The Hazards of Persevering in A
Life-and-Death Government Assignment,
Infiltrated with High-Level Corruption

This is the story of many tragedies, and it started with an official life-and-death assignment.

In  the early 1960s, former Naval Aviator and international airline captain Rodney Stich, working as a federal airline safety inspector in the Los Angeles offices, was given the official assignment to halt the aviation safety corruption related to a series of aviation crashes at politically powerful United Airline, which required a transfer to Denver, where the airline's aviation training facilities were located. The continual series of crashes and deaths made this a life-and-death assignment and touched the lives of millions of people.

Other federal inspectors already knew of the serious problems at United Airlines, but were unable to halt the misconduct at the airline because of retaliation from high-ranking FAA management that was part of the politics of aviation safety. This deadly situation made the Federal Aviation Agency known to insiders as the "tombstone agency."

The corruption at United Airlines, and the corruption within the FAA, was quickly recognized by Stich, and he promptly made official reports and tried to take corrective actions, as required by his official assignment. However, retaliation and threats from the people at United Airlines and within the FAA prevented corrective actions from being taken, and prevented Stich from carrying out his official assignment. These were criminal acts.

Stich resisted the blocks, as other inspectors advised him to give up, that the politics were so well embedded in the FAA culture that one inspector could not do anything about it. The crashes and frequent near-crashes were resulting in funerals, thousands of mourners, and continuing.

The closeness to the corruption, the resulting crashes and deaths, the funerals, and thousands of mourners, caused Stich to take actions that had never before been taken. He filed papers that permitted him to act similar to an independent prosecutor. There occurred a court-like hearing, with a court reporter, where Stich was able to provide evidence and also to have FAA management appear and be questioned by him.

During this period, United Airlines had two additional fatal crashes, both of which were enabled by the safety problems and criminal violations that Stich had reported. (Another crash at another airline was due to an identical safety problem that Stich had reported and FAA management refused to act upon,) These were accompanied by cover-ups within the FAA and also  from the political Civil Aeronautics Safety Board. (Later reformed as the National Transportation Safety Board-NTSB.)

The hearings required over 4,000 pages of court transcript. During the proceedings, Stich uncovered documents showing criminal conditions that were primary enabling causes of prior crashes, including the world's worst at that time, a  united Airlines DC-8 crash into the Brooklyn section of New York City.

Filing of legal briefs



Outrage by Head of FAA Sky Marshall Program

Appearing Before a Federal Grand Jury

Federal Lawsuit Against FAA at San Francisco

Federal Lawsuit Against Political NTSB in World's Worse Airline Disaster

Friend-of-the-Court Brief in DC-10 Crash

Cover-Up Complicity by Department of Justice Personnel

Department  of Justice personnel covered up for the federal offenses at United Airlines and the FAA. That was the beginning of recording DOJ misconduct for the next 40 years and continuing to this day.

Highlights of Next Four Decades Of
Escalating Corruption and Great Tragedies

Stich was forced to leave government service after the cover-up, where the perpetrators of the corruption received outstanding reports and increases in salaries and promotion—at the expense of crashes, deaths, and all the associated hardships. The corruption and resulting crashes and deaths continued, as could be expected from the cover-ups. Outraged, Stich continued his efforts with some unprecedented efforts and experiences. The next 40 years included such efforts and consequences as the following:

Detailed Notifications to Members of Congress
1965 to 2013 and Continuing

Detailed Notifications to Media Personnel and Corporations
1965 to 2013 and continuing

Circumventing Cover-Ups: Published Books

Publicity Generated Contacts with Dozens of Former Professionals
In Covert Operations and Law Enforcement

Circumventing Massive Cover-Ups by Filing Federal Actions
Under the Federal Crime Reporting Statute

The gravity of the additional information on harm-resulting corruption that Stich was receiving caused him to again exercise the crime reporting statute, that requires anyone knowing of a federal crime to report it to a federal judge. The initial filing was addressed as years earlier when I used that procedure to report the federal crimes in then FAA and NTSB. Department of Justice personnel promptly filed motions to dismiss. Federal judges—most of whom were formerly in the DOJ—rubber stamped the motions and dismissed them. However, the information Stich placed in the federal filings, based upon the newly acquired information, addressed issues with greater criminal activities. He had to be stopped.

