From the desk of Rodney Stich
P.O. Box 5, Alamo, CA 94507; phone: 925-944-1930; FAX 925-295-1203

                                                                                March 28, 2000

Ira Glasser, Executive Director
American Civil Liberties Union
125 Broad Street, 18th Floor
New York, NY 10004-2400

            Reference: Comments on your last response

To Mr. Glasser:

You responded to my prior letter of March 17, 2000, through Rita Buland, and I make a few comments. You, and the ACLU, are on record now of approving the following:

Obstruction of justice by federal judges. The wording of the federal crime reporting statute, Title 18 U.S.C 4 is very clear. Federal judges must receive reports and evidence of suspected or actual federal crimes offered to them by a witness or informant. I and a group of other government agents have tried to meet our responsibilities under this statute and report the criminal activities in high government offices that we discovered and for which we have evidence. Federal judges refused to receive our evidence. This refusal to receive the evidence is obstruction of justice, and constitute criminal activity under Title 18 U.S.C. 2, 3, 4.

Felony retaliation for attempting to report high-level criminal activities. Federal judges retaliated against me for attempting to report these criminal activities. It is a felony to retaliate against anyone who seeks to report, or has reported, criminal activities, under Title 18 U.S.C. 1505, 1510, 1512.

Aiding and abetting a six-year pattern of civil rights violations. In an attempt to block my investigative and reporting activities related to criminal activities in government offices, a bizarre scheme was concocted and then initiated by a San Francisco law firm. It consisted of a sham lawsuit in the California courts that targeted the assets used to fund my exposure of the high-level corruption in government;. This sham lawsuit violated dozens of state and federal statutes and constitutional protections, each of which consisted of a civil rights violation for which federal courts had a duty to provide a federal court forum and relief under the Civil Rights Act and the Declaratory Judgment Act. That San Francisco law firm was reported to be a front for the Central Intelligence Agency and a key ACLU law firm. Instead of performing a mandatory duty to provide a court forum and relief, federal judges immediately dismissed the lawsuits, in violation of federal law, refusing to provide a federal court forum and refusing to provide relief.

Rendering orders forever barring me, a whistleblower, access to the federal courts and the protections guaranteed by the laws and Constitution of the United States. In this way, I was not only denied the relief against judicially perpetrated civil rights violations guaranteed by the Constitution, but blocked from reporting the federal crimes.

Federal judges unlawfully and unconstitutionally seized my life' assets that funded my whistleblower activities. They violated the fundamental constitutional rights requiring a noticed hearing, a hearing, and legally recognized cause.

Again barring me from due process defenses. After seizing my assets, federal judges rendered orders barring me the right to appeal or file any objections.

When I did file objections, Oakland Chapter 11 judge charged me with criminal contempt of court. This expanded on the district court's orders that voided for me all protections guaranteed by the Constitution and blocking me from reporting federal crimes which included criminal activities in federal courts.

Further due process violations. Federal judges denied me access to my funds to hire legal counsel, refused to provide legal counsel, refused to let me testify, and then held me guilty of criminal contempt of court and sentenced me to federal prison.

Judicial Anarchy and Destruction of Constitutional Protections

You and your ACLU group have a responsibility to the United States and its people when the courts are made into a corrupt arm of government and the Constitution is being openly subverted.

For years, I have wondered what the true goal was of the ACLU, as I've seen similar conduct of cover-up for high-level government corruption by your group. This pattern is described in the third editions of Unfriendly Skies and Defrauding America. Your group is not protecting the people against hard-cover and subversive type of constitutional violations, your group is aiding and abetting the federal offenses.

You, and the ACLU, are implicated in these corrupt and criminal acts, under federal law. For instance:

It is a crime under Title 18 U.S.C. 4, for anyone knowing of a crime not to promptly report it to a federal judge or other federal officer. You and the ACLU have been made aware of the criminal acts judicially inflicted upon me in retaliation for attempting to report or having reported federal crimes. You have covered up for it. That is a crime.

You have been made aware of the criminal acts that I and my group of government whistleblowers have discovered. Your group has this knowledge, and is covering up the information. It is a felony not to report this knowledge of federal crimes to a responsible federal officer.

