reported cover-ups−would have been prevented. Proof of this requires the exertion of energy to read the evidence at this site and in the not-for-profit books.

American Public:
Their Role in Great American Tragedies

The uninformed and dumbed-down American public by media people  has been repeated victims of the corruption and cover-ups, and has had the quality of their life seriously affected. The harm upon the American public covers vast areas. These include, for instance:

Matters Relating to Former
Federal Agent Rodney Stich

The primary person behind this site is former federal agent Rodney Stich.

Plight of Others Fighting
High-Level Corruption

Rather than be obsessed with trivial matters, a number of informed people, former government agents and other insiders, have tried for years to expose the endemic and deadly corruption, and paid the price. Their plight was aided by the uninformed or indifferent American, who appeared blissfully happy with the tragedies constantly occurring and destroying the quality of life that once existed.

This destruction in the quality of life, and the series of catastrophic events, didn't just happen by themselves. They were either caused, or enabled, by the culture of corruption, cover-ups, ignorance of material matters, and apathy, rampant in the United States.

See true American patriots involved in meaningful efforts.

Talk Show Subjects

Rodney Stich has appeared as guest and expert on over 3,000 radio and TV shows since 1978. Today, no longer as young and energetic as he once was, he still occasionally accepts an invitation to appear on local shows

Matters Relating to Terrorism

Terrorism index.

Quick Overview

Chronology and description of how government agents discovered criminal activities, their attempts to expose the corruption, the related tragedies, and the actions taken to silence them. 

The initial misconduct that was discovered, which caused or enabled to occur a series of major airline disasters. This misconduct was discovered and documented in the two major government aviation safety offices: FAA and political board members of the NTSB.

Because of that misconduct, there were repeated airline disasters caused by known safety problems that were prevented from being corrected by the arrogance and corruption of key management personnel.

Former federal safety agent Rodney Stich, upon leaving government because of the corrupt culture, sought to report and force corrective actions by filing several lawsuits against the FAA and NTSB.

The authority for the lawsuits was the federal crime reporting statute that requires that anyone knowing of a federal crime to report it to a federal judge (or other federal officer); and the statute that permits any citizen to seek a court order requiring a federal official to perform a mandatory duty (safety duties) and to halt unlawful conduct. Although federal judges were required to receive information of a federal crime, as part of their administrative duties, federal judges repeatedly blocked the reports.

Stich sought to report the corruption in the FAA to members of Congress. Some responded with concern, but as with the others who did not respond, they all covered up, enabling the corruption, the crashes, and the deaths to continue. This same obstruction of justice response occurred throughout the next 40 years as Stich sought to report corrupt activities that he learned from the many other government insiders who provided Stich with information about the corruption that they had discovered during their official duties.

Stich encountered the same cover-ups when he reported the corruption to media people, which was the same reaction when Stich learned of criminal activities in other areas of government and reported these matters to the media.

Because of the continuing crashes and deaths, Stich sought to circumvent these blocks by writing and publishing a series of books, the first being published in 1978; and appearing as guest and expert on hundreds of radio and television shows, starting in 1978 and continuing to this date, the total now exceeding 3,000. In the second edition of Unfriendly Skies, Stich named the federal judges who blocked the reports and named specific airline disasters and deaths that were made possible by the judicial cover-ups.

The publicity from these actions started a steady stream of other former and present government agents contacting Stich and providing him with specific information about criminal activities that they had discovered as part of their official duties. Stich wrote and published other books based upon that information.

Shortly thereafter, there started the first in a 20-plus years of continuous obstruction of justice tactics involving over 50 lawyers, law firms, and judges.

On September 11, 2001, the ripple effects of the corruption and cover-ups made possible the greatest one-day's number of air tragedies in the nation's history: the hijackings of four airliners. Again, the known preventative measures that would have prevented those four hijackings had been blocked by the culture of arrogance and corruption in the government's aviation safety offices, made possible by the cover-ups and obstruction of justice of everyone to whom the reports of corruption were made.

Again, members off Congress―whose prior cover-ups made the catastrophic consequences possible―covered up for the misconduct, insuring the continuation of that culture and the resulting air disasters. The 9/11 Commission members―including those who previously knew of the corruption and covered up for it―continued to block any reference of it being stated in the report.

Despite the excellent book reviews received from the early books, and the complimentary letters some of the readers sent to the author, despite 3,000 radio and television appearances, and the continuing series of resulting catastrophic events, the public showed no reaction.

Several of the Not-For-Profit Books Related
To Widespread Internal Corruption


All of the books are available at, in print and on the Kindle, and at many other Internet sites. They bring together the various pieces of the puzzle to better understand the overall picture, and why the same conditions continue year after year. Information on the books by former government agent Rodney Stich

Sampling of early books reviews

Sampling of complimentary letters/faxes to author/activist Rodney Stich.


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