Tactics To Block Life-and-Death Assignment
By Powerful Forces in Control of
U.S. Government

Starting in 1982 and continuing non-stop until 2005, actions were taken to silence Stich, which required a powerful force in the federal government to control and protect the perpetrators and the massive violations of state and federal laws and constitutional protections. The highlights of these schemes included the following:

Dozens of Federal Judges Directly Complicit

All of the above judicial corruption was known and approved by the judges in the Court of Appeals at San Francisco (including Judge Kennedy  before his appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court) and by the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. The harm to the nation and its people from the corrupt actions of the federal judges greatly exceeded the harm from a criminal act of anyone in prison.

One Supreme Court Justice Apologized

After receiving a 60-page emergency petition describing these matters, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White responded with an unprecedented personal letter and an unprecedented and revealing apology.

When understood, the misconduct of the judges allowed preventable catastrophic events to continue that directly resulted in thousands of deaths, not counting the hundreds of thousands whose deaths were ripple effects, such as occurred following the hijackings of easily preventable and forewarned hijackings of four U.S. airliners  on September 11, 2001.

Decades of Consequences of Attacks
Blocking Life-and-Death Assignment

The consequences of blocking a government assignment to halt deadly corruption in the aviation environment started with corrupt conduct that enabled a long series of aviation disasters. His perseverance in fighting to halt that area of corruption and resulting tragedies took him into other areas of nation-affecting corruption, with much of the information presented to him over 30 years by a series of former professionals in covert and law enforcement operations, former drug smugglers, and former Mafia personnel. These matters had widespread adverse effects upon the American people, including life-and-death, personal and financial, and catastrophic. A summary sampling of what he discovered is stated at the following links:

Detailed Sequence of Discovered Corruption
And Resulting Tragedies

First Book to Circumvent Cover-Ups

Start of Radio-TV Appearances

Start of Dozens of Professional Sources

Federal Lawsuits to Halt Corruption and Consequences

Second Book, 1980, Named DOJ and Federal Judges

Judicial Orders Terminating Basic Rights

Powerful People in Government at Risk of Exposure

Charging the Life-and-Death Corruption-Fighter with Criminal Contempt of Court

Denying Constitutional Jury Trial
Prosecuted and Sentenced by Criminal Perpetrators

DOJ and Judicial Seizure of Assets Funding Exposure

Charged with Criminal Contempt of Court
For Filing Objection to Corrupt Seizure of Life Assets

Recharged with Criminal Contempt of Court

Ongoing Worsening Consequences

Supreme Court Justices Fully Informed

Unprecedented Lawsuit Against Supreme Court Justices

Unprecedented Personal Letter and Unprecedented Apology
By U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White

Key Enablers of the 911_Hijackings

Despite—or because of—the Calamitous Consequences--
Total Continuing Cover-Ups

More Legal and Criminal Violations with Supreme Court Justices' Approval

Court of Appeal Judges Complicity

Corrupting the 9/11 Commission

The Unrecognized Ripple Effects in Two Deadly Wars and Worse

Background and Credibility of the
Person Providing This Information


There was no incentive in years of fighting the corruption—starting from his official life-and-death assignment as a federal airline safety inspector during the days of continual airline disasters and near disasters—most of which is unknown by the general public, especially today. Starting in that FAA assignment, the specter of the horrendous suffering that went with being in an airline disaster, the enormous losses felt by the loved ones left behind, all due to the arrogance and  corruption of people knowing the consequences of their corrupt acts—motivated Stich to continue. That same relationship existed when it was arrogant Department of Justice personnel, federal judges, and the other complicit people and groups.