Under Title 42 U.S.C. 1986, anyone who knows of a civil right violation, who has the power to prevent or help in the prevention of such offense, does not do so, becomes liable to the victim of such civil rights violations. You have been made aware of a record-setting number of civil rights violations perpetrated for the purpose of obstructing justice, and you have chosen to not only do nothing, but aid and abet the violators, one of whom is the San Francisco law firm and its attorneys who are key members of the ACLU.

You are aware of documented judicial misconduct that shows a willingness of federal judges to obstruct justice, to undermine and destroy key protections under the laws and Constitution of the United States.

Further Details

For years, starting while I was a federal investigator, I brought to the attention of the ACLU matters of grave national importance, in your area of responsibilities. These matters include, for instance:

Attachment "A" is a list of the six-year pattern of record-setting violations of California and federal laws and constitutional safeguards. These violations constituted major violations of my civil liberties and civil rights, violations perpetrated by California judges in a sham lawsuit that targeted the assets that funded my exposure of high-level corruption in government. This sham lawsuit was initiated by a key ACLU member, Friedman, Sloan and Ross (and reportedly a front for the Central Intelligence Agency).

Attachment "B" is a list of rights and protections guaranteed by the laws and Constitution of the United States for the violations of federally protected rights.

Attachment "C" is a list of the civil rights violations perpetrated upon me by federal judges, misusing their judicial positions and the courts as a corrupt arm of an unknown group.

A few highlights:

Record setting civil rights violations by a combination of California judges, federal judges, and an ACLU law firm in San Francisco.

Never before has a state judge, or group of state judges, violated such a great number of state and federal laws. It is strange that these were perpetrated against a former government agent and whistleblower with no fear of the consequences!

Included in the state judicial violations were criminal violations. They retaliated against me for exercising procedural due process remedies specifically intended for the nature of the violations being inflicted upon me. These acts were felonies under Title 18 U.S.C. 241.

Federal judges who were paid and entrusted to uphold and protect federally protected rights reversed their positions and aided and abetted the violations of these federal rights, perpetrating a record number of civil right violation through misuse of their judicial positions and the courts.

Federal judges retaliated against me for exercising federal due process. Again, this is a criminal violation under 18 U.S.C. 241, and corruptly misused their judicial positions and the courts to deny to me, a whistleblower seeking to expose criminal activities.

Constitutional Violations Combined With Criminal Violations

The ACLU not only is covering up for judicially perpetrated hard-core violations of fundamental constitutional rights, but those that are combined with criminal violations. In addition, the ACLU is engaging in fraud by seeking donations for protecting constitutional rights while aiding and abetting the hard-core violation of these rights.

I, a former federal investigator, and a group of other government agents, have sought to expose serious criminal misconduct in government, and have suffered serious consequences thereafter. Since your solicitations for donations are based upon defending against civil rights violations, I contacted your office earlier. Despite the gravity of the government perpetrated civil rights violations with national implications, your office showed no interest.

For the record, let me briefly described the extremely serious violations of civil rights and civil liberties in which you showed no interest.

First, the violations were associated with an attempt to block the reporting of serious corruption involving people in key government positions. I was formerly a federal investigator and encountered corruption that had very tragic consequences, causing me to become an activist against government corruption. I used my considerable assets to publish books on the matter, appearing on hundreds and eventually about 3,0000 radio and television shows, giving speeches, and running hard-hitting display ads in mainstream media.

My activities were threatening to a number of people implicated in the corruption in government offices, including federal judges. A scheme was concocted to strip me of the assets that funded these activities. That scheme required violating large numbers of laws and constitutional protections. Eventually if filed actions in the federal courts under the Civil Rights Act and the Declaratory Judgment Act to halt these violations. Briefly, here is what happened, that probably constituted record-setting violations of federally protected rights, showing federal judges conspiring to destroy the effectiveness of the laws they were entrusted to protect and defend:

Federal judges repeatedly refused to allow the lawsuits to continue, despite the multiple federal causes of action stated. They were protecting the scheme and the people perpetrating the violations.

