Information provided by professionals, if acted upon, would have prevented many American tragedies.
Multiple letter lists revealing matters of major national importance.
Letters relating to decades of murders involving FBI-DOJ personnel with brutal Mafia capoand links to 9/11.
Reliability of the information and the person providing it.
People and groups who knew, and by their cover-ups, made great tragedies possible.
History of complicity by federal judges and Supreme Court Justices.
Quality of America's Leaders
Corruption-exposing—and corruption-fighting, patriots.
Sampling of consequences of the corruption and the cover-ups.
Also part of the blame: trivia-obsessed, apathetic American public.


Similarities between Germans under Adolf Hitler and today's Americans under their oligarchy leadership.


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Whistleblower Rodney Stich as a Navy Patrol Plane Commander (PPC) during World War II.


Stich in cockpit of Navy Privateer, World War II.


Captain for Japan Airlines shortly after the end of World War II.


Stich in the 1990s, while under constant attack by dozens of lawyers and judges seeking to halt his exposure activities:


9/11 index of insider information.


9/11 enablers among key people in U.S. government.


Comparison of enabling blame for 9/11 hijackers' successes: Iraq, Afghanistan, or corrupt conduct of people in the United States.


The Lockerbie bombing prosecution, hoax, and harbinger of great catastrophic events.


FBI agents involved in murders of American citizens with organized crime and Mafia figures.


Sacrifice of 4,000 lives to protect FBI supervisors involved in series of murders with Mafia capo known as "the killing machine."


Al Qaeda mole who provided advance information on major terrorist successes against U.S. targets.


Sampling of lawsuits filed under the crime reporting statute seeking to report the ongoing tragedy-related corruption.


Sequence of discovering and documenting areas of corruption related to many of America's tragedies.


Another list of groups involved in crimes against the people and the nation.


Sampling of letters sent to members of Congress for past 45 years reporting corruption and related harm to national interests and to the American people−including deaths in fraud-related airline crashes.


Sampling of similar letters sent to Department of Justice personnel.


Sampling of similar letters sent to lawyers who make a living from airline disasters.


Sampling of similar letters sent to media people with responsibility to report corruption in government.


Sampling of similar letters sent to ACLU lawyers reporting repeated civil rights violations associated with criminal obstruction-of-justice tactics.


Letter list sent to 9/11 Commission.


Sampling of letters sent to the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, reporting the repeated obstruction of justice by federal judges combined with massive civil rights violations.

Justices had supervisory responsibility over federal judges, and also had responsibilities under the federal crime reporting statute to receive the reports of criminal activities.


Sampling of letters relating to matters involved with the downing of TWA Flight 800.


Sampling of letters relating to a combination of (a) murders by FBI agents; (b) Mafia soldier acting as mole in key al Qaeda cell receiving information on planned terrorist attacks; and (c) the resulting terrorist attacks and 4,i000 deaths due to refusal by high FBI-DOJ personnel to forward the information on the planned terrorist attacks.


Quick sequence in which the corruption, cover-ups and retaliation occurred.


Another version of how the patterns of corruption were discovered.


Pages relating to the history of airline disasters and the corruption that made them possible.


Insider's history of corruption and enablers that made 9/11 possible.


Pattern of corrupt and criminal activities involving people in government, and the cover-ups that enabled the American public to suffer great harm.


Recent page additions. All pages are periodically updated.


FBI agents involved in murders; Mafia soldier acting as mole inside key al Qaeda cell providing advance notice of several major terrorist attacks, and 4,000 preventable deaths.


The pattern of cover-up activities that continues to keep Americans from learning about the tragedy-related corruption affecting their lives.


Latest attempt, Feb 2009,  to seize the assets that fund attempts to inform the people of vast areas of corruption subverting the people and the country.


Sample list of harm inflicted upon the people of the United States by the endemic corruption and endemic cover-ups. Another page.


Harm inflicted upon national security and other major national interests by the corruption, cover-ups, and attacks upon those people exposing these matters.


Master list sampling of significant letters relating to corruption and resulting harm to the American public and national security.


People and groups complicit in a serious of corrupt activities and their related great tragedies.


Information about the greatest financial frauds ever inflicted upon the American people: an extension of the culture of frauds made known to the American people for years.


American public's role as victims and enablers in history of corruption and tragedies.


Visit our blog site for tell-it-as-it-is comments on current matters of national interests affecting the American people.


Issues, activities, and reader benefits, detailed and documented in explosive books written by insiders!


Highlights of the sequence of discovery of the corruption, the cover-ups, and the retaliation.


The sham war on drugs that is forgotten by all except the innocent victims, and which continues to inflict great harm upon millions of innocent people


Newspaper displays informing the American public of the continuing corruption and related tragedies.


Fallen heroes: Some other patriots who received the "rewards" of fighting segments of the endemic corruption.


History of the corrupt misuse of government power by FBI-DOJ personnel to silence insiders seeking to report major corruption associated with major national tragedies.


Patriots among culture of greed, corruption, cover-ups, and public denial.


History of the corrupt misuse of government power by FBI-DOJ personnel to silence insiders seeking to report major corruption associated with major national tragedies.



Proposal for modern day Falcon Crest or Dallas TV series.



Donations to continue investigative work and publishing of non-profit books, via Paypal using your credit card or your Paypal account.


People whose document conduct made them enablers to such disasters as the 9/11 hijackings


How one of many schemes, charging a former federal agent with criminal contempt of court, played a major role in the deaths of 3,000 people on 9/11.


Complicity of dozens of federal judgesincluding in the 3,000 deaths on 9/11. Also, Judicial corruption. Supreme Court Justices


Major role in the corruption and tragedies by Department of Justice personnel.


Master letter list providing sampling of warning letters to people having important positions, and who became enablers in various crimes and tragedies.


The role of the American people, as victims, and enablers.


List of various blog sites.


Flying through the Grand Canyon, and many other breathtaking scenic pictures taken from airplanes by Rodney Stich:


Congressional corruption sequence.


Precise felonies arising from the corruption, the cover-ups, and the multiple schemes to silence whistleblowers.


Role of lawyers and law firms in years of sham attempts to prevent exposure of the deadly corruption being reported by one former federal agent.


Harm inflicted upon the United States bu the Trojan-horse-like corruption and cover-ups.


Harm inflicted upon the American people by the corruption and cover-ups.


Harm inflicted upon the person engaged in the hopeless David vs. Goliath battle.


Sampling of people and groups inflicting the harm.


Judicial sequence of repeated obstruction of justice, civil rights violations combined with felony retaliation, playing major roles in the harm inflicted upon the United States and its people.


Extensive list of documented complicity by Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.


Laws repeatedly violated by California and federal judges, in addition to the criminal statutes, as part of the continuing scheme to prevent the public from learning about the endemic corruption in high places and the resulting great tragedies.


Sampling of lawsuits filed under the crime reporting statute seeking to report the ongoing tragedy-related corruption.


Obstruction of justice statutes violated through cover-ups and retaliation. And tactics.


Sequence of the sham legal attacks to block the exposure of the corruption in high places. Highlights. Discovery.


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