The Enormous Harm Suffered from Carrying Out
A Life-and-Death Assignment


The four decades of blatant, corrupt, and criminal retaliation against the corruption-fighting activist started as he sought to carry out the official assignment to halt the corruption responsible for a long series of airline disasters and deaths. The mechanism of ripple or "butterfly effects" continued his foolish determination to halt the worsening corruption and worsening consequences.

Attacked While in Official Life-and-Death Assignment

  • Came under intense attacks as a federal airline safety inspector, during an official assignment tasked with the authority to eliminate the corruption resulting in a continuing series of airline crashes and deaths. The retaliation came from the people responsible for the corruption, and then expanded to include the political head of the FAA. These attacks enabled the corruption to continue, along with the resulting crashes and deaths. The corrupt actions taken against him subverted the government's assignment to halt the corruption, crashes, and deaths. The same corrupt actions caused him to leave government service.

Attacked Again Later, As Corruption-Fighting Activist

  • He came under further attacks as he used his assets to fight the continuing corruption resulting in continuing airline disasters. These attacks were disguised through sham lawsuits filed initially by the CIA-front San Francisco law firm of Friedman, Sloan and Ross, and their attorneys. This initial lawsuit was barred by dozens of California and federal laws and constitutional protections, requiring the complicity of a dozens California judgesand eventually more federal judges. The six years of constant attacks in the California courts greatly impeded his efforts to expose and halt the corruption that was associated with resulting harm, deaths, and occasional catastrophic events.

Crimes and Resulting Tragedies Beyond the Aviation Field

  • His efforts to expose and halt harm-enabling corruption was greatly expanded as dozens of former professionals in covert and law enforcement operations provided him with evidence of corruption in other government operations. He then sought to report these serious federal offenses to federal judges under the federal crime reporting statute, Title 18 U.S.C. § 4, which requires anyone knowing of a federal crime to report it to a federal judge or other federal official (including Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court).

Combination Department of Justice and Judicial Attacks,
To Halt Efforts to Expose and Halt Tragedy-Enabling Corruption

  • Upon exercising the federal responsibility to report the ongoing federal crimes, as they were resulting in great harm to the nation and to people, Department of Justice personnel and federal judges acted in unison, charging him with criminal contempt of court. (Both of these groups had repeatedly blocked reports of ongoing corruption of key people that enabled the direct causes of many aviation disasters to occur, that were being reported through the federal crime reporting statute.) The criminal contempt of court charge was based on a prior illegal and unconstitutional order permanently barring the corruption-reporting whistleblower from filing any papers in any federal district or appellate court. That unconstitutional  order was intended to block the reports of criminal activities and to block access to federal court to defend against sham lawsuits that was dual efforts to halt his exposure of high-level corruption.

    Denying a Jury Trial to Insure Success
    Of the Obstruction  of Justice Scheme


  • Denying the whistleblower the constitutional right to a jury trial, thereby being charged and convicted by two groups that had illegally blocked the reporting of criminal activities that had and would continue to result in great harm, many deaths, and occasionally, catastrophic events.

Kangaroo Court Proceedings Protected the DOJ-Judicial Scheme

  • Held guilty in a kangaroo court proceeding by federal judges and Department of Justice personnel, both groups criminally blocking the reports of ongoing corruption in government that was resulting in a continuing number of harmful, sometimes catastrophic, events.

Six Months in Prison for Attempting to Halt
The Ongoing Tragedy-Enabling Corruption

  • Sentenced to six months  in federal prison, and being immediately seized and sent from prison to prison, in shackles, being exposed to the public during transfer from prison to prison. At this time, Stich was still  recovering from open-heart surgery, and was 67 years old. This constitutional outrage was compounded by being kept in solitary confinement for four weeks.