After unlawfully dismissing the actions, district court judges Marilyn Patel and Milton Schwartz rendered orders voiding for me, for the remainder of my life, the right to federal court access and the protections guaranteed by the laws and Constitution of the United States. (Your response implied this was no big deal!)

The reason for rendering those unlawful and unconstitutional orders was two-fold:

To block the reporting of criminal activities in which federal judges were implicated. This is obstruction of justice and violates a number of criminal statutes relating to obstruction of justice, misprision of felonies, aiding and abetting, and becoming guilty as the principles.

To void for me the protections under the Civil Rights Act and the Declaratory Judgment Act against record setting hard-core civil rights violations that were inflicting great harm upon me.

The judicial misconduct continued. When I again exercised federal remedies seeking relief from great personal and financial harm arising from the violations, federal judges held me in criminal contempt of court, these charges being in effect from 1987 through 1995. This retaliation constituted federal crimes:

Criminal offenses under Title 18 U.S.C. 241. Federal judges, primarily Judges Patel and Schwartz, charged me with criminal contempt of court in retaliation for filing federal actions, each of which raised multiple federal causes of action. These actions addressed an unprecedented number of substantive and procedural due process violations that inflicted great and irreparable have upon my personal and property interests, creating chaos with my civil rights and civil liberties. Under Title 18 U.S.C. 241, it is a criminal act for anyone to retaliate against a person for exercising due process remedies. court decisions and fundamental constitutional protections).

Criminal acts under Title 18 U.S.C. 1505, 1510, 1512. It is a federal crime for anyone to retaliate against a witness or informant for reporting, or having reported, federal crimes. The criminal acts that I and a group of government whistleblowers sought to report are detailed in the third editions of Defrauding America and Unfriendly Skies and in Drugging America. When I tried to report the criminal activities by exercising the mandatory crime reporting requirements of Title 18 U.S.C. 4, federal judges charged me with criminal contempt of court. These were hard-core criminal activities supported by documents, affidavits of government agents, and would have been further supported by their testimony.

Criminal acts associated with blocking the reporting of federal crimes. In addition to being guilty of the crimes just mentioned, federal judges, by their obstruction of justice tactics, violated criminal statutes relating to obstruction of justice, misprision of felonies, aiding and abetting, becoming guilty as accomplices.

Taking my life's assets in blatant violation of federally protected rights. Without going into all the details, federal judge Robert Jones signed orders in chambers taking my life's assets consisting of $10 million in real estate and then ordering its liquidation. This completed the goal of stripping me of the assets that funded the exposure of government corruption. Those orders violated the most basic constitutional protections, including:

Refusal to provide notice of a hearing so the person could defend.

Refusal to conduct a hearing at which the person could defend.

Absence of a legally required cause before taking a person=s assets.

Violations of basic constitutional protections.

Duplicating prior orders voiding all federal protections. Judge Edward Jellen rendered orders barring me from filing objections to the corrupt seizure of my assets and subsequent liquidation. This tactic duplicated the earlier orders of Judges Schwartz and Patel suspending for the remainder of my life the protections in law, thereby protecting the corrupt acts of renegade federal judges.

As was done earlier, when I did file objections, I was charged with criminal contempt of court for objecting to the unlawful and unconstitutional taking of my life's assets.

During the "trial" on the criminal contempt of court charge, Judge Jellen refused to release my funds for me to hire legal counsel, refused to appoint legal counsel, and refused to allow me to testify in my own defense. All of these statements are documented in judicial records.

At the age of 67, stripped of my life's assets, stripped for the remainder of my life of all rights and protections in law, I was sentenced to federal prison.

These violations, and many more, show a willingness by federal judges to destroy the laws and Constitution of the United States.

Pattern of ACLU Protection of These Civil Rights Violations

The ACLU knows of this pattern of government corruption and civil rights violations. As a federal investigator, I contacted the ACLU for help after discovering a pattern of air safety and criminal violations related to a continuing series of fatal airline crashes. I made the ACLU aware of the retaliation inflicted upon federal agents when they sought to meet their air safety responsibilities. You refused to help.

As a result, the corruption continued, the retaliation against government inspectors continued, the crashes and the deaths arising from the misconduct continued.

