The hazards of persevering in a life-and-death government assignment infiltrated with corruption.


Tactics to block life-and-death assignment.


Decades of consequences of attacks blocking life-and-death assignment.


Detailed sequence of discovered corruption and resulting tragedies.


First Book Circumventing Cover-Ups.


Start of Radio-TV Appearances.


Start of Dozens of Professional Sources.


Federal Lawsuits to Halt Corruption and Consequences.


Judicial Orders Terminating Basic Rights.


Powerful People in Government at Risk of Exposure.


Charging the Life-and-Death Corruption-Fighter with Criminal Contempt of Court.


Denying Constitution Jury Trial
Prosecuted and Sentenced by Crime Perpetrators.


DOJ and Judicial Seizure of Assets Funding Exposure.


Charged with Criminal Contempt of Court
For Filing Objection to Corrupt Seizure of Life Assets.


Recharged with Criminal Contempt of Court.


Ongoing Worsening Consequences.


Supreme Court Justices Fully Informed.


Unprecedented Lawsuit Against Supreme Court Justices.


Unprecedented Personal Letter and Unprecedented Apology
By U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron White.


Key Enablers of the 9/11 Hijackings.


Despite—or because of—the Calamitous Consequences—
Total Continuing Cover-Ups.


Multiple legal and criminal violations by Chief Judge Mukasey in New York Courts.


More Legal and Criminal Violations with Supreme Court Justices' Approval.


Court of Appeal Judges Complicity.


Corrupting the 9/11 Commission.


The Unrecognized Ripple Effects in Two Deadly Wars and Worse.


Background and credibility of the corruption fighter.


Background and credibility of the person providing this information.


The enormous personal harm suffered from carrying out a life-and-death assignment.


The people and groups aiding and abetting the great harm upon the American people.


Grave significance of the evidence o criminally-corrupt American leadership.


Additional related links.


Books addressing areas of corruption in covert and overt government operations: a mosaic of an American gulag.


Similarities between German people under Adolf Hitler and American people under their leaders.


International consequences from corrupt conduct of ruling oligarchy.