Converted from Multi-Millionaire to State of Poverty

  •  While in prison, federal judges and Department of Justice personnel corruptly seized Stich $10 million (1980s valuation) in real estate assets. Involved in these acts were Las Vegas federal judge Robert Jones and Oakland federal judge Edward Jellen, and U.S. Department of Justice trustee, Charles Duck (later sent to federal prison for the worst trustee fraud in the nation's history—his prosecution forced by media publicity). He and his companion German Shepherd became homeless as Department of Justice trustee Charles Duck ordered him from him homeafter first stripping him of his assets.

Federal Judge Charging Him with Contempt of Court for
Filing Legal Objection to Corrupt Seizure of Assets

  •  In addition to corruptly seizing the assets, Judge Edward Jellen charged Stich with criminal contempt of court when Stich exercised the legal and constitutional right to appeal the seizure and liquidation of the assets.

Repeating Prison Charge as Tragedies from Corruption Continued

  • Upon release from the first prison sentence, San Francisco area federal judges, Marilyn Petal and homosexual Vaughn Walker, charged Stich with another criminal contempt of court for filing papers in another federal court trying to report the federal crimes that he and his group of other former government personnel had discovered.

Harm from Recognition of Hopelessness of Relief

  • Compounding the harm was the realization and hopelessness that these attacks:

    • Openly violated every basic liberty and justice "protection" under the laws and Constitution of the United States.

    • That the protections were violated by dozens of people paid to prevent such gross harmful attacks.

    • That Justices  of the U.S. Supreme Court were aiding and abetting the violations.

    • That the gross harm upon stich was inflicted as a result of his life-and-death efforts.

    • That members of Congress knew of the attacks and remained quiet, becoming criminally complicit (This congressional complicity started in the 1960s and continues to this dayenabling by their silence many of America's great tragedies affecting the people and the nation.) Sampling of letters/faxes sent to member of Congress, starting in the 1960s.

    • That media personnel and media corporations covered up for these attacksjust as they covered up for the tragedy-enabling corruption starting in the 1960s as they were informed of the hardcore corruption from a government insiderand which continues to this day.

    • Members of the American public; some of whom knew of the attacks; others who are so hopelessly obsessed with trivia that they are incapable of meeting their responsibilities under the form of government in the United States; and those who protest trivia, something similar to charging Murder Incorporated personnel with illegal parking while ignoring their main crime: Murder!

    • All of the above, except for the American publicwill continue the cover-ups, despite the worsening tragediesdue to their role in enabling the earlier disasters.

    • If, in the 1960s, when the fraud-enabled airline disasters were a continuing occurrence, and FAA airline safety inspector Rodney Stich in his life-and-death assignment was notifying members of Congress and media personnel of the corruption and related consequences, if any of them had met their moral and legal responsibilities instead of covering up:

Resulting Harm to People—Including Those Who Knew and Didn't Care

A sampling of the more catastrophic harm follows, and then a sampling of the more personal harm—all of which was and is made possible by the above enablers:

  • The worst traumatic tragedies in the nation's history, from documented corruption, starting with a particular corrupt scheme in the U.S. Department of Justice:

    TWA Flight 800 Deaths

    • Forewarned downing of TWA Flight 800, shortly after taking off from New York's JFK Airport.

    U.S. Embassies Deaths

    • Forewarned bombing of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. August 7, 1998. Enabled by DOJ deep-sixing advance notice of planned bombings of U.S. embassies.

    3,000 Deaths on September 11, 2001

    1993 World Trade Center Bombing Deaths

    • Forewarned bombing of World Trade Center in 1993.

    DOJ Corruption Related to Pan Am Flight 103 Over Lockerbie

    Fraud-Enabled Aviation Disasters Associated with Life-and-Death Assignment

    FBI-DOJ Funded and Protected Murderers in Boston Area

    • Brutal murders of people in the Boston area by crime boss James "Whitey" Bulger for several decadeswith the approval and funding of local FBI and other DOJ personnel, and approved by top DOJ personnel in Washington, including FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. (See Stich's fights with Hoover while an FAA inspector.)