None of these consequences would have resulted if the ACLU had showed some semblance of responsibility and concern for civil rights and the lives of those who were sacrificed. Further details of the ACLU involvement in these crashes can be found in the third edition of Unfriendly Skies. Arguably, under law, the ACLU could be sued for their failure to perform a duty.

In the 1980s, when a sham lawsuit was filed against me that was accompanied by a pattern or record setting civil rights violations, I again contacted the ACLU. This time, possibly because the law firm responsible for initiating the violations was an ACLU member, the ACLU approved the violations.

The details on the violations that the ACLU approved, or covered up, are detailed in the third editions of Unfriendly Skies and Defrauding America. More information can also be found on my various web sites, including the one being started which focuses on the corruption in the entire legal fraternity, including the courts.

Besides making a mockery of the assurances the ACLU give to solicit donations, the protector of civil rights violations, the ACLU refused to perform a duty that arises under Title 42 U.S.C. 1986. That statute makes anyone liable for damages if they know of civil rights violations, who have the ability to prevent or aid in the prevention, and then refuse to do so.

In the past I made the ACLU aware of the unlawful, to put it mildly, voiding of all federal protections to prevent the reporting of criminal activities, while simultaneously misusing the courts to inflict civil rights violations that were inflicting grave harm.

The recent ACLU letter indicates no interest in the fact that federal judges have voided all protections under the laws and constitution. Your response indicates this is not big deal! When federal judges can corruptly misuse their power to inflict grievous personal and financial harm upon a whistleblower, and then render orders stripping him of all statutory and constitutional protections, you aren't remiss; your group is guilty of irresponsible conduct with grave consequences for the people. The facts that I presented to you show, not judicial errors, but judicial anarchy, from the lowest courts to the Supreme Court, and these wrongful acts are all documented in court records.

Another aspect of the ACLU's position is that it is covering up for not only the judicial corruption and its insidious harm upon our national security, the selective destruction of individuals targeted by corrupt judges, but also covering up for the criminal activities that I and my group of government agents seek to expose. Making matters worse, you fraudulently state in your material seeking donations that you are acting to prevent violations of civil rights. Your web page has this euphemistic statement:

"Our rights as individual depend on the willingness of the people to defend them."

The contradiction between your cover-up of a pattern of contempt for these rights by the judges entrusted with protecting them is fraud in my book.

On March 13, 2000, I submitted a well-pleaded complaint to the U.S. district court in Oakland, which raised the following federal issues under the following provisions of law:

Declaratory Judgment Act to declare:

My personal and property rights in seven judgments that were adjudicated and/or entered as local judgments in seven different jurisdictions.

The voidness of a California judgment entered without jurisdiction and in violation of large numbers of state and federal laws and constitutional protections.

The return to me of my $10 million in real estate that was taken without the required hearing, cause, and after the judge had already signed an order refusing to accept jurisdiction.

The voidness of the orders barring me for the remainder of my life from the protections under the laws and Constitution of the United States.

Damages arising from the documented pattern of civil rights violations, under the Civil Rights Act and under Bivens.

Damages under civil RICO from the conspiracy and predicate acts inflicting great harm upon me, which affected interstate commerce.

Latest Effect of Being A Citizen Stripped of All Legal Protections

Federal laws, and the Constitution, guarantees to everyone, including illegal aliens, the right to these protections when victimized by a pattern of corrupt acts violating federally protected rights. When I sought to file that action, the court refused to allow it to be filed. The basis: San Francisco district judge Marilyn Patel's order rendered in 1988 voiding for me, for the remainder of my life, the rights and protections under the laws and Constitution of the United States. While rendering that judicial order, judicial acts were taken against me that inflicted great harm upon my civil liberties, my civil rights, my properties.

For the ACLU to solicit donations for protecting civil rights, while simultaneously protecting a pattern of judicially subversive conduct that violates these rights, makes the ACLU a fraud.

I will put this letter up on my web site as it relates to the misconduct in the legal fraternity, alongside the lawsuit that I sought to file and which was rejected, in blatant violation of law.



                                                Rodney Stich

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