    FBI-DOJ Funded and Protected Murderers in New York City Area

    • Similar brutal murders of people in the New York City area by Mafia capo known as the "killing machine," Gregory Scarpa, Sr., aided and abetted by local FBI and DOJ personnel in the U.S. Department of Justice, and in Washington. However, an attempt to prevent the American people from learning of this relationship required a Washington-based scheme to deep-six advanced information of several catastrophic al Qaeda attacks. This scheme enabled those easily prevented and forewarned attacks to occur, which constituted the worse series of catastrophic events to occur in the nation's history—followed by even  worse harm due to the serial lying by America's leaders.

  • List of sampling of harm upon individual Americans—like you.

  • List of  sampling of harm upon the United States.




While the corruption-fighting activist suffered greatly, for years, due to all of the above, so did many people in the United States. The particulars are detailed in the early not-for-profit books written by Rodney Stich and his many confidants, such as Unfriendly Skies, Defrauding American, and Drugging America, followed by more books listed below. Many funerals, many grieving loved ones, many innocents sent to prison, or to greatly exaggerated sentences. All of these conditions exist at this time.

Attempts to Focus Attention on the Issues and Force Addressing the Deadly Corruption

  • Lawsuit against members of Congress, reporting their cover-ups of crimes against the United States, in which they did not deny the charges, relying on immunity.

  • Lawsuit against U.S. media corporations, reporting their cover-ups of crimes against the United States, in which they did not deny the charges.

  • Lawsuit against the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, reporting their cover-ups of crimes against the United States, in which they did not deny the charges, claiming immunity.

  • Federal judges and Supreme Court Justices unlawful blocks of lawsuits after 9/11 that sought to report insider's reports of long-standing criminal activities that made 9/11 and prior terrorist attacks possible, including the deep-sixing of advance information on the planned al Qaeda attacks by Department of Justice officials. The intent was to prevent the American public aware of the decades of FBI-DOJ complicity in murders with the New York City Mafia capo, Gregory Scarpa, Sr. That corrupt cover-up scheme resulted in the worse series of terrorist attacks in the nation's history, followed  by two wars, the greater increase in the nation's history in people wanting to kill Americans, and much more. The lawsuits seeking to report these matters that were blocked in clear violation of federal laws, Constitutional protections, and criminal statutes by obstructing justice (with the cover-up complicity of members of Congress and media personnel and media corporations:

The People and Groups Aiding and Abetting
The Great Harm Upon the American People

Aiding and Abetting Through Cover-Ups

Grave Significance of the Evidence
Of Criminally-Corrupt American Leadership

The evidence, when carefully examined and understood, reveal unprecedented  ramifications to the covert leadership in the United States government that threatens everyone, and some will be victims. The evidence about a hidden power that subverts all the protections in the laws and Constitution of the United States, in control of major government functions, is strongly indicated by, for instance:

  • The powerful force somewhere in government that can carry out the schemes against a government employee on a  corruption-riddled life-and-death assignment, violating gross number of protections "guaranteed" by the laws and Constitution of the United States, that requires the complicity of so many people and groups, and protection of the hundreds of perpetrators. Evidence indicates that the powerful force consists of key people in the U.S. Department of Justice.

  • The great number of people and  groups legally  and criminally complicit in the above acts.

  • The years of cover-ups by media personnel and media corporations throughout the United States, which is ongoing at this time. Sampling of the notices.

  • The years of cover-ups by many members of Congress, as shown by the 35 years of sampling of notifications.

  • Why U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White apologized in an unprecedented letter and unprecedented apology that he was unable, by himself, to help correct the misconduct stated in a 60-page emergency petition.

  • The total silence by members of Congress and the media to details showing a government run amuck, riddled with corruption, responsible for repeated harm, deaths, and catastrophic events

Additional Related Links

Books Addressing Areas of Corruption
In Covert and Overt Government Operations:
A Mosaic of An American Gulag

Over a dozen highly detailed and documented books revealing a nation's leaders as riddled with corruption with a history of resulting tragedies. These are heavily detailed books written by granddaddy of corruption-exposing whistleblower Rodney Stich with input from an unprecedented number of key personnel involved in covert and overt activities. They provide the material for a peaceful "Arab Spring" outrage among courageous Americans. (These books are available in print and digital format at;; and other web sites. At each site, put "Rodney Stich" into the search box for a list of these books.







All of the books are available at, in print and on digital formats, and at many other Internet sites. They bring together the various pieces of the puzzle to better understand the overall picture, and why the same conditions continue year after year. Information on the books by former government agent Rodney Stich.

Sampling of early books reviews.

Sampling of complimentary letters/faxes to author/activist Rodney Stich.

Commendation of the granddaddy of corruption reporting whistleblowers.

His background and credibility.

Bio on granddaddy of corruption exposing and corruption fighting whistleblowers.

These books are not-for-profit; they were first published when Stich had assets in the 1980s of about $10 million, and had no need for book profits. Department of Justice personnel and federal judges corruptly seized these assets that were "foolishly" being used to fund the exposure of the widespread corruption.

When a former key federal agent and his large group of other key people with direct knowledge in various government operations, with the background and credibility of Rodney Stich, provides such detailed information on corrupt actions by key officials in government, that had already resulted in such calamitous events, and cover-ups that insures a continuation of these matters, and there is total non-response, there has to be a matter of such grave implications in the governing structure of the United States that the matters are either being protected, possibly to protect the existing government oligarchy, or, the consequences are so horrendous that they are avoided like the "third rail."

Similarities Between German People Under Adolf Hitler
And American People Under Their Leaders

A poem written by Martin Niemoller, relating to how Germans tolerate Adolf Hitler is especially suitable to most Americans today:


    First they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for the Communists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Communist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me.


                  Pastor Martin Niemöller


Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) first supported the rise of Adolf Hitler, and then upon learning the truth, and objecting, he was imprisoned. He wrote a poem about the state of denial of Germans about what Hitler was doing. Probably no better example could be shown than what has been done to the American people, in their name, while they ignored the outrages.


The first step is to become informed. And with the vast cover-ups, disinformation, and blatant lying by U.S. politicians, media personnel, and political pundits, this requires a little effort. In searching for information, don't be misled by wild conspiracy theories, and go where facts can be found, including courageous (and foolish) insiders who speak out in defense of the country.


Sadly, fewer people read such books (preferring trivia reading), rarely read newspapers (which is one small step to becoming informed). Therefore, the future is bleak, made possible by the corruption detailed here and in the books, the cover-ups, and the public's indifference to their responsibilities.

International Consequences from Corrupt
Conduct of U.S. Ruling Oligarchy

  • Millions of killed civilians in foreign countries and many more crippled and maimed from the serial lying rampant of U.S. politicians and their shills.

  • Over a hundred thousand dead Americans and triple that number of maimed and wounded GIs in wars started and continued, since the end of World War II, on the basis of serial lying by U.S.  politicians and lying by bureaucrats. These wars include the U.S. invasions of Korea; Vietnam; Cambodia, Laos; Grenada; Panama; Afghanistan; Iraq; Libya; Syria; and more to come.

  • Decades of undermining foreign governments, assassinating or attempting to assassinate foreign leaders, providing training used against the people of other countries, and much more.

  • Self-serving and other conduct by U.S. politicians that generated the greatest number of people in the world's history wanting to kill Americans, and virtually no thought given by the uninformed and sheep-like American public to the deadly consequences.

  • The killing, or murders, of people, including infants and children, using drones, in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and elsewhere.

The consequences will, naturally, be experienced by Americans, our children, for generations to come.